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AI's hunger games: A lucrative data market is exploding to feed insatiable LLMs | The AI Beat | VentureBeat

AI training data is just the beginning — LLM inference is creating an exploding, lucrative data market to feed AI models.

Inside Meta's AI strategy: Zuckerberg stresses compute, open source and training data | VentureBeat

All of this week's Big Tech earnings calls included insights into AI efforts, but Meta offered the deepest dive into its AI strategy.

HP opens attack on Cisco certifications | Network World

HP this week unveiled a training and certification program for IT personnel converging enterprise infrastructure and rearchitecting data centers.

How to steal corporate secrets in 20 minutes: Ask | Network World

A few companies in the Fortune 500 need to upgrade their Web browsers. And while they're at it, a little in-house training on social engineering wouldn't be a bad idea, either.

Top 8 ways feds (and corporate users) can take advantage of green IT | Network World

How does the federal government go about implementing green IT? According to a report out today from the Government Accountability Office, the feds have adopted a number of practices that are useful not just for government IT but all manner of private and public company IT groups as well. These include everything from dedicated funding for green products, to improved employee training and reducing use of paper.

Learning Tree settles DOJ improper billing complaint | Network World

Learning Tree International, an IT and management training firm, has agreed to pay US$4.5 million to settle a complaint by the U.S. Department of Justice that the company improperly invoiced U.S. government agencies in advance for IT training courses and kept federal funds for courses that were never provided, the DOJ said Wednesday.

Adidas miCoach faces tough fight against Nike+iPod in US | Network World

Athletic shoe maker Adidas launched the latest version of its miCoach training gadgets in the U.S. alongside the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week in the hope of enticing people to use the system to meet their New Year's goals.

Union Pacific Makes a Game of Risk | Network World

The locomotive rattled down the track, straight toward the Union Pacific train operator and his string of freight cars. The driver quickly maneuvered to a different track: The trains were close to colliding. Luckily, this near-miss was just the outcome of a computer training game to teach Union Pacific (UP) railroad workers how to handle dangerous, real-world situations. More on CIO.com This Is Not a Game: Virtual Worlds Coming to Your Business, Forrester Predicts How IT is Helping the Railroad Industry Im

IT pay stagnates, workforce grows restless | Network World

David Thomas, network administrator at TallyHo Plastics Inc., is feeling a little beat up. In the past year, he's seen his compensation, training opportunities and benefits drop, all while watching his workload increase. He's not overly bitter -- the decisions his employer had to make were fair, considering the downturn, he says. And he sees some positive signs that things will improve in the coming year.

Data privacy, security laws have far-reaching impact | Network World

Massachusetts has enacted data privacy and data security regulations that will make it eke out California for the most wide ranging state privacy and security laws--laws that are likely to impact the policies, practices, procedures, contracts and training used by companies nationwide. The Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation determined that there was a significant need for set of comprehensive standards that ensure businesses are taking practical steps to safeguard personal info

Survey: Security deployments, training reduce cyberattack wipeouts, downtime | Network World

A survey of 1,425 information technology managers in 32 countries about the type of security they deployed on their network endpoints, as well as security training for employees, indicates that these technology investments paid off in mitigating cyberattacks and downtime.

Nigerian IT group pushes forensic training | Network World

The Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) has called on the country's government to train civil servants in computer forensic technology as a way to fight e-commerce fraud in the country.

Mind Games: How Social Engineers Win Your Confidence | Network World

Social engineering and mind games expert Brian Brushwood has not come by his knowledge in the traditional manner of school or business training. Brushwood is the host of the Internet video series Scam School, a show he describes as dedicated to social engineering in the bar and on the street.

Get started with Hadoop: Free training resources from Cloudera, MapR and more | Network World

Hadoop training courses and certification programs are available from companies including Cloudera, Hortonworks, IBM and MapR. But if you're not ready to commit to formal training courses, there are also free resources that can get a newcomer started on Hadoop or broaden a veteran's skills.

Americans are Ferengis, Europeans are Vulcans | Network World

It's that time of year again. The organization's training and travel budgets need to get spent or else they'll be reduced for next year. So, it's time to hurry up and pick out conferences to attend which are scheduled in the last three months of the year.

Rwanda calls for bids for e-Cabinet system | Network World

The Rwanda Information Technology Authority (RITA) has invited bids from IT consulting firms to develop, install, commission, implement training for and maintain an e-Cabinet system.

Microsoft launches worker training program | Network World

Microsoft has launched a new program with the goal of providing technology training to up to 2 million people in the United States.

CIRT management: Avoiding burnout | Network World

This is another in an occasional series of articles looking at computer incident response team (CIRT) management. A primary source for this series is the U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) training course listed at the end of the article.

CIRT management: Setting the rules for triage | Network World

This is another in an occasional series of brief articles looking at computer incident response team (CIRT) management. A primary source for this series is the U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency training course listed at the end of the article.

Wealth of updated MPLS training materials available | Network World

A couple of years ago we mentioned that one of the toughest tasks at that time was getting trained on new technologies. With slashed training budgets, most companies simply didn’t have the resources to send their staffs to conferences and formal training classes. We can’t see that this situation has gotten any better. As a partial solution to this problem, Webtorials has continued its partnership with MPLScon to make available online what is essentially the entire MPLScon 2006 program.

MED2020 gives coding tool to colleges | Network World

An online educational version of an abstracting and coding tool used by health information management departments across the country will now be available for student training at various colleges.

Six attributes of successful project managers | Network World

The best project managers are those who consistently deliver, on time and within budget, projects that meet or exceed stakeholders' expectations. Those project managers understand that leadership and people skills are even more important to good project management than a sound methodology and project tracking tools, says Fumi Kondo, managing director of Intellilink, a management consulting and training company that specializes in technology implementations.

Network execs are naturals for the information security fields | Network World

Networking executives interested in entering the security field, or just want to formalize their security knowledge should consider taking training for (ISC)2’s Systems Security Certified Practitioner certification. Network pros could use SSCP as a stepping stone to other (ISC)2 credentials, such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), which has topped many recent salary surveys and is the gateway to chief information system officer-level roles.