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Google's Gemini AI launch marred by questions over capabilities | VentureBeat

Are you ready to bring more awareness to your brand? Consider becoming a sponsor for The AI Impact Tour. Learn more about the opportunities here. Google unveiled its much-anticipated artificial intelligence system Gemini on Wednesday, touting benchmarks suggesting it could compete with OpenAI’s industry-leading GPT-4 model in reasoning abilities. But the launch has quickly been […]

ChatGPT rival Pi launches on Android | VentureBeat

Available in 35 countries, including the U.S., to begin with, the Pi Android app strives to deliver an experience similar to the one users have had on the iOS-specific version of the chatbot.

Bounce: Reliable high-dimensional bayesian optimization for combinatorial and mixed spaces - Amazon Science

Impactful applications such as materials discovery, hardware design, neural architecture search, or portfolio optimization require optimizing high-dimensional black-box functions with mixed and combinatorial input spaces. While Bayesian optimization has recently made significant progress in solving…

Exclusive: Databricks launches new tools for building high-quality RAG apps | VentureBeat

Available starting today, Databricks' new tools address key challenges in developing production-grade LLM apps, right from serving real-time business data to combining that data with the right model and subsequent monitoring.

Active learning for iterative offline reinforcement learning - Amazon Science

Offline Reinforcement Learning (RL) has emerged as a promising approach to address real-world challenges where online interactions with the environment are limited, risky, or costly. Although, recent advancements produce high quality policies from offline data, currently, there is no systematic…

How generative AI  will enhance cybersecurity in a zero-trust world | VentureBeat

Despite the potential for productivity gains across marketing, operations and especially security, the concerns of generative AI compromising intellectual property and data confidentiality are high for security executives.

New Report: The Definitive Guide to Large Language Models and High-Performance Marketing Content - insideBIGDATA

Phrasee, a leading innovator in brand language optimization, just released a new white paper "The Definitive Guide to Large Language Models and High-Performance Marketing Content," on how enterprise marketers can build an in-house LLM solution and use it at its full potential.

OpenAI in turmoil: Altman's leadership, trust issues and new opportunities for Google and Anthropic — 4 key takeaways  | VentureBeat

In a video podcast, VentureBeat's editors explore OpenAI's upheaval, Altman's leadership crisis, and the opportunities it presents for Google and Anthropic.

OpenAI опублікувала 4 поради вчителям, як використовувати ChatGPT у школі | dev.ua

Цьогорічний навчальний рік стане першим, після початку буму генеративних чатботів зі штучним інтелектом, таких як ChatGPT. Це може стати певним викликом для освітян, але в компанії OpenAI вважають, що вчителі також можуть використовувати їхню розробку собі на користь.

How to Achieve High Availability by Load Balancing Docker Containers

In Docker, the “Nginx load balancer” Docker containers are used to achieve high availability and scalability to avoid the overload of a single resource.

Diablo 4 стала самой просматриваемой игрой на Twitch в июне - Shazoo

Аналитическая компания StreamElements опубликовала отчет по просмотрам на платформе Twitch за июнь 2023 года. Стало известно, что самой просматриваемой игрой сервиса в прошлом месяце стала Diablo IV. Общее число просмотров...

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Review - Ultimate Incarnation

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 feels like the perfect, albeit safe, evolution of the formula first introduced with the 2018 game on PlayStation 4.

Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways: Chapter 4 – How to Get the Gold Bottle and Blue Butterfly

Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways Chapter 4 requires you to get several items -- here's how to grab the Gold Bottle and Blue Butterfly.

Forza Motorsport - High Performance (Review in Progress)

This is my review-in-progress of Forza Motorsport, because it decided to make my original graphics card cry.

Подземелье в Diablo 4 настолько забито монстрами, что можно получить 40 уровней менее чем за 2 часа - Shazoo

Игроки Diablo 4 обнаружили подземелье, где врагов так много, что вы можете поднять уровень с 1 до 40 примерно за 2 часа. После обновления 1.1.1 количество монстров в Кошмарных Подземельях...

Мир Dragon's Dogma 2 примерно в 4 раза больше, чем в первой игре - Shazoo

Сегодня на шоу Capcom мы получили совсем немного новой информации о Dragon's Dogma 2. Геймдиректор Хидеаки Ицуно рассказал, что экшен-RPG будет иметь очень большой мир. Dragon's Dogma 2 создана на...

4 октября Blizzard проведет эфир, посвященный второму сезону Diablo 4 и улучшениям игры - Shazoo

Blizzard вспомнила про существование Diablo IV и анонсировала проведение прямой трансляции с разработчиками, которая состоится 4 октября в 21-00 по московскому времени. На ней создатели игры поделятся информацией о втором...

Sukesh, Author at Data Science Learner - Page 4 of 48

Meet Sukesh ( Chief Editor ), a passionate and skilled Python programmer with a deep fascination for data science, NumPy, and Pandas. His journey in the world of coding began as a curious explorer …

Data Science Learner, Author at Data Science Learner - Page 4 of 12

Within the bustling realm of data science, our editorial team stands as a collective force of learning and exploration. Meet the dynamic minds behind the scenes—Sukesh, Abhishek, and other Authors.…

7 High Paying Side Hustles for Data Scientists - KDnuggets

This article serves as a guide for the data professional who wants to earn more in these trying times.

Generative AI: The First Draft, Not Final - KDnuggets

This article gives a high-level overview of how LLMs work and their attendant limitations with accessible explanations and anecdotes throughout the piece. We also present advice on how people can introduce them into their workflows.

Elevate Your Search Engine Skills with Uplimit’s Search with ML Course! - KDnuggets

Elevate Your Search Engine Skills! Join Uplimit's SearchML Course now for a 4-week deep dive into machine learning and search. Boost rankings, enhance retrieval, and build with OpenSearch. Enroll today and level up with expert guidance!

Meta Is Apparently Developing a Secret, Powerful New AI

According to a new report, Meta-formerly-Facebook is secretly developing a powerful new AI model designed to compete with OpenAI's GPT-4.

OpenAI May Be in Big Legal Trouble

Legal experts say a copyright lawsuit filed by high-profile authors against OpenAI may have a decent chance at winning.

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