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Frec steps out of stealth with $26M in funding, aiming to democratize sophisticated investing with AI | VentureBeat

Emerging from stealth today, fintech startup Frec announced it has raised $26.4 million in seed and Series A funding led by Greylock, with participation from Social Leverage and others.


Alexander Bachmann, Mitgo, Author at VentureBeat

Alexander Bachmann is founder and CEO of Mitgo, with more than two decades of experience in the martech industry. This is a complete list of VentureBeat articles written by Alexander Bachmann, Mitgo, in reverse chronological order.

Enterprise-focused AI startup Cohere launches chatbot API | VentureBeat

Cohere touted the fact that its new chatbot API features Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), a method of controlling a chatbot's information sources.

Europe's largest seeded startup Mistral AI releases first model | VentureBeat

Mistral’s demonstration of a small model delivering high performance across a range of tasks could mean major benefits for businesses.

Zerobroker eliminates freight broker fees with AI-powered logistics platform | VentureBeat

Zerobroker, the San Francisco-based startup, is making waves in the logistics sector with its AI-backed platform aiming to upend traditional brokerage models.

Revefi secures $10.5M in seed funding, launches AI-powered enterprise data platform | VentureBeat

Revefi, an AI startup aiming to be a "copilot" for enterprise data teams, announced $10.5 million in seed funding today.

Zane Bond, Keeper Security, Author at VentureBeat

Zane Bond is a cybersecurity expert and the head of product at Keeper Security, a provider of cloud-based zero-trust and zero-knowledge cybersecurity software protecting passwords and passkeys, secrets, connections and privileged access. This is a complete list of VentureBeat articles written by Zane Bond, Keeper Security, in reverse chronological order.

Elastic, Author at VentureBeat

This is a complete list of VentureBeat articles written by Elastic, in reverse chronological order.

Пол Грэм: «Почему Y Combinator?» / Хабр

Пол Грэм, Why YC , March 2006, rev August 2009 (За перевод спасибо Find_The_Truth ) Вчера один из основателей, которого мы спонсировали, спросил меня, почему мы организовали Y Combinator. Или, если...

Startup Academy, Москва / Articles / Habr

No articles from Startup Academy company authors

Все «секреты» Windows 7 / Хабр

По многочисленным просьбам — перевод статьи «The Bumper List of Windows 7 Secrets». Здесь пропущено вступление о том как здорово, что Windows 7 вышла в свет, которое все равно все пропустят и будут...