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Starward Industries: Creating a Story-Driven Hard Sci-Fi Game

Starward Industries' Marek Markuszewski told us about the concept of the studio's upcoming game The Invincible, spoke about the difficulties of turning a book into a game, and revealed the core mechanics the team designed to keep the player engaged.

West Coast ports— the supply chain migraine - World Tech News

John Denslinger is a former govt VP Murata, president SyChip Wi-fi, and president/CEO ECIA, the trade’s commerce affiliation. His profession spans 40 years in electronics With West Coast gateways processing 60 per cent of products shipped from Asia,  John Denslinger explores contract negotiations and the significance of automation. Just as international provide issues appear to […]

Как безопасно пользоваться общественными бесплатными сетями Wi-Fi?

Сегодня подключиться к бесплатным сетям Wi-Fi можно во многих заведениях питания, в парках, общественном транспорте, торговых центрах и даже в укрытиях. Безусловно, для многих украинцев это удобный и выгодный способ получить доступ к интернету и быть на связи. Однако и риски при по

Garmin Fēnix 6 and MARQ smartwatches receive Beta v22.83 update with Wi-Fi sync fix - NotebookCheck.net News

Garmin has released Beta Version 22.83 for Fēnix 6 and MARQ smartwatches on the Beta Program. The new software includes various bug fixes, for flaws such as UI issues and detection problems. A fault which occasionally prevented the wearables from syncing via Wi-Fi has also been remedied.

This Smart Wi-Fi Outlet Works with Alexa, Google Assistant for $19.99

Looking for a smart Wi-Fi outlet instead of a smart plug? Good choice, and there's one from Kasa that is currently retailing for just $19.99.

Creating a Realistic Sci-Fi Environment with Substance Painter and UE5

Leonardo Betancur, a 3D Environment & Prop Artist, unveiled a tutorial that covers decal techniques, trimsheet workflows, and material creation inside Unreal Engine.

QoS in Wireless Networks - ScienceDirect

The popular Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) LAN standard is based on the Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance (CSMA/CA) technique. This st…

Rare Earth-Doped Crystals for Quantum Information Processing - ScienceDirect

Quantum information processing (QIP) uses superposition states of photons or atoms to process, store, and transmit data in ways impossible to reach wi…

WI Harper Group, Matrix Partners Invest $12.5 Million In Social Games Maker SNS Plus – TechCrunch

Matrix Partners and WI Harper Group, a Chinese VC, this morning announced that they've pumped $12.5 million into SNS Plus, an international publisher and distributor of games with a focus on the Asian market. As of June 2011, the company has published more than 60 games on Facebook, and more than 15 games on other platforms such as Zingme, iOS, Friendster and more.

HTML5 Games Developer Leiyoo Raises Funding From Innovation Works, WI Harper Group – TechCrunch

Leiyoo, a Chinese developer of HTML5 mobile and browser-based games, has raised an undisclosed amount of capital in a Series A funding round led by VC firm WI Harper Group and joined by the recently established Innovation Works Development Fund. Leiyoo, which is headquartered in the Chaoyang district in Beijing, says it owns 'key patents' in HTML5 development, specializing in online games for mobile devices based on the standard.

Twilio Client iOS SDK Puts VoIP In Any App, Turning iPads Into Call Centers – TechCrunch

Cheap international calls, mobile gaming with simultaneous voice chat, distributed call centers. Developers can create these and more with Twilio's voice client iOS SDK that launches publicly today. The software development kit allows any iOS app to send and receive voice calls over 3G or Wi-Fi for a fraction of the price of traditional calling. I was actually briefed by Twilio over an iOS conference call app powered by the SDK (very cool), but the real fun begins when developers start surprising us with V

Fast-Growing App Search Engine Quixey Raises $20 Million Series B – TechCrunch

App search company Quixey is today announcing it has closed a $20 million round Series B funding. The round includes previous investors WI Harper Group, U.S. Venture Partners and Innovation Endeavors as well as new investors Atlantic Bridge, SK planet and Translink Capital, which the company says it chose with internationalization in mind. The additional capital will be primarily used to help continue fund Quixey's growth, and specifically to help it deal with its increasing overhead. The company has bee

One UI 5.0 beta includes a new set of Wi-Fi developer options

Along with the new features highlighted in our hands-on preview, One UI 5.0 brings a new set of Wi-Fi developer options. Read on to learn more.

No Wi-Fi, No Problem – Restaurant Waitlisting App For iPad NoshList Comes To Smartphones – TechCrunch

NoshList, the restaurant waitlisting app for iPad launched just over a year ago, is today making its way to smartphones, including both the iPhone and Android devices. Although possibly not the ideal form factor for the job, the mobile app allows restaurants to test the NoshList experience on devices they likely own, before making an investment into a tablet (or multiple tablets) to run the full-screen version. In addition, the new mobile apps can serve as backup if the restaurant's Wi-Fi connection ever g

Rakuten Launches iPad And Android Apps For Its Wuaki.tv Streaming Service In Europe – TechCrunch

Japanese ecommerce giant Rakuten has launched tablets apps on iOS and Android to support the launch of its Wuaki video streaming service in the U.K. and Spain. The apps allow users of the service to purchase and stream content over Wi-Fi direct to their tablet device. 3G streaming is not supported.

