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Unix Domain Socket Usage

When data is exchanged between processes running on the same host operating system, Unix Domain Socket (UDS) is introduced as the data communications endpoint.

How to Use Dos2unix Command in Linux

Comprehensive tutorial on the methods to use the dos2unix command in Linux and some bonus tips to convert the Windows Doc files to Linux/Unix supported files.

Connecting To Bluetooth Devices Via CLI - GeeksforGeeks

A Computer Science portal for geeks. It contains well written, well thought and well explained computer science and programming articles, quizzes and practice/competitive programming/company interview Questions.

- Open Source For You

In this series of articles aimed at newbies to network programming (knowledge of C is a prerequisite), we’ll learn how to create network clients and servers using the UNIX Socket API.

Basics of mke2fs command in Linux with examples - GeeksforGeeks

A Computer Science portal for geeks. It contains well written, well thought and well explained computer science and programming articles, quizzes and practice/competitive programming/company interview Questions.

Let's Build a Linux Shell [Part I] | HackerNoon

Since the early days of Unix, the shell has been part of the user's interface with the operating system. The first Unix shell (the Thompson shell) had very limited features, mainly I/O redirection and command pipelines. Later shells expanded on that early shell and added more and more capabilities, which gave us powerful features that include word expansion, history substitution, loops and conditional expressions, among many others.

tool similar to Cygwin for MacOS | TechRepublic

Kind of a silly question since MacOS is already Unix based and a lot of the GNU utilities are included out of box but oftentimes the mac versions have

AV1 VDPAU Hardware Acceleration In FFmpeg Now Supported By NVIDIA's Ampere GPUs

NVIDIA adds open-source support for Ampere-based GPUs with FFmpeg AV1 hardware acceleration in Unix via a GitHub commit.

The psychology of security, Unix vendors get creative, and more | Network World

Welcome to The Best of Network World. Here is this week's Readers' Choice, with the most-clicked stories of the week.

Ximian prepares link to Sun ONE platform | Network World

Evolution, a Ximian open-source groupware product for PCs running the Linux and Unix operating systems, is being more tightly integrated with Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Sun ONE messaging and collaboration servers.

Novell sends mixed messages about Linux | Network World

Ted Schadler, principal analyst at Forrester Research, thinks Novell’s acquisitions of SuSE and Ximian are “a good deal for firms and governments that are looking for an open-source alternative to Unix and Windows.”

IBM tops server vendors for 2004 | Network World

With Unix sales from rivals HP and Sun slipping, IBM was the top vendor in the $49 billion worldwide server market in 2004, according to research released by Gartner on Wednesday.

UNIX caretakers marking 40th anniversary with photo contest | Network World

Where has your UNIX license plate been?

SCO sues IBM for $1 billion for infringement | Network World

The SCO Group last week filed a $1 billion lawsuit against IBM, alleging Big Blue tried to destroy the value of Unix to benefit IBM's Linux business.

Vintela links Unix, Linux, Mac to Microsoft mgmt. platform | Network World

Vintela, which writes software to integrate Windows and competing platforms, has developed an extension to Microsoft’s management software so it can service Unix, Linux and Macintosh computers.

New OS creating Macintosh converts | Network World

Unix-based Mac OS X 10.2 offers network executives more familiar administrative tools.

Inventors of Unix win prestigious Japan Prize | Network World

The inventors of Unix, one of whom also created the first master-level chess-playing machine, have been awarded the prestigious Japan Prize for their work in building the Unix operating system in 1969.

Unix server sales continue downward spiral, Gartner says | Network World

Server shipments increased in the fourth quarter of 2009, but revenue fell as x86 servers continued to bite into the declining market for Unix servers with RISC and Itanium chips, Gartner said in a study released on Wednesday.

With bankruptcy, SCO now facing Nasdaq delisting | Network World

Following its bankruptcy filing, The SCO Group may be booted off of the Nasdaq stock exchange as early as next week, the Unix vendor said Wednesday.

With new Sparc systems, Oracle begins shift to single chip architecture | Network World

Oracle has announced a batch of servers based on new Sparc processors and in the process has begun an expected shift toward converging its two families of Unix servers onto a single chip architecture.

Fujitsu rolls out second Itanium server | Network World

Fujitsu, which recently inked a deal with Sun to collaborate on Sparc/Solaris-based Unix servers, is expanding its Intel product portfolio with a two-processor Itanium 2 system.

Sun submits mystery license to open source group | Network World

A Sun engineer chartered with directing the engineering effort to open source Solaris has published a new software license that could be used for the open-source release of Sun's Unix operating system. Though Sun is vague on details about the license, called the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL), it is incompatible with Linux's software license.

Apple could build Penryn into Xserve | Network World

While Apple is tight-lipped about the introduction of new Mac systems with Intel's latest Penryn processors, analysts said the company's Unix-based Xserve servers could be the first to include the power-efficient Penryn chips.

Vintela Authentication Services let Windows and Unix play nicely together | Network World

Do any of these situations describe your company?

Vintela enables Unix and Linux policy-based mgmt. via Windows | Network World

A couple of months ago I enthused (some might say "gushed") about Vintela Authentication Services, which enables you to efficiently - and securely - manage a single logon/password for Unix, Linux and Windows applications. In essence, it integrates the Unix and Linux platforms into Windows' Active Directory. The boys in Linden, Utah didn't rest on their laurels very long, though. Just last week came the announcement of a new add-on to VAS - Vintela Group Policy, which provides a framework for Unix and Linux