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AWS brings Verified Access security to the Apple enterprise | Computerworld

Amazon is working with MDM providers such as Jamf to enable secure access to applications without the need for a VPN.

Eufy's "secure" cameras might not be all that secure

If you have a Eufy security camera, these secure cameras might not be as secure as they seem.


Planning User Roles for Your Application - The New Stack

By identifying roles, resources and how they map together, you can implement an efficient system that ensures your users and applications are secure.


Black Friday Deal – Master Machine Learning for Less with DataCamp - KDnuggets

Secure major savings on DataCamp’s Black Friday deal and Cyber Monday deal!


Баг в UEFI Acer позволял отключить Secure Boot — Хакер

Серьезная уязвимость устранена в ряде ноутбуков компании Acer. Проблема позволяла локальным злоумышленникам отключить защитный механизм UEFI Secure Boot на целевых системах.

Say hello to the TechCrunch+ Cyber Monday sale! • TechCrunch

To celebrate Cyber Monday, TechCrunch+ is having a sale! Until December 3, take 25% off a subscription to secure access to all our work. 

AWS releases Wickr, its encrypted messaging service for enterprises | Computerworld

The release of the enterprise version of the encrypted messaging service, announced at AWS re:Invent, is designed to allow secure collaboration across messaging, voice, video and file sharing.

Score Cyber Monday savings on this do-everything wireless charger

This deal is only available through November 30. Act now to secure your OMNIA Q5 5-in-1 Wireless Charging Station.

Telegram Desktop Portable 4.3.3 (secure instant messaging) Released | PortableApps.com

A new version of Telegram Desktop Portable has been released. Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed. It's packaged in PortableApps.com Format so it can easily integrate with the PortableApps.com Platform. And it's open source and completely free. Update automatically or install from the portable app store in the

This Cyber Monday deal will save you 45% off a secure and durable ThinkBook 15

Get your new business partner on sale for Cyber Monday

Google AmbiML Open-Sources 'KataOS,' A Secure Operating System For Embedded Machine Learning Hardware - MarkTechPost

Google AmbiML Open-Sources 'KataOS,' A Secure Operating System For Embedded Machine Learning Hardware

Client-private secure aggregation for privacy preserving federated learning - Amazon Science

Privacy-preserving federated learning (PPFL) is a paradigm of distributed privacy-preserving machine learning training in which a set of clients, each holding siloed training data, jointly compute a shared global model under the orchestration of an aggregation server. The system has the property…

A space-time coding metasurface antenna for efficient and secure communications

Antennas that can couple guided waves emitted from different sources in free space and manipulate these waves are crucial to the development of numerous technologies, including wireless communication, optical communication ...

Amazon shuts Wickr Me encrypted messaging service; enterprise service remains | Computerworld

AWS' free Wickr Me end-to-end encrypted messaging service will close down at the end of 2023, as the company focuses its secure communications on enterprise and government contracts.

9 VOIP security best practices to consider for your business

Is VOIP secure? Can VOIP be hacked? Learn about VOIP security and the best practices for your business to consider with our guide.

15 ways to secure your WordPress site

Protect your WordPress website from harmful cyber attacks. Follow these tips to keep hackers at bay and secure your SEO performance.

Amazon-owned Wickr is shutting down its free encrypted messaging app • TechCrunch

The Amazon-owned secure communications company is calling time on its free end-to-end encrypted messaging app, Wickr Me.

Amazon Buys Secure Messaging Platform Wickr | PCMag

Amazon sees this acquisition aiding it in convincing more enterprises and government agencies to select AWS for future contracts.

Amazon Owned Secure Messaging App Wickr Me to Shut Down | PCMag

It's due to shut down on 31 December 2023 and will stop accepting new user registrations on 31 December 2022.

Top 5 stories of the week: DALL-E uses, Nvidia's digital twins, Microsoft's AI inference, Intel detects deepfakes | VentureBeat

This week, news from Nvidia, Microsoft and Intel led our coverage. Here's the latest on AI, DALL-E, and how to secure the enterprise with zero-trust.

Dell expands data-protection product line | Network World

News includes upgrade of Dell’s APEX data storage services to provide more secure backup storage in a pay-per-use consumption model.

Researchers develop a phase-change key for new hardware security

As more and more data are being shared and stored digitally, the number of data breaches taking place around the world is on the rise. Scientists are exploring new ways to secure and protect data from increasingly sophisticated ...

Zulu banks $5M for its LatAm digital wallet amid shaky ground for crypto • TechCrunch

Zulu enables users to save in secure digital dollars, send free cross-border payments and protect against traditional currency devaluations.

Dept. of the Air Force’s Frank Calvelli talks startups and the military at TC Sessions: Space • TechCrunch

Join Dept. of the Air Force’s Frank Calvelli at TC Sessions: Space to learn how startups might secure space.

Maybe FTX was the real poster child for 2021's startup excess • TechCrunch

FTX's bankruptcy filing speaks volumes about how quickly investors dropped their own advice to secure a seat on a rocket they were hoping would only go up.