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Apple's iOS 16.1.2 update just dropped with security fixes and crash detection improvements • TechCrunch

Apple also said that the patch fixes a security issue, but did not offer further details on the nature of the problem.


Let’s Encrypt выдал более 3 млрд сертификатов, бесплатно защитив 309 млн сайтов — Хакер

Некоммерческая организация Internet Security Research Group (ISRG), стоящая за Let's Encrypt, раскрыла статистику и сообщила, что в этом году открытый центр сертификации выпустил свой трехмиллиардный сертификат.


AWS Serves Up Tools for Data Heads, Cloud Native Security - The New Stack

At its re:Invent conference, AWS advanced its vision for a zero-ETL future and announced other tools for data workers, including DataZone and Security Lake, and also introduced enhanced security to detect vulnerabilities in containers.


Spyware vendor Variston exploited Chrome, Firefox, and Windows zero-days, says Google • TechCrunch

Google says a Barcelona-based security company developed the exploits, which were used as far back as December 2018.


Toucan Security Floodlight Camera Review | PCMag

The Toucan Security Floodlight Camera is a wired outdoor cam that offers a bright spotlight, sharp 1080p video, and free cloud-based video storage, but it comes up short in terms of extra features.

AWS brings Verified Access security to the Apple enterprise | Computerworld

Amazon is working with MDM providers such as Jamf to enable secure access to applications without the need for a VPN.


Pangea Cyber wants to simplify security for developers with an API approach • TechCrunch

When developers are creating a new application, they may build security features over time or take advantage of commercial offerings or open source libraries to implement certain security functions such as authentication or secrets management. Pangea Cyber wants to change that with an API-driven approach to adding security to an application, making it as easy […]

Acer TravelMate Spin P4 review: A great 2-in-1 for business ruined by a bad display

The TravelMate Spin P4 is a great 2-in-1 with a Ryzen 7 Pro CPU, Pluton security chip, & integrated stylus, but it has a terrible screen.


South Dakota Bans TikTok on State-Issued Devices | PCMag

Gov. Kristi Noem cites a 'growing national security threat' posed by the Chinese-owned app.

OnePlus 11 series and onwards to match the Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup with four major OS upgrades - NotebookCheck.net News

Moving forward, OnePlus will be providing four major OS upgrades and five years of security patches to select smartphones. This is identical to Samsung's software update policy and guarantees that 2023 flagships like the OnePlus 11 and Samsung Galaxy S23 series will be supported for about the same time.

New Financial Assistance Program For Open Source Developers

A brand-new sponsorship scheme for open source developers has been introduced by Contrast Security. The new Open Source Software


DEAL: Cyber Monday might be over, but these deals for Amazon’s Ring cameras aren’t – Phandroid

Are you looking for a home security camera? If you are, then don’t miss out on these deals for Amazon’s Ring cameras that come bundled with smart speakers and smart displays.


Обновите идентификатор безопасности (ACL) в Symfony2 – 1 Ответ

Перейдите по этой ссылке: ... Вопрос по теме: php, security, symfony, acl.


изменение фонового состояния данных в Android – 1 Ответ

Что я хотел спросить, есть ли способ изменить безопасный параметр в Android через код? .i1a... Вопрос по теме: android, security, widget, settings.

OnePlus commits to four major Android updates, five years of security updates for "selected devices"

OnePlus has committed to four platform updates for "selected devices", and five years of security patches.


Eufy caught sending 'local' camera recordings to its cloud unencrypted | iMore

A security researcher has discovered that Eufy's security cameras, which claimed local-only storage, have been sending video to its cloud unencrypted.


On the Security Risks of AutoML | Papers With Code

Implemented in one code library.

How Akamai Helps to Mitigate the OWASP API Security Top 10 Vulnerabilities | TechRepublic

Experts warn that API attacks will soon become the most common type of web application attack. As a result, organizations and their security vendors need

OnePlus 10 Pro update delivers November patch alongside an impressive-looking list of optimizations and fixes

OnePlus is rolling out a fresh update to the OnePlus 10 Pro, bringing the November 2022 security patches and a handful of post-OxygenOS 13 bug fixes.

Eufy's "secure" cameras might not be all that secure

If you have a Eufy security camera, these secure cameras might not be as secure as they seem.


A Journalist’s Journey to the World of Cybersecurity | HackerNoon

Cybersecurity, Cyber security, Journalism, Career, Career Switch, Software Testing, SQA, Testing, Software Quality Assurance


Ring Spotlight Cam Pro (Plug-In) Review | PCMag

The Ring Spotlight Cam Pro is a 1080p outdoor security camera that lights up your property and gives you an aerial view of motion events.


Amazon Security Lake is a standards-based data lake for security data • TechCrunch

AWS today launched the Amazon Security Lake, a purpose-built data lake for security data, now available in preview.


Ring Spotlight Cam Pro (Wired) Review | PCMag

The Ring Spotlight Cam Pro is a 1080p outdoor security camera that lights up your property and gives you an aerial view of motion events.