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Chaoyang Dataset | Papers With Code

Chaoyang dataset contains 1111 normal, 842 serrated, 1404 adenocarcinoma, 664 adenoma, and 705 normal, 321 serrated, 840 adenocarcinoma, 273 adenoma samples for training and testing, respectively. This noisy dataset is constructed in the real scenario. Details: Colon slides from Chaoyang hospital, the patch size is 512 × 512. We invited 3 professional pathologists to label the patches, respectively. We took the parts of labeled patches with consensus results from 3 pathologists as the testing set. Others


Model Optimization | Papers With Code

To Optimize already existing models in Training/Inferencing tasks.


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All the latest news about professional training from Tech Xplore


Online gaming enhances career prospects and develops soft skills, finds new study

Online gaming behavior can encourage gamers to gain a variety of soft skills which could assist them with training to support their career aspirations, according to new research from the University of Surrey.


Single-cell-driven, tri-channel encryption meta-displays

Pockets of the POSTECH campus are turning into metaverse-ready spaces. Leveraging lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, POSTECH has employed metaverse learning to enable students to conduct experiments and receive training ...

Training Classifiers that are Universally Robust to All Label Noise Levels | Papers With Code

#4 best model for Image Classification on Clothing1M (using clean data) (Accuracy metric)

V7 snaps up $33M to automate training data for computer vision AI models • TechCrunch

V7's focus today is on computer vision and helping identify objects. It says it can learn what to do from just 100 human-annotated examples.

Black Friday Doorbuster: Lifetime Access to Rosetta Stone for $150 | PCMag

For one day only, grab a huge bargain on language and career training that can reboot your life.

Client-private secure aggregation for privacy preserving federated learning - Amazon Science

Privacy-preserving federated learning (PPFL) is a paradigm of distributed privacy-preserving machine learning training in which a set of clients, each holding siloed training data, jointly compute a shared global model under the orchestration of an aggregation server. The system has the property…

AltCLIP Explained | Papers With Code

In this work, we present a conceptually simple and effective method to train a strong bilingual multimodal representation model. Starting from the pretrained multimodal representation model CLIP released by OpenAI, we switched its text encoder with a pretrained multilingual text encoder XLM-R, and aligned both languages and image representations by a two-stage training schema consisting of teacher learning and contrastive learning. We validate our method through evaluations of a wide range of tasks. We set

Top data science courses from Coursera for 2022 | TechRepublic

Coursera offers a variety of training options for the growing data professional. Explore top data science courses from Coursera now.

New From Anaconda! Data Science Training and Cloud Hosted Notebooks - KDnuggets

Anaconda is incredibly excited to announce the release of a brand-new suite of products on the Anaconda Nucleus platform: Anaconda Notebooks and Anaconda Learning.

IBM Research helps extend PyTorch to enable open-source cloud-native machine learning | VentureBeat

IBM Research has contributed code to the open-source PyTorch machine learning project that could help to significantly accelerate training.

PaLM Explained | Papers With Code

PaLM (Pathways Language Model) uses a standard Transformer model architecture (Vaswani et al., 2017) in a decoder-only setup (i.e., each timestep can only attend to itself and past timesteps), with several modifications. PaLM is trained as a 540 billion parameter, densely activated, autoregressive Transformer on 780 billion tokens. PaLM leverages Pathways (Barham et al., 2022), which enables highly efficient training of very large neural networks across thousands of accelerator chips. Image credit: PaLM: S