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Frec steps out of stealth with $26M in funding, aiming to democratize sophisticated investing with AI | VentureBeat

Emerging from stealth today, fintech startup Frec announced it has raised $26.4 million in seed and Series A funding led by Greylock, with participation from Social Leverage and others.

Video Highlights: Vicuña, Gorilla, Chatbot Arena and Socially Beneficial LLMs — with Prof. Joey Gonzalez - insideBIGDATA

LLM Vicuña, Chatbot Arena, and the race to increase LLM context windows: In this video presentation, guest Joey Gonzalez joins our good friend Jon Krohn, Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist at the machine learning company Nebula, to talk about developing models and platforms that leverage and improve LLMs, as well as the future of AI development and access.

Anaconda’s State of Data Science Report Report Reveals Surge in AI Upskilling Among Data and IT Professionals - insideBIGDATA

Anaconda Inc., provider of the popular platform for data science and modern AI development, released its sixth annual State of Data Science report, surfacing insights into today’s vibrant data science community and the growth and usage of AI and open-source software.

“Above the Trend Line” – Your Industry Rumor Central for 9/29/2023 - insideBIGDATA

Above the Trend Line: your industry rumor central is a recurring feature of insideBIGDATA. In this column, we present a variety of short time-critical news items grouped by category such as M&A activity, people movements, funding news, financial results, industry alignments, customer wins, rumors and general scuttlebutt floating around the big data, data science and machine learning industries including behind-the-scenes anecdotes and curious buzz.

Enterprise-focused AI startup Cohere launches chatbot API | VentureBeat

Cohere touted the fact that its new chatbot API features Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), a method of controlling a chatbot's information sources.

Europe's largest seeded startup Mistral AI releases first model | VentureBeat

Mistral’s demonstration of a small model delivering high performance across a range of tasks could mean major benefits for businesses.

Zerobroker eliminates freight broker fees with AI-powered logistics platform | VentureBeat

Zerobroker, the San Francisco-based startup, is making waves in the logistics sector with its AI-backed platform aiming to upend traditional brokerage models.

Revefi secures $10.5M in seed funding, launches AI-powered enterprise data platform | VentureBeat

Revefi, an AI startup aiming to be a "copilot" for enterprise data teams, announced $10.5 million in seed funding today.

How do you accommodate exponentially growing data? - insideBIGDATA

0 Version 0 Download 0.00 KB File Size 0 File Count September 27, 2023 Create Date September 27, 2023 Last Updated Download Now that many companies have switched from conventional storage to the cloud, modern data strategies can be implemented to further optimize data storage and processing needs.

Automating Model Monitoring in MLOps: Leveraging AI to Track Performance and Detect Anomalies - insideBIGDATA

In this contributed article, April Miller, senior IT and cybersecurity writer for ReHack Magazine, discusses how MLOps — with its emphasis on the end-to-end life cycle of ML models — needs to prioritize automated, AI-driven model monitoring. As the world increasingly relies on ML-driven decisions, ensuring these models operate without biases and remain trustworthy is paramount.

New MongoDB Atlas Vector Search Capabilities Help Developers Build and Scale AI Applications - insideBIGDATA

MongoDB, Inc. (NASDAQ: MDB) announced new capabilities, performance improvements, and a data-streaming integration for MongoDB Atlas Vector Search that make it even faster and easier for developers to build generative AI applications. Organizations of all sizes have rushed to adopt MongoDB Atlas Vector Search as part of a unified solution to process data for generative AI applications since being announced in preview in June of this year.

Heard on the Street – 9/26/2023 - insideBIGDATA

Welcome to insideBIGDATA’s “Heard on the Street” round-up column! In this regular feature, we highlight thought-leadership commentaries from members of the big data ecosystem. Each edition covers the trends of the day with compelling perspectives that can provide important insights to give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Timescale Vector Launches to Enable Developers to Build Production AI Applications at Scale With PostgreSQL - insideBIGDATA

Timescale, the cloud database company, announced the launch of Timescale Vector, enabling developers to build production AI applications at scale with PostgreSQL. With Timescale Vector, which sits atop Timescale’s production-grade cloud PostgreSQL platform, developers can now leverage a single platform for managing relational data, vector embeddings, time-series data, analytics and event data that powers their next-generation AI applications. Developers can now bring AI products to market faster, more re

Protestors to Meta AI: “Sharing model weights is fundamentally unsafe”  - insideBIGDATA

Meta’s frontier AI models are fundamentally unsafe. Since Meta AI has released the model weights publicly, any safety measures can be removed. Before it releases even more advanced models – which can have more dangerous capabilities – a group of concerned citizens call on Meta to take responsible release seriously and stop irreversible proliferation. Join in for a peaceful protest at Meta’s office in San Francisco.

TOP 10 insideBIGDATA Articles for August 2023 - insideBIGDATA

In this continuing regular feature, we give all our valued readers a monthly heads-up for the top 10 most viewed articles appearing on insideBIGDATA. Over the past several months, we’ve heard from many of our followers that this feature will enable them to catch up with important news and features flowing across our many channels.

Пол Грэм: «Почему Y Combinator?» / Хабр

Пол Грэм, Why YC , March 2006, rev August 2009 (За перевод спасибо Find_The_Truth ) Вчера один из основателей, которого мы спонсировали, спросил меня, почему мы организовали Y Combinator. Или, если...

Startup Academy, Москва / Articles / Habr

No articles from Startup Academy company authors

Startup Academy, Москва / Статьи / Хабр

22 статьи от авторов компании Startup Academy

PostgreSQL 16: Part 3 or CommitFest 2022-11 / Habr

We continue to follow the news of the upcoming PostgreSQL 16. The third CommitFest concluded in early December. Let's look at the results. If you missed the previous CommitFests, check out our...

75 лекций на русском от Y Combinator (из 172) / Хабр

Патрик и Джон Коллинсон, основатели Stripe (в 22 года и в 21 год), с капитализацией $35 млрд. Y Combinator — лучший в мире акселератор для стартапов по количеству единорогов (21), по объему...

Elevator Pitch или грамотная презентация проекта за 60 секунд / Хабр

Я хочу рассказать вам про то, как создать грамотный Elevator Pitch – одноминутную презентацию проекта потенциальному инвестору на базе собственного опыта. Когда у вас есть всего одна минута, чтобы...

Канада запускает программу Startup Visa для иностранных интернет-предпринимателей / Хабр

Канадская служба миграции и гражданства опубликовала окончательный список требований к кандидатам и начала приём документов от интернет-предпринимателей по новой иммиграционной программе Startup...

LeanKanban-2014 — обзор конференции и видео докладов / Хабр

Прошлой осенью прошла менеджерская конференция LeanKanban Russia-2014 . Два трека, пара десятков докладов от приглашенных западных гуру и известных наших, как консультантов, так и живых...

От идеи к рынку: конкурс технологических стартапов Сколтеха как колыбель студенческого предпринимательства / Хабр

В конце мая в Сколтехе в рамках StartUp Village состоялся фестиваль Skoltech Triple Point — соревнование студенческих технологических стартапов. Как эта инициатива помогает студентам пройти...

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