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Deep learning is an advanced form of machine learning that uses neural networks to “learn” from large amounts data. These artificial brains are designed in the shape and function similar as our own human brain

Meta Showcases New AI System That Can Use Strategic Reasoning to Solve Problems - World Tech News

I don’t know, a few of these newest AI developments are beginning to freak me out somewhat bit. In amongst the varied visible AI generator instruments, which might create fully new artworks based mostly on easy textual content prompts, and advancing textual content AI turbines, that may write credible (generally) articles based mostly on a […]

AI-powered makeup mirrors are driving consumers back to stores to avoid sense of 'fakeness,' new study finds

A new study has found that digital makeup mirrors enhance a sense of "fakeness" and embarrassment and create a desire for the "real" in-store experience among consumers.

Qualcomm unveils Oryon Arm-based custom CPU cores coming to mobile PCs in 2023 - NotebookCheck.net News

The Oryon CPU core will be compatible with the Snapdragon platform, so it should be powering Qualcomm's upcoming Windows on Arm devices, but the technology can also be scaled for smartphones, AI-assisted driving, VR/AR and networking devices.

Недорога прально-сушильна машина Xiaomi впала в ціні одразу ж після анонса - ТехноФан

Нещодавно була представлена ​​прально-сушильна машина Xiaomi Mijia Drying and Washing All-in-One Machine 12kg, яка подешевшала в Китаї невдовзі після анонсу. Згідно з інформацією, вказаною на офіційному сайті Xiaomi, ціна знижена з 335 до 320 доларів.

Researchers: AI in connected cars eased rush hour congestion

As millions of people travel the interstates this Thanksgiving, many will encounter patches of traffic at a standstill for no apparent reason—no construction or accident. Researchers say the problem is you.

An optical chip that can train machine learning hardware

A multi-institution research team has developed an optical chip that can train machine learning hardware. Their research is published today in Optica.

This Artificial Intelligence (AI) Paper Proposes a Novel Differentiable Angle Coder Named Phase Shifting Coder (PSC) to Accurately Predict the Orientation of Objects - MarkTechPost

This Artificial Intelligence (AI) Paper Proposes a Novel Differentiable Angle Coder Named Phase Shifting Coder (PSC) to Accurately Predict the Orientation of Objects

Sequoia India's Surge backs healthtech startup RedBrick AI in $4.6M funding • TechCrunch

Healthtech startup RedBrick AI has raised $4.6 million in a funding round led by Sequoia India and Southeast Asia's Surge.

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How to get started with software development, the easy way.

Researchers develop a meta-reinforcement learning algorithm for traffic signal control

Traffic signal control affects the daily life of people living in urban areas. The existing system relies on a theory- or rule-based controller in charge of altering the traffic lights based on traffic conditions. The objective ...

Why AI needs a steady diet of synthetic data | VentureBeat

Experts say AI itself is starving — and needs to change its diet. One company says synthetic data is the answer. 

Client-private secure aggregation for privacy preserving federated learning - Amazon Science

Privacy-preserving federated learning (PPFL) is a paradigm of distributed privacy-preserving machine learning training in which a set of clients, each holding siloed training data, jointly compute a shared global model under the orchestration of an aggregation server. The system has the property…

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In the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning is a branch that uses data and algorithms to imitate human learning. It's an ongoing process in which computers can improve their accuracy over time through practice with large amounts or "data sets."

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