TC Startup Battlefield Alum Open Garden Launches Wifi Opener To Make Wi-Fi Password Sharing Easier – TechCrunch

Open Garden, a former TC Startup Battlefield contestant, launched its latest product today. Wifi Opener, which is now available for Android, allows users to easily share the password to protected Wi-Fi networks with other users within their range. The app, the company's CEO and co-founder Micha Benoliel told me earlier this week, seems like a bit of a departure for Open Garden. The company's eponymous flagship app allows users to share network access over a mesh network, but the company also recently launc

Verizon FiOS Expands Mobile TV Support To Android & iPhone, Now Lets You Watch Live TV Outside The Home – TechCrunch

For the first time ever, customers of Verizon’s FiOS TV service are being allowed to watch live television on their mobile devices when they’re out of their homes, and disconnected from their home’s Wi-Fi network. Currently, this new capability applies to just nine cable TV channels, including BBC America, BBC World News, EPIX, NFL Network (iPad-only), […]

Facebook Adds Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr And Instagram Content To Its Home Lock Screen To Drive More Users – TechCrunch

In September, when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke about the progress of Facebook's Home Android launcher at TC Disrupt, he mentioned that users would soon start to see content from Instagram and other third-party apps on the lock screen, in addition to Facebook posts. Today, it's beginning to roll that out, first to Android beta testers, and starting with photos and posts from Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr and its own photo network, Instagram. Facebook is not disclosing how many beta users there are who wi

AppRedeem Launches Smug Messenger, A WhatsApp Alternative That Rewards You For Getting Friends To Join – TechCrunch

AppRedeem, the maker of AppTrailers, a service that allowed users to watch teaser videos about mobile applications in the hopes of boosting downloads, is shifting its focus away from app promotion - well, kind of. Today, the company is introducing a new mobile messaging app, Smug Messenger, that's designed to work on any mobile device, including those without a phone number attached, like a Wi-Fi-only iPad, for example. The new app is taking a few pointers from AppRedeem's earlier reward-focused bu

Apple Wants The Link Between Your Devices To Be You, Not A Shared Wi-Fi Network – TechCrunch

Apple has made some changes to its core inter-device sharing protocols in iOS 8, including AirPlay and AirDrop. AirDrop, the simple file sharing mechanism introduced in OS X Lion and iOS 7, now works between Macs and iOS devices; and AirPlay, the video and audio streaming protocol that plays back music and movies from iPhone, Macs, etc. on Apple TV and approved accessories, will apparently work without requiring a shared network once the update hits.

Apple TV Could Get Continuity Along With iOS 8 And OS X Yosemite This Fall – TechCrunch

Apple's new Continuity feature is a marquee element of both iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, due out this fall, but the Apple TV might get in on the action, too, according to new information reported by 9to5Mac. Developers running the preview build of OS 10.10, aka Yosemite, are seeing notifications that say their Apple TV is available for Continuity when both their Mac and the streaming media device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

LightFreq’s Connected Bulbs Deliver Audio Plus Visuals – TechCrunch

If you're having trouble choosing whether to buy a connected lightbulb or a Bluetooth speaker then points your eyes at this Kickstarter project: LightFreq combines an app-controlled lightbulb with a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connected speaker so you can have your visual cake and consume some audio too.

Apple’s iOS 8.3 Rolls Out With A New World Of Emoji And Bug Fixes – TechCrunch

Apple's newest iOS update is out, bringing support for over 300 new emoji, in line with the update that went out for OS X today, too. That means the new, more diverse and potentially more expressive emoticons will work across both platforms. iOS 8.3 also includes a laundry list of bug fixes and improvements, addressing features ranging from Wi-Fi, app launching and Bluetooth to Messages, CarPlay and more.

OpenSignal Launches A Smarter Wi-Fi Hotspot Mapper App – TechCrunch

Mobile signal mapper OpenSignal is launching a new app that maps Wi-Fi hotspots to help device users in need of a connectivity fix -- expanding its network of crowdsourced intel into another, albeit related area.

It might be time to stop looking for the WeChat of the West – TechCrunch

I was recently in China, which meant I was living on WeChat. All my meetings were arranged through the app. I authenticated my identity for free Wi-Fi at shopping malls with WeChat. I checked in for a flight by scanning a QR code through WeChat. I watched office workers in Shenzhen pay for their lunches with WeChat. On the subway, most people were chatting with friends on… you know what they’re on.