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Cisco restructures, streamlines operations | Network World

Responding to criticism of its management structure after consecutive quarters of uninspiring performance, Cisco this week restructured operations in an effort to streamline sales and engineering in five key product areas.

Download model for transitioning to a global IT organization | Network World

Over the last few years, Schneider Electric grew internationally as a collection of businesses, each of which had its own CIO, CFO and other shared services. When corporate leaders decided to shift the organization to a single structure, they started with IT, and David Patzwald was suddenly no longer CIO of Schneider Electric North America--in the new simplified, global structure, he is SVP of Integration Services, Schneider Electric.

RIM agrees to review its structure | Network World

Research In Motion's board of directors has agreed to form an independent committee to study aspects of the company's management structure, including clarifying the roles of RIM's controversial co-CEOs.

Microsoft/Linux milestones | Network World

Microsoft Monday made an historic move by submitting device drivers to the Linux kernel under a GPLv2 license. Microsoft has had a checkered past with both Linux and its open source GPL licensing structure, so the move was a jaw dropper. Here is a look at some of the milestones since Microsoft internal memos leaked in 1998 that attacked the open source Linux operating system as it began to pick up steam as an alternative to Windows.

Cisco’s new structure key to success, Chambers says | Network World

Cisco Systems' whirlwind of activity over the past few months wouldn't have been possible without the company's spread-out management structure, in which about 650 people are involved in cross-functional 'councils' and 'boards' that search out potentially profitable new markets, Chairman and CEO John Chambers told a financial analyst conference on Tuesday.

Open Group’s Security Forum devising risk-management “taxonomy” | Network World

The Open Group's Security forum is devising a 50-page compendium it is calling a "risk-management and analysis taxonomy" intended to provide business and technical professionals with a common language to describe the evaluation of risk within an organizational structure.

OCEG Red Book on risk management | Network World

In my last column, I introduced the "OCEG Foundation v1” (“Red Book”) available free (after a simple registration) from the Open Compliance & Ethics Group (OCEG). Today I want to tell you about the Red Book’s approach to risk management by showing you the structure of the document and drilling downwards to illustrate the kind of organization and an example of the detail-layer content.

Harris Corp. | Network World

By the time Leon Shivamber was hired in 2004 by Harris Corp. as vice president of supply chain and operations, the company had already shifted out of its semiconductor and printing businesses and was focused squarely on building communications systems for governmental and commercial customers. But the company still had a very divisional structure for its four businesses.

What to look for in Web-optimization appliances | Network World

Network architects are spinning new patterns in data centers to support remote users. Increasingly, WAN connections provide the structure to deliver corporate applications to users from servers distributed across the enterprise - and in some cases, the globe.

Your changing IT organization | Network World

The role of network manager has evolved over the years I have been covering the technology area, and it seems to us at Network World that that changing role is part of a larger evolution. We are noticing more and more the trend of IT organizations adapting their structure to support emerging technologies that in turn better support today's businesses.

Filling the ‘Net measurement void | Network World

In my years as an engineer and physicist, I maintained a focus on measurement - one of my earliest research designs in high energy physics was a liquid-argon calorimeter, which measures the energy created by a particle physics experiment. That's why I'm appalled at the state of Internet measurement now. Even though companies are becoming utterly reliant on the 'Net, we've never known less about Internet structure and performance - and that's a huge problem.

Database tricks | Network World

What commands would I use from the MySQL command line to recreate a large database table's structure without having to type it all back in through the MySQL Administrator or PHP-MyAdmin graphical user interface?

Study: Businesses want unified communications but staff structure leaves them unprepared | Network World

Businesses say they are interested in unified communications but still face some of the same obstacles that prevented them from adopting VoIP a few years ago, according to a study by Nemertes Research.

IDC: TEAMS submarine cable to land first in East Africa | Network World

A simple ownership structure, good financial backing and shorter distance has given the TEAMS submarine cable an advantage over EASSy and SEACOM, according to research by IDC.

A real-life example of something gone wrong in senior management | Network World

In the July 17 newsletter, we admonished senior IT managers not to manage each IT component in isolation. In particular, we stated our belief that senior IT managers need to acknowledge that managing applications is a fundamentally new responsibility and that it is very difficult. We emphasized our belief that if you work in IT you have one of two jobs – you either develop applications or deliver them, and that IT organizations need to adjust their structure, tools and processes to respond to this way of

It school to watch: Georgia State University | Network World

When Puneet Bhargava began evaluating part-time IT-oriented MBA programs in the Atlanta area in 2004, he considered factors such as the economic impact the program could have on his career and the types and structure of the classes that were being offered.

Microsoft reorganization: A quick look at who’s in charge now | Network World

In a sweeping corporate reorganization to focus on the company’s shift from a software provider to a products and services business, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has announced changes to his executive team to support a new structure that divides the company into four divisions.

Microsoft unveils certifications for Windows Server 2008 | Network World

With just three months to go until the launch of Windows Server 2008, Microsoft last week unveiled the certification structure for the upcoming server operating system. The structure follows the new three-tiered certification levels that Microsoft outlined in 2005, in which the titles Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Systems Analyst and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer will gradually be replaced with certifications based around specific technologies and job roles.

Large branch offices require different attention | Network World

This week, we’ll wrap up the best-practices guidelines on how to categorize branch offices.  As I outlined last week, Nemertes has identified a five-tier structure to classify the types of locations in a typical organization.

Zynga flattens management structure, three execs will leave | Network World

Three top executives of struggling Zynga will move out of the company, as the games developer aims to flatten its management structure.

Can Skype be a good corp. citizen? | Network World

To date, Skype has existed outside of the usual corporate IT structure, offering individual connectivity. But Skype's modus operandus is to "use its users" as relay points - rather than centralized servers. And as soon as the user plugs into the corporate net, that network also becomes a potential Skype resource. As such, Skype needs to do the diligence to become a good citizen on that network.


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Open source going strong at the Christian Science Monitor | Network World

"One of the amazing benefit of working with open source is that you're interacting with a worldwide network of really, really smart people instead of dealing with your typical corporate software support structure," says J. Johnson, manager of Web technology for the Christian Science Monitor.

CCK invites public comments on unified license | Network World

The Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) has invited the public to give their views on the proposed market structure and guidelines for a unified license regime, set to take effect on July 1.