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Отключение света — как Украина защищается от блэкаута во время российских атак — новости Украины / НВ

Новые ракетные обстрелы привели к тому, что украинские энергосистемы оказались на грани коллапса

Developers Get a Quick-Start to Coding with Replit IDE - The New Stack

Replit is a cloud-based IDE that supports more than 50 languages, with added educational resources to help learn how to code.

The Non-fiction Library: A newsletter with AirBnb style | BetaList

A newsletter with AirBnb style search for self-help, non-fiction books

How Bindle Makes It Easy to Store and Distribute Cloud Native Apps - The New Stack

Bindle was originally planned as a way to store and share WebAssembly applications and binaries although it’s proving useful for other forms of package management.

Characteristics of Harmful Text: Towards Rigorous Benchmarking of Language Models

Large language models produce human-like text that drives a growing number of applications. However, recent literature and, increasingly, real-world observations, have demonstrated that these models can generate language that is toxic, biased, untruthful or otherwise harmful. Though work to evaluate language model harms is under way, translating foresight about which harms may arise into rigorous benchmarks is not straightforward. To facilitate this translation, we outline six ways of characterizing harmfu

Malmö-based Occtoo lands €4.6 million to enable digital teams to create relevant customer experiences with speed | EU-Startups

SaaS startup Occtoo has just secured €4.6 million in fresh funding. The Malmö-based team is on a mission to help digital companies build more relevant

This $20 bundle can help business owners earn a passive income online | TechRepublic

Work smarter, not harder with The Online Passive Income in 2022 Bundle.

A Practical Guide To Multi-touch Attribution

Help a user along every touchpoint of the customer journey by understanding multitouch attribution models and analyzing the data in GA4.

Космический корабль NASA пролетел на высоте 130 км над поверхностью Луны / НВ

Космический корабль Orion вошел в атмосферу Луны и пролетел в 130 км над поверхностью спутника Земли в рамках миссии Artemis-1

Энергетический кризис — как космические электростанции решат проблему и кто лидирует в разработке / НВ

Последнее время ученые сосредотачивают усилия на исследовании и разработке космических электростанций. Как они могут изменить баланс в мире

How to know what to render? - Graphics and GPU Programming - GameDev.net

Hello, I have a simple question: How do I know, which objects I have to render, when I have a frustum set up?Background to my understanding: So far I have a matrix and a vector class. I want to write a simple renderer with C and SDL2. I know how to project points from within the frustum on