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NAVI проводят благотворительный аукцион, на котором можно выиграть оригинальный кубок BLAST Premier Spring Finals

Украинская киберспортивная организация NAVI ко Дню Независимости Украины проведет благотворительный сбор и все средства переведет в БФ Сергея Притулы.

Elasticity and Strength of Materials - ScienceDirect

The concepts of strength of materials, elasticity, stretch, compression and spring constant are introduced and defined. These concepts are used to cal…

Syrian Government Blocks Bambuser’s Live Video Of Crisis – TechCrunch

Bambuser, a live mobile video streaming startup along the lines of Qik, has become something of an underground hit in the last couple of years because of its ability to stream video over poor mobile connections. That's made it a favourite of emerging markets, in part because it supports over 200 different mobile devices, from cheap Nokias to the latest iPhone. During the Arab Spring last year it was used by protesters to document various uprisings across the region. The platform has lately been used to gre

StearClear, The App That Gets Your Car Home When You’re Too Drunk To Drive, Raises $600K, Plans Expansion – TechCrunch

One of the worst things about getting drunk far from home is having to abandon your car overnight which you then have to painfully retrieve it the following day, hangover and all. Sometimes, the car isn't even where you left it - it's been towed. A startup called StearClear launched earlier this spring to address that problem by offering a designated driver service that uses driver teams who drive you home in your own vehicle, with another StearClear driver following behind. Today, the company is announcin

Update: The Spring Shuts Down Its App For Funding Social Good And Earning Cash Back By Dining Out – TechCrunch

The Spring lets you save the world without doing anything. You connect your credit card to The Spring, pay with it at local restaurants, and automatically trigger donations to needy neighborhood causes while also earning yourself cash back. There are no check-ins or pay-up-front coupons. Just eat at great local restaurants like you normally would and you make a positive impact in your community.

Anonymous Messaging App Blink Arrives On Android – TechCrunch

Blink, a mobile application that allows users to send each other self-destructing messages, has now arrived on Android. The app, which first debuted on iOS last spring, lets you share text, photos, videos, sketches, and even voice messages with your friends, though the company has found that the majority of its users are using Blink […]

Online Real Estate Service Trulia Relaunches Its Mobile Apps – TechCrunch

Just ahead of the spring house hunting season, the online real estate service Trulia today launched a major redesign of its flagship mobile apps for iOS and Android. The new design puts real estate photos at the center of the experience. The design team also moved to a flat look on both platforms and simplified the user experience to make things like saving houses significantly easier. In addition, the new apps make it easier to get information about neighborhoods (school, crime statistics, etc.).

App Annie Now Tells Publishers How Well Facebook’s App Install Ads Work – TechCrunch

App Annie, a company selling pick axes during the app store gold rush, is expanding its mobile app analytics platform today with the introduction of ad analytics for Facebook Ads. The change will improve the company’s Advertising Analytics service, launched earlier this spring, by allowing app publishers to better determine how well their Facebook-based app install ads […]

Google Is Shutting Down Google Helpouts, Its Expert Video Chat Service – TechCrunch

Updated: Google is shutting down its Google Helpouts service on April 20, 2015, the service's website has now been updated to reflect. Earlier this morning, we noticed the mobile applications for Google Helpouts, Google's service that uses Google Hangouts video chat to connect consumers with experts online, had disappeared from both Google Play and iTunes. The apps were a later addition to Helpouts, with the iOS version launching last spring, following the late 2013 arrival of Helpouts itself, and were des

An Early Look At The Apple Watch App Ecosystem – TechCrunch

With the Apple Watch now officially on the market, and soon to be on the wrists of several million customers - possibly as many as 20 million this year, according to some estimates - there's a lot of curiosity about what kind of app ecosystem will spring up around the new device. Will Apple Watch owners actually be interested in actively reading news, shopping or playing tiny games, or will the Watch serve its customers better when it fades into the background, allowing you to pay at checkout, unlock hotel

Spring Launches Free Shipping On Every Order – TechCrunch

Spring, the marketplace shopping app which recently closed $25 million in Series B funding, announced that users will now get free shipping on every order. Spring is a mobile app that provides an Instagram-like shopping experience, where you can follow your favorite retailers then purchase from within the app with just a swipe. Since each item on […]

Rep A Cause With Facebook’s New Temporary Profile Pics – TechCrunch

Your profile picture is the message you send most. There’s no easier, more ubiquitous way to raise awareness for a cause then splashing your pic rainbow for gay rights or green to promote the Arab Spring. Now Facebook is giving people a tool to leverage this tiny billboard. With its new Temporary Profile Picture feature […]

Google Photos Will Now Help You Free Up Space On Your Phone – TechCrunch

Google's popular photo management utility, Google Photos, which was spun out from Google+ this spring and soon grew to 100 million monthly active users who have uploaded some 50 billion photos, is today getting even more useful. At least for Android users! The company says that an updated version of the app will now help users to free up storage space on their mobile devices by offering them the option to bulk delete photos from their phone.

Slack Preps For IPO, Even If It Doesn’t Want Or Need One Soon – TechCrunch

When Slack's IPO window opens, it wants to be able to quickly spring into the public markets. Otherwise it could see sour conditions or botched IPOs by other tech companies shut the window before it rings the opening bell. That's why Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield says it's already getting its ducks in a row so it's poised to IPO when the time comes.

Quora’s first acquisition is Arab Spring instigator’s Q&A site Parlio – TechCrunch

“Ex-con” isn’t normally something you find on a founder’s resume. But Google employee Wael Ghonim went to jail for sparking the Egyptian Revolution. Now he might be wearing some golden handcuffs instead, as his startup Parlio just became Quora‘s first acquisition. Parlio’s goal was to spread knowledge — a similar objective to Quora. But rather than […]

The latest Windows 10 Creators Update preview gets a blue light mode and browser upgrades – TechCrunch

Announced in October, Windows 10 Creators Update is still a ways off — slated to be released this spring – but Microsoft’s already testing new features galore by way of its Windows Insider preview. The latest edition includes a number of usual updates for the forthcoming OS that are shaping up to make a pretty […]

More details emerge of Uber’s tactics for thwarting police raids – TechCrunch

Yet another uncomfortable revelation about Uber's legacy business and attitude to legal oversight: Between spring 2015 until late 2016 the ride-hailing giant routinely used a system designed to thwart police raids in foreign countries, according to Bloomberg, citing three people with knowledge of the system.

Creating Spring Maven Project

A guide on how to create a New Spring Maven project with the use of the pom.xml file and // Spring Dependencies, as shown in the examples provided.

Create First Spring Boot Application

Practical guide on the steps to create a simple spring boot application and how to add more dependencies to create a more functional and web-based applications.

Creating Spring App Using STS

This is on how to download, install, and setup the STS (Spring Tool Suit) IDE in local system. We created a spring application and successfully run as well.