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RSV: Symptoms, treatments & vaccines - World Tech News

Respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, is a quite common respiratory virus, significantly amongst kids. Certainly, “by age 2, 90% of individuals have had at the very least one an infection” with RSV, mentioned Dr. Octavio Ramilo (opens in new tab), chief of infectious ailments at Nationwide Kids’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, who research RSV. However […]

Против Бэнкмана-Фрида и «Голден Стейт Уорриорз» подали иск

Житель Канады подал иск против экс-CEO FTX, бывшей главы Alameda Research и клуба НБА «Голден Стейт Уорриорз» с обвинениями в недостоверной рекламе.

An optical chip that can train machine learning hardware

A multi-institution research team has developed an optical chip that can train machine learning hardware. Their research is published today in Optica.

Researchers develop a meta-reinforcement learning algorithm for traffic signal control

Traffic signal control affects the daily life of people living in urban areas. The existing system relies on a theory- or rule-based controller in charge of altering the traffic lights based on traffic conditions. The objective ...

The Flywheel Effect of Kubernetes APIs - The New Stack

A look at new areas where Kubernetes-like declarative APIs and complementary developer tools like Dapr are gaining popularity and becoming mainstream.

TechCrunch+ roundup: Attention metrics, growth through retention, cold-calling advice • TechCrunch

Sending cold emails to investors isn't a terrible idea — as long as you've done your research first.

Researchers explore wind farm co-design with communities

In past projects, Professor Lucy Pao and her research group have focused on designing the best control systems for wind turbines—systems aimed at maximizing power production or reducing structural loads.

Поставки GPU обвалились сразу на 25 % в III квартале — это сильнейшее падение с 2009 года

Согласно свежему анализу рынка графических процессоров, подготовленному аналитическим агентством Jon Peddie Research, мировые поставки GPU всех типов упали за первые 9 месяцев 2022 года по сравнению с тем же периодом в прошлом году на 25,1 %, а поставки центральных процессоров оказались на 19 %

Kaiko: после краха FTX ликвидность крипторынка сократилась

Kaiko: возможность совершать крупные торговые операции с цифровыми активами без заметного влияния на их цены заметно сократилась после коллапса FTX.

Как коллапс FTX и Alameda повлияет на криптоиндустрию

ForkLog разобрался в причинах коллапса одной из крупнейших криптовалютных бирж и оценил потенциальные последствия происходящего для индустрии.

Edge AI: the Innards, Use Cases, Benefits, and Barriers | HackerNoon

Recent research suggests that the number of Internet of Things devices used globally will exceed 38 billion by 2025.

MIT, BCG research digs into the value of enterprise artificial intelligence: What employees get out of AI | VentureBeat

New research from BCG Henderson Institute and MIT Sloan Management Review found that 85% of employees say they directly benefit from AI in the workplace.

Kubernetes Security Software's Benefits And Drawbacks

According to research by ARMO, the majority of businesses use open source Kubernetes security software, making open source products

Consensus: A search engine that uses AI to find answers in | BetaList

A search engine that uses AI to find answers in scientific research

Поставки планшетов выросли на 20 % в прошлом квартале благодаря Apple, но в текущем ожидается спад

В 3 квартале 2022 года мировые поставки планшетов достигли 38,4 млн экземпляров, примерно на 20 % больше, чем кварталом ранее и несколько больше, чем ожидали эксперты Digitimes Research.

Latest Artificial Intelligence Research Presents Generative Adversarial Neural Networks Capable of Generating DeepFake Knee Osteoarthritis X-rays with Varying Osteoarthritis Severity - MarkTechPost

Latest Artificial Intelligence Research Presents Generative Adversarial Neural Networks Capable of Generating DeepFake Knee Osteoarthritis X-rays with Varying Osteoarthritis Severity

Lorenzo Brigato, Author at MarkTechPost

Lorenzo Brigato is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the ARTORG center, a research institution affiliated with the University of Bern, and is currently involved in the application of AI to health and nutrition. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. His Ph.D. thesis focused on image classification problems with sample- and label-deficient data distributions.

Preparing for quantum cryptography, U.S Air Force partners up with SandboxAQ  | VentureBeat

SandboxAQ announces that the U.S Airforce has signed a research contract to conduct quantum cryptography inventory analysis and more.

Microsoft and Nvidia extend partnership to build AI supercomputer in the cloud | VentureBeat

An artificial intelligence (AI) supercomputer in the cloud from Microsoft and Nvidia will boost generative AI research.

Infographic: Unleashing Innovation and Business Value with AIOps - insideBIGDATA

What is AIOps? How big is it? How fast is it growing? Courtesy of Vertica, a new infographic based on the latest research from analyst group IDC has the answers to these basic questions, and more. This infographic maps a path to effective AIOps that any team seeking better customer satisfaction and IT security can follow. Learn how a new AIOps implementation – or an upgrade to your existing platform – can benefit your organization.

Research Papers for NLP Beginners - KDnuggets

Read research papers on neural models, word embedding, language modeling, and attention & transformers.

Инвестор рассказал о «катастрофической» склонности к риску Сэма Бэнкмана-Фрида | ForkLog

Серьезные опасения касательно методов деятельности основателя потерпевшей крах биржи FTX Сэма Бэнкмана-Фрида появились еще до основания платформы. Об этом CNBC рассказал управляющий партнер Hack VC Александр Пак.

В Nansen нашли первопричину краха FTX и Alameda Research

Nansen: порядка 86% utility-токенов FTX (FTT) изначально контролировались самой биткоин-биржей и также связанной с Сэмом Бэнкманом-Фридом Alameda Research.

India's first private rocket, built by startup Skyroot, makes successful launch • TechCrunch

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on Friday successfully launched Vikram-S — the country's first private rocket.

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