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How to navigate the new System Settings tool in macOS Ventura

With macOS Ventura, Apple has modified and simplified the system tool you use to tweak the OS and give it a new layout. 


Predictions for AI, video, chips and more in 2023 | Deloitte | VentureBeat

The new year will see AI tools for chip design, video streams with ad support, and a crowd of satellites in space, according to Deloitte.


Dylan Browne's Ocean System for Rendered Cinematics 2.0 Released

The update brings the ability to set up translucency via a single-layer water shading model.


Pixel 7a Breaks Cover with Design Cues from the Original

The Pixel 7a is going to look a lot like its predecessor and that is not a bad thing, considering how the design is practical and looks good.



Create, launch, and optimize your onboarding flow, but faster. Improve candidate conversion, automate tasks, collaborate with your team on design, and seamlessly plug-in your favorite HR tools.


Inside the Life of a Criminal Defense Lawyer with Norman Spencer | HackerNoon

In this interview, we talk to Norman about the real lives of criminal defense lawyers and his opinion on the current state of the US judicial system.

DSC Weekly 29 Nov 2022 - Winter is Coming - DataScienceCentral.com

I live near the top of one of the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in the Puget Sound, my first year of living here after spending the last decade in a valley near sea level, only a few miles away. Warily, we're watching the heavy, sullen clouds move in even as a cold weather system presses in from the north, a guaranteed recipe for snow. Winter is coming.


On the convergence of physics informed neural networks for linear second-order elliptic and parabolic type PDEs | Papers With Code

Physics informed neural networks (PINNs) are deep learning based techniques for solving partial differential equations (PDEs) encounted in computational science and engineering. Guided by data and physical laws, PINNs find a neural network that approximates the solution to a system of PDEs. Such a neural network is obtained by minimizing a loss function in which any prior knowledge of PDEs and data are encoded. Despite its remarkable empirical success in one, two or three dimensional problems, there is lit

Schneider Electric, SAP tighten bonds to ease IIoT system integration | Network World

Two major companies, one specializing in high-tech industrial systems and the other in enterprise management software, are deepening their partnership, with the idea of making industrial IoT application deployment easier, and improving sustainability.


Happy Hacking Professional Hybrid Type-S Snow Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review | PCMag

The Professional Hybrid Type-S Snow is a modest update that highlights the ecstasy (and occasional agony) of Happy Hacking's classic compact mechanical keyboard design.