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Fedora 14 tests desktop virtualization | Network World

The first public beta of version 14 of the Fedora Linux distribution edges towards potential enterprise use

Russian WiMax operator eyes GSM handover, WiMax 2 tests | Network World

Russian WiMax operator Yota will soon begin offering its customers a WiMax terminal that can make VOIP calls -- and hand them over to a GSM network when the caller wanders out of the WiMax coverage area.

Cisco, Juniper conduct trial of fed’s IPv6 tests | Network World

The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory in July conducted the first trial of the U.S. federal government's new IPv6 test suite on equipment from 10 leading network vendors, including Cisco, Juniper, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Sun.

LTE tests signal Clearwire is serious | Network World

WiMax carrier Clearwire is likely to adopt LTE (Long-Term Evolution), and its decision will probably be known within a year, analysts said following the company's announcement on Wednesday that it will test the network technology.

LTE delivers faster speeds after new tests, says analyst | Network World

More extensive tests show that TeliaSonera's LTE (Long-Term Evolution) network can deliver faster speeds, up to 45M bps (bits per second), than previous tests indicated, according to market research company Northstream.

IPhones and Droids could speed medical tests, cut costs | Network World

Patients may soon be able to cut health care costs by running blood tests off their iPhones and Droids and having the results automatically forwarded to their doctors, according to new discoveries by researchers at the University of Rhode Island.

Intel tests foundry waters | Network World

Intel is exploring whether it can branch out as a foundry by opening its chip manufacturing facilities to more third-party customers, the company said on Tuesday.

Feds again say LightSquared interferes with GPS | Network World

A second round of tests on LightSquared's proposed land-based mobile data network again showed interference with a majority of GPS devices, except for cellphones, two U.S. federal departments said Wednesday.

PayPal tests mobile payments in Sweden | Network World

PayPal is testing mobile payments using NFC (Near Field Communications) stickers in Stockholm, allowing users to pay for goods at two stores using Apple's iPhone and Android-based smartphones.

Symantec tests a ‘Net watchdog for kids | Network World

Symantec has developed a new online service to protect children from Internet dangers.

Microsoft tests Intel netbook processor for ‘green’ servers | Network World

Microsoft Corp. researchers are experimenting with low-powered servers using Intel Corp.'s inexpensive, efficient Atom processors designed for netbooks.

U.S. Banks Dodge Regulatory Bullet | Network World

With the results of the government stress tests of the nation largest banks released it would appear that the banking system has dodged a regulatory bullet in terms of a potential need for massive new infusions of equity capital. What does this mean for the banking system and providers of technology to financial services?

IPhone closer to China launch with network tests | Network World

Apple has applied for a Chinese network access license for the iPhone, an important step that could lead the phone to a China launch by early next year, analysts said Monday.

LightSquared slams leak on GPS tests, expects to win | Network World

LightSquared believes a government official selectively leaked results from tests of its proposed mobile broadband network to set public opinion against the company, and it is seeking a federal investigation of the apparent leak.

Facebook tests ‘Want’ and ‘Collect’ buttons: How to get started | Network World

A week after reintroducing Facebook Gifts--a feature that lets you send real items to your Facebook friends--the social network is launching another possible push into ecommerce: "Want" and "Collect" buttons.

Forget sticky notes, Microsoft using inkblots as password reminders | Network World

Researchers at Microsoft are using inkblots, similar to the way Rorschach Inkblot tests are used, as visual queues to help users create and remember passwords. Microsoft’s project combines the inkblot research with the OpenID protocol, which is used to create single sign-on for Internet users.

Verizon tests 100Gbps network | Network World

Verizon took its 100Gbps optical network out for a test spin last week by transmitting a live video feed for over 312 miles from Tampa to Miami.

Tests of the year | Network World

As we enter the year 2007, I'd like to point to some of the best LAN- and router-related tests that ran in Network World in 2006.

The year’s top stories | Network World

Last time, we looked at LAN- and router-related tests and case studies in Network World in 2006. In that spirit, let's take a look at all the top stories in our category from the year.

Lawmakers ask how much LightSquared tests cost taxpayers | Network World

Two U.S. lawmakers pressed a federal agency on Monday to say how much taxpayer money went into testing the proposed LightSquared network, a private 4G system that the FCC ultimately rejected because it would interfere with GPS.

Tolly tests Xirrus WLAN array | Network World

The Tolly Group recently tested the Xirrus XS-3900-16 Wi-Fi array for its resiliency and verified that the array does provide for failover in a range of failure situations.

10GBase-LRM interoperability tested | Network World

The Ethernet Alliance this week announced multi-vendor interoperability tests of 10GBase-LRM optical interfaces.

Semiconductor manufacturers team to speed IPv6 processing | Network World

Among the challenges faced by IPv6, a long anticipated upgrade to the Internet’s main communications protocol, is the fact that IPv6 is slower than the existing IPv4 protocol it hopes to replace. Recent tests have shown significant performance degradation when network equipment runs IPv6 and IPv4 at the same time, as will likely happen on service provider and enterprise networks during the transition to IPv6.

Clarus tests VoIP; LiteScape provides VoIP authentication, presence | Network World

One of the fun things about going to VoiceCon is visiting with the smaller companies that are represented because they frequently provide a view of innovations that will help VoIP progress in the marketplace. Today, we’ll take a look at two companies that demonstrated such innovative approaches.

NAC test package is a must read | Network World

Check out Network World's package of stories regarding tests of various NAC equipment.