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News Aggregator Thoora Shuts Down After Taking 2 Years To Launch – TechCrunch

Just 3 months after its public launch following 2 years of private beta, content discovery engine Thoora today announced that it will shut down. Thoora's website, Android tablet app, Wordpress plugin, and all user data will be blinked out of existence on December 15th. Its failure to get a working smartphone app out the door allowed services like Flipboard and sites like Techmeme to swoop in and solve the information overload problem more beautifully and efficiently. The shuttering should serve as a lesson

Camera+ Sees Major Update: Dozens Of Features, New API, Integration With WordPress, Foodspotting & More – TechCrunch

Following increasing competition, most recently from SmugMug's nifty Camera Awesome app, everyone's favorite iPhone camera replacement app Camera+ is rolling out a major update today. There are a ton of new features in version 3.0 of the app, including speed improvements, multiple photo import, better sharing options, and more, but the biggest change isn't really a consumer-facing feature at all - it's an API. Starting today, developers can integrate Camera+ into other apps or create web services that make

Let The App Creation Era Begin: Yapp Events App Builder Launches Out Of Beta – TechCrunch

Remember the time when web sites were reserved for businesses, or niche designers? Before the days of Tumblr and Wordpress and even MySpace (where I learned my first bit of basic code). Now anyone can easily build a website, to the degree where startups have crazy names like Yipit and Maluuba just to snatch up a domain. But times are shifting. We're heading into an era of app creation, rather than mainly app consumption, and Yapp's public launch of its app event creator is just the beginning. The product h

When two-factor authentication app Clef shuts down in June, its staff will join Authy – TechCrunch

lef was a mobile authentication app that I chose for increasing my own WordPress security when I started blogging years ago — as did a million other sites. However, the app is officially and unexpectedly shutting down on June 6th; former employees will continue working on other projects at Twilio, including the Authy app and API. I spoke with Clef […]

WordPress Gutenberg 13.8 Offers Greater Editing Flexibility

Incremental improvements in design options and accessibility are the highlights of Gutenberg 13.8

17 SEO Best Practices For Better Ranking

Explore 17 fresh ideas about SEO best practices to help your websites perform at their best with experts from Yoast, WordPress, and Duda.

25 Best SEO-Friendly Alternatives To WordPress Websites

WordPress is a tool for building websites, blogging, and managing content, but it’s not right for everyone. Here are some alternatives you can use.

What Is WordPress Multisite? All You Need to Know | HackerNoon

Here is all about WordPress Multisite, identified its benefits and drawbacks, and examined which sorts of users and websites gain the most from it.

Vulnerability Found In WordPress Gutenberg Plugin?

National Vulnerability Database published a notification of a Gutenberg plugin vulnerability.

CMS Market Share: Shopify Falls Slightly As Losses & Layoffs Loom

WordPress holds its dominant position in CMS market share and takes a small piece out of Shopify's pie in July, 2022.

MasterStudy LMS - Plus exclusive | Discover products. Stay weird. - AppSumo

Create, market, and sell online courses with your instructors using this smart WordPress LMS plugin

Eventin - Manage events and tickets on WordPress | AppSumo

Manage events and sell tickets with this user-friendly WordPress plugin

Як оптимізувати ваш сайт WordPress за допомогою Pingdom Real User Monitoring | Channel4IT.com

Щоб забезпечити працездатність своїх серверів, доступність своїх додатків та веб-сайтів сучасні підприємства приділяють велику увагу моніторингу інфраструктури. У метушні багато компаній випускають з уваги необхідність моніторингу іншого аспекту роботи програми: користува?

WordPress Releases Gutenberg 13.7 - Focused on Workflow and Better UI

Gutenberg 13.7 brings a better workflow, more control within the full site editor, and numerous improvements to the user interface.

Using WordPress and Formidable Forms to Create your own Alexa Skill | HackerNoon

Form builders are among the most popular WordPress plugins. There are dozens of them and with few having millions of active installations.

На взломанные сайты внедряют новый фишинг-кит, нацеленный на пользователей PayPal — Хакер

Специалисты Akamai выявили новый фишинговый набор, который устанавливается на взломанные сайты под управлением WordPress. Малварь нацелена на пользователей PayPal и пытается похитить личную информацию жертв, а также просит сделать селфи с документами, удостоверяющими личность.

Хакеры просканировали 1,6 млн сайтов на WordPress в поисках уязвимого плагина — Хакер

Исследователи обнаружили масштабную кампанию, в ходе которой злоумышленники просканировано около 1,6 млн сайтов на базе WordPress. Хакеры искали уязвимый плагин Kaswara Modern WPBakery Page Builder, который позволяет загружать файлы без аутентификации.

WordPress Simples (Não usando cache baseado em arquivo ou reescritas especiais), NGINX | ???? / Coder

WordPress Simples (Não usando cache baseado em arquivo ou reescritas especiais), exemplos de código e resposta a perguntas no NGINX | ???? beecoder.org

WordPress Simple (Not using file-based caching or special rewrites), NGINX | ???? / Coder

WordPress Simple (Not using file-based caching or special rewrites), code examples and answer to questions in NGINX | ???? beecoder.org

WordPress w/ WP Supercache (Full-On mode), NGINX | ???? / Coder

WordPress w/ WP Supercache (Full-On mode), code examples and answer to questions in NGINX | ???? beecoder.org

WordPress w/ W3 Total Cache using Disk (Enhanced), NGINX | ???? / Coder

WordPress w/ W3 Total Cache using Disk (Enhanced), code examples and answer to questions in NGINX | ???? beecoder.org

AppMySite - Create mobile apps with AI assistance | AppSumo

Create awesome mobile apps in minutes with an AI-powered WordPress app builder

WordPress 6.0.1 Maintenance Update Released With Multiple Bug Fixes

WordPress fixes multiple issues with its latest maintenance release now available to download.

5 Best WordPress Countdown Plugins | HackerNoon

WordPress countdown plugins are a great way to generate excitement and a feeling of urgency for sales or product debuts. They're also a terrific approach to let

6 Best WordPress Review Plugins For 2022

Establish trust by showing reviews on your WordPress-managed site. To get started, here are 6 recommendations with free and paid versions.

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