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Keep talking: Disgraced crypto king's high-risk strategy

Omnipresent on talk shows and conference panels, disgraced cryptocurrency tycoon Sam Bankman-Fried is defying the advice of the legal profession and staying in the public eye despite facing the real threat of prosecution ...

How to Create a Creative Projects Board in Monday Work Management

Follow these steps to learn how to use monday work management for creative projects and not just software development projects.

What is the monday work management My Work feature?

This lesser-known feature on monday work management makes it easy for team members to view all of their assigned tasks in one location.


New Survey Indicates Use of Alternative Data in Investment Community Shows No Signs of Slowing - insideBIGDATA

Lowenstein Sandler announced the release of Alternative Data: The New Oil for the Digital Economy? The 2022 Lowenstein Sandler Alternative Data Report. The survey, which is the third annual survey on this market development from the firm’s Investment Management Group, finds demand increasing for alternative data—not only driven by hedge funds, but also by private equity firms and venture capital investors. Alternative data is generally defined as information not contained in company filings, press rele

How to add new status labels on a monday work management timeline

Status labels are a key component of a project management board. Learn how to create custom status labels for in monday work management.


Akros Technologies, an AI-powered asset management platform, raises funding from Z Holdings • TechCrunch

Akros Technologies, an AI-powered asset management platform, raises funding from Z Venture Capital, the CVC of Z Holdings.

How to add Google Calendar Support in Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects makes it possible to integrate Google Calendar for more useful project management. Find out how to make this work for you.


Anna Lazutkina | HackerNoon

Surfing on the waves of Product Management for 11 years

Rezilion Announces Updates To Open Source Vulnerability Risk

Updates to MI-X, a highly regarded open source tool created by Rezilion's vulnerability research team, were announced by the company

CloverDX review: The ultimate data management platform

Read this review of the data management platform and determine whether or not CloverDX is right for your company.

Tea Raises $8.5 Million To Create A Protocol That Helps Paying

Tea, an open source unified package management for software developers, today revealed it has added additional $8.9 million


Business and management - Root Nation

Business and management - Root Nation


Вывести список файлов и каталогов с помощью Jtree и File в Java – 2 Ответа

Я написал простейший пример файлового браузера, о котором я мог думать. В нем перечислены все... Вопрос по теме: java, file-management, jtree.

Atlassian targets ITSM with new additions to Jira Service Management | Computerworld

Atlassian seeks to double down on its vision for IT service management with features to help devops, IT, support and business teams work together in a more seamless way.



A top tier freelance management and discovery system, that will ease of your pains in hiring, managing and paying multiple top tier and vetted freelancers.

10 Best Practices for WordPress Plugin Development | HackerNoon

We cannot deny the splendid features and functionalities that the WordPress Content Management System has in its pocket. It powers approximately 34% of all websites on the Internet. 

Apple Cancels System to Detect Child Sexual Abuse Material on iPhones | PCMag

The controversial system would have flagged child sexual abuse material uploaded to iCloud from iPhones. Critics said it posed a major privacy risk that could ensnare innocent users.

How to submit and manage issues in Zoho Projects | TechRepublic

Zoho Projects makes for an outstanding issue-tracking tool. Learn how to submit and manage your issues with this project management platform.

Apple accelerates plans to move more manufacturing out of China | Computerworld

In light of recent geopolitical unrest and COVID-19 lockdowns by the Chinese government, Apple appears to be ramping up plans to move more iPhone and MacBook production out of China to reduce risk. India, Taiwan and Vietnam are all likely alternatives.

Cyberattack on top Indian hospital highlights security risk

The leading hospital in India's capital limped back to normalcy on Wednesday after a cyberattack crippled its operations for nearly two weeks.

Хедж-фонд потребует от Grayscale возобновить выкуп GBTC

Fir Tree Capital Management подал иск против Grayscale Investments с требованием провести расследование касательно наличия злоупотреблений при управлении GBTC.

BrickTrade | HackerNoon

Bricktrade is here for savers looking for low risk investment and high returns, secured by property.

Threat Hunting: 7 Ways to Reduce Risk

Threat hunting is vital for improving cybersecurity and preventing attacks. Learn these 8 useful threat hunts to reduce risks:

Cloud giveth and cloud taketh away: Rackspace edition | Network World

Rackspace’s $4.3 billion acquisition by private equity firm Apollo Global Management is another example of cloud computing creating winners and losers.

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