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How to Avoid Overfitting? - KDnuggets

Overfitting is when a statistical model fits exactly against its training data. This leads to the model failing to predict future observations accurately.


Emerge Career’s tech-forward job training lets incarcerated folks hit the road on release – TechCrunch

Reentering society after years in prison is difficult for many reasons, among which perhaps the most prosaic is simply that it’s hard to get a job — and what training and transition programs exist are far from sufficient. Emerge Career hopes to change that with an improved in-facility training curriculum that prepares the soon-to-be-formerly-incarcerated for […]


Superior phase recovery and hologram reconstruction using a deep neural network

Deep learning has achieved benchmark results for various imaging tasks, including holographic microscopy, where an essential step is to recover the phase information of samples using intensity-only measurements. By training ...


Retention Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Customer Retention | Discover products. Stay weird. - AppSumo

Discover the most advanced and proven customer retention secrets in this easy to follow, high-quality, video-based marketing training course


Google Ads Beginner to Advanced Masterclass | Discover products. Stay weird. - AppSumo

The Google Ads Beginner to Advanced Course is the most detailed and comprehensive training for anyone who wants to master PPC Advertising.

Pitch for Daedalus Aerospace - The Startup Pitch

Daedalus Aerospace provides training and tools in aerospace engineering, flight test execution, and program management. We offer practical on-demand education and downloadable resources for aerospace professionals.

Pass the CAPM exam on your first try with a virtual training class from Master of Project | TechRepublic

Learn what Master of Project has to offer for the utmost exam preparation.

Best HR analytics software | TechRepublic

HR analytics software provides businesses with information to improve employee retention, recruitment and training.

Identifying underserved market segments with Ethena and Homebrew on TechCrunch Live – TechCrunch

No one likes compliance training, but Ethena aims to improve the experience for everyone involved. Join Ethena’s CEO Roxanne Petraeus and Homebrew’s Hunter Walk on this TechCrunch Live event to hear the strategies used to tackle and grow in underserved market segments. This TechCrunch Live event opens on August 17 at 11:30 a.m. PDT/2:30 p.m. […]

Learning Experience Design: Thinking Beyond Modules and Training Sessions | HackerNoon

People learn from their experiences. Learning experience design helps us think beyond modules and training sessions and instead develop experiences.

Finite element approximation of wave problems with correcting terms based on training artificial neural networks with fine solutions - ScienceDirect

In this paper we present a general idea to correct coarse models by introducing a correcting term designed from fine solutions that can be then applie…

Personal training app Another Round lifts new capital to strengthen its market position | EU-Startups

Pumping up the mission to make personal training more accessible, London-based Another Round has just secured new investment from Pure Gym founder, Peter

Zoomingo’s New App Turns Spotting And Rating Deals Into A Game – TechCrunch

Shopping discovery service Zoomingo, which helps you find nearby sales using your mobile phone, is out with a new iPhone app that introduces a gamification element to its platform. Local shoppers are now being encouraged to share the unreported sales they spot in the wild as well as rate those spotted by others. By playing the new "Hot or Not" game within the app to rate deals, shoppers earn points while also training the service's branded "ZoomSense" recommendation engine to present more deals matching t

Amazon Makes A Play For Startups With Its AWS Activate Service Bundle And Support Network – TechCrunch

Amazon's AWS cloud services division has become one of the go-to places for startups looking for hosting and other services for their apps and other business. Today, Amazon redoubled its efforts to target new ones with the launch of AWS Activate, a bundle of services that offers startups and the incubators and accelerators that support them assistance in the form of training, geniuses to help out with certain issues, a community forum -- as well as credits for AWS services and offers for third parties to e

New York Gets Another Learn To Code Academy – TechCrunch

New York is getting a new tech skills training academy. The twist it that the just launched academy is being created by a dev studio drawing on their existing expertise making apps for others to teach budding entrepreneurs the web development skills they're going to need to turn their big idea into a big business. At a price, of course.

Kuddle, An Instagram With Training Wheels, Introduces Social Media To Kids – TechCrunch

A new mobile application called Kuddle is introducing a safer way for kids to get introduced to social media, while still under a parent’s watchful eye. The photo-sharing app, which is like a more restricted version of Instagram, allows children to post and share photos with friends in a protected environment, safe from cyberbullying or unwanted […]

Masters, an app for training with celeb athletes, closes a $2.7M seed funding round – TechCrunch

It’s now 2022 and there are many, many apps out there that allow you to do cardio or build muscle by taking classes inside smartphone apps. We are all familiar with the success of platforms like Peloton (IPO’d), but there are of course new upstarts such as FiiT (raised £9 million) or Fitplan (raised $9.9 […]

OST300 Dataset | Papers With Code

OST300 is an outdoor scene dataset with 300 test images of outdoor scenes, and a training set of 7 categories of images with rich textures.

Designing and Training of A Dual CNN for Image Denoising | Papers With Code

Implemented in one code library.

MeDAL Dataset | Papers With Code

The Medical Dataset for Abbreviation Disambiguation for Natural Language Understanding (MeDAL) is a large medical text dataset curated for abbreviation disambiguation, designed for natural language understanding pre-training in the medical domain. It was published at the ClinicalNLP workshop at EMNLP.

Systematic Comparison of Neural Architectures and Training Approaches for Open Information Extraction | Papers With Code

No code available yet.

FreeLB: Enhanced Adversarial Training for Natural Language Understanding | Papers With Code

Implemented in 2 code libraries.

Stanford Schema2QA Dataset Dataset | Papers With Code

Schema2QA is the first large question answering dataset over real-world Schema.org data. It covers 6 common domains: restaurants, hotels, people, movies, books, and music, based on crawled Schema.org metadata from 6 different websites (Yelp, Hyatt, LinkedIn, IMDb, Goodreads, and last.fm.). In total, there are over 2,000,000 examples for training, consisting of both augmented human paraphrase data and high-quality synthetic data generated by Genie. All questions are annotated with executable virtual assista