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Basketball study automates patterns of play to compare teams' performance

New analysis of elite women's basketball automatically pinpoints a team's chances of high or low scoring plays despite the ball's trajectory looking the same, in research developed by QUT data scientists.


Augmenting interictal mapping with neurovascular coupling biomarkers by structured factorization of epileptic EEG and fMRI data | Papers With Code

1 code implementation. EEG-correlated fMRI analysis is widely used to detect regional blood oxygen level dependent fluctuations that are significantly synchronized to interictal epileptic discharges, which can provide evidence for localizing the ictal onset zone. However, such an asymmetrical, mass-univariate approach cannot capture the inherent, higher order structure in the EEG data, nor multivariate relations in the fMRI data, and it is nontrivial to accurately handle varying neurovascular coupling over


Semi-Targeted Model Poisoning Attack on Federated Learning via Backward Error Analysis | Papers With Code

???? SOTA for Model Poisoning on Fashion-MNIST (Attacking Task Accuracy metric)

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