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AWS Announces 10 New AI Features at AWS re:Invent 2022 - insideBIGDATA

At AWS re:Invent 2022, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced 10 new features to its portfolio of AI services, and is excited to expand its offerings to more than 100,000 customers who currently rely on AWS for AI and ML initiatives. Please see below for a high-level overview of these new features.

Report: Microsoft and Sony might have worked out a deal for Call of Duty | Windows Central

According to a new report, Microsoft and Sony recently held a meeting to discuss terms for ensuring the games remain after Activision is acquired.

The new ASUS ExpertBook B9 is the 'world's lightest 14-inch laptop | Windows Central

ASUS just launched the latest version of the ExpertBook B9 business laptop. It runs on a 12th Gen Intel chip, Intel Iris Xe graphics, and weighs under 2 lbs.

JX1 mini-PC debuts with Intel Celeron N5105 processor and unusual ports arrangement - NotebookCheck.net News

The JX1 combines a 10 W Intel Jasper Lake processor with LPDDR4 RAM and an M.2 2280 SSD. Offered with 8 GB of RAM and up to 256 GB of storage, the JX1 features all rear-mounted ports, unlike most mini-PCs.


How To Make Windows 11 Faster | CodeGuru.com

Learn some tips and tricks to optimize the speed and boot time of your Windows 11 computer or installation.

Starlink satellite Internet download speeds in the US and Canada drop by double digits again - NotebookCheck.net News

As Starlink's customer base grows dramatically, its download speeds have once again dropped on a quarterly basis. The number of US counties with at least 10 unique Starlink satellite Internet subscribers has increased 200% year-on-year, resulting in slower overall speeds.

Halo Infinite wants $20 for cosmetics you can't even use together | Windows Central

Halo Infinite's latest store refresh includes a bundle that effectively costs $20 for armor effects you can't even use together, reminding everyone that the game's shop still has a long way to go.


Мультиплеер оригинальной Dark Souls 2 на ПК заработал после 10 месяцев простоя

Издательство Bandai Namco и разработчики из японской студии FromSoftware сообщили о восстановлении многопользовательских функций своего фэнтезийного ролевого экшена Dark Souls 2 в версии для ПК.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak | Windows Central

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Report: Monster Hunter Rise is coming to Xbox and Game Pass in 2023 | Windows Central

Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak expansion are reportedly coming to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass in 2023.


Microsoft Fixes Windows 11 Bug That Caused Games to Stutter | PCMag

The company is rolling out the Windows 11 22H2 fix through the OS's optional update function.

Xbox had some decent games in 2022, but I'm far, far more excited for 2023 | Windows Central

Xbox's first and second-party games lineup in 2022 had a few great hits, but 2023 is gearing up to be one of the gaming brand's biggest years yet, and I can't wait to see it.


Spyware vendor Variston exploited Chrome, Firefox, and Windows zero-days, says Google • TechCrunch

Google says a Barcelona-based security company developed the exploits, which were used as far back as December 2018.


As more biometric data is collected in schools, parents need to ask these 10 questions

A Sydney high school recently introduced fingerprint technology to "help narrow down" students who were vandalizing school toilets.


Открытый бета-тест командного лутер-шутера Synced стартует в декабре - Shazoo

Издательство Level Infinite и студия NExT объявили о скором запуске открытого бета-тестирования командного лутер-шутера Synced. Мероприятие стартует 10 декабря и продлится до 15 января. Скачать игру можно будет в Steam...

Best Xbox Controller 2022 | Windows Central

The Xbox Series X and Series S come with a pretty great controller in the box, but that's not the only way to get your game on. There's a healthy ecosystem of controllers, thanks in no ...


Microsoft исправила проблемы с производительностью игр в Windows 11 - ITC.ua

Ранее Microsoft заблокировала некоторых пользователей от обновления Windows 11 22H2 из-за жалоб на снижение производительности игр. Теперь разработчики

Teamfight Tactics | Windows Central

Teamfight Tactics


Объём донатов игровым стримерам в России вырос на 20 %

Общая сумма пожертвований игровым стримерам, которые проводились через платформу «ЮStream» за 10 месяцев 2022 года, составила почти 39 млн рублей.


Ragnarok, «Черепашки» и «Обитель зла». ТОП-10 видеоигр 2022 года по версии TIME | dev.ua

Несмотря на все, в этом году было выпущено больше разнообразных долгожданных игр, чем в прошлом. Журнал Time назвал лучшие игры 2022 года.


Three-quarters of people over 10 own a mobile phone: UN

Nearly three quarters of people over the age of 10 now own a mobile phone, potentially opening the way to broader internet use, the United Nations said Wednesday.

10 Key Benefits of AI for Business - Data Science Learner

Artificial Intelligence technology has increasingly become a part of our daily lives. Know the Key Benefits of AI for Business