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Memcached в PHP Kohana и его тестировние / Хабр

Уже много описано про memcache, однако я помучался прежде чем нашел оптимальный вариант для одного проекта на PHP, достаточно ресурсоемкого с большим объемом расчетов в Kohana. Memcache пришлось...

CloudWatch и Lambda, или Как я перестал бояться и полюбил AWS / Хабр

Облачные провайдеры — это реактор, где вместо обогащённого урана используется твой кошелёк. В позапрошлом году наша компания начала активно применять облака и мы в полной мере ощутили это на себе:...

VISUELLE2.0 Dataset | Papers With Code

Visuelle 2.0 is a dataset containing real data for 5355 clothing products of the retail fast-fashion Italian company, Nuna Lie. Specifically, Visuelle 2.0 provides data from 6 fashion seasons (partitioned in Autumn-Winter and Spring-Summer) from 2017-2019, right before the Covid-19 pandemic. Each product is accompanied by an HD image, textual tags and more. The time series data are disaggregated at the shop level, and include the sales, inventory stock, max-normalized prices (for the sake of confidentialit

Связывание таблиц в Model::find() / Хабр

Перевод заметки на Bakery от Nate, одного из авторов CakePHP. Мне она показалась интересной и иллюстрирующей как же работает этот фреймворк, но сложной для понимания на английском языке. В этой...

IPython magic to edit Jupyter cell tags / Habr

I came up with idea, that it would be cool to edit cell tags with help of IPython magic instead of mouse clicking and interacting with tags or metadata toolbars. So, now I can do it by typing this...

14 Best WordPress SEO Plugins in 2019 / Habr

WordPress SEO plugins will help you automatically add meta tags, load pages faster, correct redirection mistakes, optimize images, etc. Free and premium versions of the most popular WordPress plugins...

How to find an English teacher. Part 2 / Habr

This is a continuation of story about using Data Science for finding an English teacher. If you have not read it yet -  there is an opportunity to become familiar with it Briefly  -  we had...

Last call Prime Day tablet deals: 7 great deals on iPads and Samsung tablets you can still get

Good tablets can be a tough sell thanks to their high price tags, but these Prime Day deals shave hundreds of dollars off the best ones.

E-NER Dataset | Papers With Code

E-NER is a publicly available legal Named Entity Recognition (NER) data set. It contains 52 filings from the US SEC EDGAR database. The named entity tags are hand annotated.

Tesla Cybertruck price expectations change after Elon Musk drops potential hint - NotebookCheck.net News

There is speculation that the Tesla Cybertruck could end up being sold cheaper than what is expected due to a recent tweet made by Elon Musk. Price tags for the Cybertruck variants have been announced in the past but competitive price-cutting by rivals may shake things up before the angular truck finally becomes widely available.

Microsoft Introduces Insights For Universal Event Tracking Tags

Find out how Microsoft's Universal Event Tracking tag insights can help advertisers understand user engagement and improve ad campaigns.

Adversarial Learning for Personalized Tag Recommendation | Papers With Code

1 code implementation in TensorFlow. We have recently seen great progress in image classification due to the success of deep convolutional neural networks and the availability of large-scale datasets. Most of the existing work focuses on single-label image classification. However, there are usually multiple tags associated with an image. The existing works on multi-label classification are mainly based on lab curated labels. Humans assign tags to their images differently, which is mainly based on their int

Soletude - Manage thousands of files with a tree of tags / Articles / Habr

No articles from Soletude company authors

Objaverse Dataset | Papers With Code

Objaverse is a large dataset of objects with 800K+ (and growing) 3D models with descriptive captions, tags, and animations. Objaverse improves upon present day 3D repositories in terms of scale, number of categories, and in the visual diversity of instances within a category.

NYT11-HRL Dataset | Papers With Code

Preprocessed version of NYT11. Each relational triple is formatted as follows: rtext : relation type em1 : source entity mention em2 : target entity mention tags : the proposed entity annotation scheme for the sentence 0 : $O$ non-entity 1 : $S_I$ inside of a source entity 2 : $T_I$ inside of a target entity 3 : $O_I$ inside of not-concerned entity 4 : $S_B$ begin of a source entity 5 : $T_B$ begin of a target entity 6 : $O_B$ begin of not-concerned entity

About Soletude company / Habr

Stagsi for Windows — smart file management with tags. Hundreds of thousands of files. Hierarchical tree of tags. Search query language. Scripts.

Apple is considering 'AirTags for clothes' that could help with fitness tracking and health monitoring | iMore

Apple has applied for a patent relating to tracking tags that could be placed on clothes or a person's body to monitor health and fitness data.

Assembler для Brainfuck / Хабр

Одним холодным майским днем от скуки решил я таки приступить к изучению этого удивительного языка — Brainfuck'a. Его интерпретаторы публиковали на Хабре уже очень много раз . Но мне хотолось изучить...

Pitch for iWrite - The Startup Pitch

Company / App Name: iWrite https://www.iwrite.ai/ Twitter – iWrite_ai WHAT DOES IT DO? ChatGPT powered content generation tools that allow you to quickly and easily create unique, high-quality content for your website. Generate product descriptions, keywords, and meta tags. More tools coming soon. WHY DO WE NEED IT? Creating content can be a daunting task,…

Django Template Tags Reference

Well organized and easy to understand Web building tutorials with lots of examples of how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Python, Bootstrap, Java and XML.