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Confidential Compute on Azure with Kubernetes - The New Stack

Confidential virtual machine node pools for Azure Kubernetes Service are the next step to using the cloud without trusting cloud providers. “What we see today is our customers are looking to trust as little as possible,” a Microsoft exec notes.


Planning User Roles for Your Application - The New Stack

By identifying roles, resources and how they map together, you can implement an efficient system that ensures your users and applications are secure.


4 Ways Quotas Protect Your Organization from Observability Data Explosions - The New Stack

A production-grade, cloud native observability platform such as Chronosphere will handle observability data explosions in a graceful manner.


SLO vs SLA: What's the Difference and How Does SLI Relate? - The New Stack

SLAs and SLOs are critical to clearly outline your service’s ability and levels and to keep your customers happy.


Why We Built Cloud Native Object Storage for PostgreSQL with Amazon S3 - The New Stack

Timescale built what it saw its users would want to build themselves: A bottomless, consumption-based object store based on Amazon S3 for its cloud native PostgreSQL databases. 


Application Storage Is Complex. Can Automation Simplify It? - The New Stack

Container Storage Modules, by Dell Technologies, are designed to ease the storage challenges of containerization.


Improving Price Performance Lowers Infrastructure Costs - The New Stack

Aerospike observed 63% better price performance using an AWS Graviton2 cluster when compared with an equivalent x86 cluster. Check the details here.


ISO Better Scaling, Instacart Drops Postgres for Amazon DynamoDB - The New Stack

Instacart recently switched to Amazon Web Services' DynamoDB from Postges, and the engineering team is now sharing the schema design that reduced the number of billable writes-per-transaction by over half. 


Lighting a Bonfire Under Social Media: Devs and ActivityPub - The New Stack

Developers are flocking to the fediverse — and not just Mastodon. Apps like Bonfire, Hometown & OLKi are forcing a re-think of social media.


How Donating Open Source Code Can Advance Your Career - The New Stack

One contribution changed everything for Ran Isenberg. Now he’s telling others how donating to open source benefits the community and your career.


Cloud Lessons to Help Developers Improve ESG Impact - The New Stack

Developers can use baseline DORA metrics and shift off monolithic apps to take a more environmentally-friendly approach to coding.


Загрузка файла в средней стопке – 1 Ответ

Рекомендуемый способ загрузки файлов в среднем приложении - с помощью Multer проверьте эту... Вопрос по теме: angularjs, mean-stack, mean.


What Is Data Streaming? - The New Stack

Confluent's recent Current conference showed that many people want to see streaming become the default way to process data. They are working hard to get the industry there, but it won’t happen right away.


The Missing Part of GitHub Actions Workflows: Monitoring - The New Stack

To easily and securely understand and troubleshoot GitHub Actions workflow activity, developers should have a handy monitoring tool in place, such as Thundra's Foresight.

Проверка операторов в Java – 2 Ответа

Я мог бы использовать ASCII, но есть ли какой-либо метод (например, isLetter() и т.д.), Который я... Вопрос по теме: java, stack, operator-precedence, postfix-notation.

New Book Identifies 26 Lines of Code that Changed the World - The New Stack

In her new book, Torie Bosch questions our belief in the objective and infallible nature of data and computing.

How to Create an Object Storage Bucket with MinIO Object Storage - The New Stack

With MinIO, you can create object storage buckets from both the Web UI and the command line. This tutorial will show you how.

How to Build Your Own Decentralized Twitter - The New Stack

With interest in decentralized social media at an all-time high, David Eastman explores conversation ownership in this coding tutorial.

10 most powerful network management companies | Network World

Innovative vendors have expanded beyond monitoring networks and are building full-stack, SaaS-based observability platforms.

Promises in JavaScript: A Primer - The New Stack

Promises provide a way to write asynchronous operations in JavaScript, a single-threaded language.