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NVIDIA Shows Ada Lovelace's Opacity Micro Maps Feature and How It Can Boost Ray Tracing Performance

At GTC 2023, NVIDIA engineers showcased the potential of the Opacity Micro Maps feature available in Ada Lovelace's GeForce RTX 40 GPUs.


dbt Labs Report - Opportunities and Challenges for Analytics Engineers - insideBIGDATA

The practice of analytics engineering (made popular by dbt Labs) took the data world by storm last year as the novel approach changed how data professionals work. Today, dbt Labs officially launched the inaugural State of Analytics Engineering report. The report assessed the analytics engineering practice and gathered insights from those actively involved in the day-to-day of data. 


Intel co-founder, philanthropist Gordon Moore dies at 94

Gordon Moore, the Intel Corp. co-founder who set the breakneck pace of progress in the digital age with a simple 1965 prediction of how quickly engineers would boost the capacity of computer chips, has died. He was 94.

Mercedes EQG: Electric G-Class prototype runs into trouble during test drive on legendary German race track - NotebookCheck.net News

Due to a pretty unhealthy noise, the all-electric Mercedes G-Class had to discontinue its test drive and was consequently examined by Mercedes engineers after a considerate Land Rover driver was not able to help the stranded EQG prototype

AOC AGON AG325QZN/EU: New gaming monitor introduced with 31.5-inch, 1440p and 240 Hz display - NotebookCheck.net News

The AOC AGON AG325QZN/EU is a high refresh rate gaming monitor with a 31.5-inch and 1440p VA panel. The AGON AG325QZN/EU is also VESA DisplayHDR 400 certified, has four video outputs and a USB hub, among other features.

New in-home AI tool monitors the health of elderly residents

Engineers are harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) and wireless technology to unobtrusively monitor elderly people in their living spaces and provide early detection of emerging health problems.

KDnuggets Top Posts for January 2023: SQL and Python Interview Questions for Data Analysts - KDnuggets

SQL and Python Interview Questions for Data Analysts • 5 SQL Visualization Tools for Data Engineers • 5 Free Tools For Detecting ChatGPT, GPT3, and GPT2 • Top Free Resources To Learn ChatGPT • Free TensorFlow 2.0 Complete Course • Learn Data Engineering From These GitHub Repositories • 20 Questions…

Connected vehicles the latest tool to give engineers real-time insight into highway traffic congestion issues

Purdue University researchers have developed techniques to harness big data from connected vehicles to monitor congestion caused by crashes, weather and construction. As part of their work, they analyzed over 503 billion ...

New water treatment zaps 'forever chemicals' for good

Engineers at the University of British Columbia have developed a new water treatment that removes "forever chemicals" from drinking water safely, efficiently—and for good.

Developing self-sensing metamaterial concrete for smart infrastructure systems

Concrete is the most used material in the construction industry and dates to the Roman Empire. Engineers at the University of Pittsburgh are now reimagining its design for the 21st century.

Mechanical engineers explore kitchen uses for 3D printing

Cooking devices that incorporate three-dimensional (3D) printers, lasers, or other software-driven processes may soon replace conventional cooking appliances such as ovens, stovetops, and microwaves. But will people want ...

Nvidia unveils Isaac Sim on Omniverse Cloud for better robot design | VentureBeat

Nvidia has unveiled its Isaac Sim platform for its Omniverse Cloud, enabling engineers to work together remotely to simulate robots

Build Software Supply Chain Trust with a DevSecOps Platform - The New Stack

Platform engineers can build horizontal tools to help developers and security analysts improve security in the software supply chain.

Mapping drone startup Wingtra is charting a new future after landing $22M | TechCrunch

Wingtra’s drones are used to perform surveying missions by organizations around the world, including NASA and the Army Corps of Engineers. Now the startup is mapping out a new expansion strategy after landing $22 million in Series B funding, which it will use to improve its current tech and add new features. “Our product roadmap is high confidential, but let’s say our high-level vision looking a decade or so forth is to take people out of the loop and have a completely automated data collection, proc

Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist — мой опыт сдачи экзамена / Хабр

TL;DR отнеситесь серьезно к качеству интернет-соединения. Из РФ ВПН не нужен популярные курсы не охватывают экзамен полностью (есть смысл поискать старые дампы на github) назначайте первую попытку...

OPPO Enco Free3: New TWS earbuds with Bamboo Fiber Diaphragm-enhanced sound hyped ahead of launch - NotebookCheck.net News

OPPO has revealed that the Enco Free3 buds will introduce novel Bamboo Fiber Diaphragm technology to their TWS category ahead of their launch. The OEM has also hinted at advanced noise-cancelling and audio-decoding features for the upcoming accessories. The Free3s will also support Bluetooth 5.3 and certified Hi-Res Wireless HD sound.

A robot that makes and launches paper planes to test designs

A group of engineers at CREATE Lab (Computational Robot Design & Fabrication Lab), EPFL, in Lausanne Switzerland, has designed and built a robot arm that is capable of designing paper airplanes, building them and then launching ...

Distro Walk – EuroLinux » Linux Magazine

EuroLinux offers enterprise class software with support from real engineers for a fair price. Bruce talks to the developers behind this RHEL-based...

Software Engineers Are the Heroes the Planet Needs to Halt Climate Change | HackerNoon

Engineers all over the world are beginning to mobilize under a unified mission of moving the needle towards an emissions-free planet.

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lyndahoffman | HackerNoon

Experienced Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

Want a Career in Fiber Optics? Here’s Where to Start! | HackerNoon

Fiber optics play a big part in the infrastructure that runs a lot of the world’s connectivity. We all need the internet, and fiber optics is one of the fastest modes of transport for information and telecommunications. Therefore, fiber optic technicians and engineers are in high demand right now and careers in all kinds of industries are just waiting for you.

3D-printed revolving devices can sense how they are moving

Integrating sensors into rotational mechanisms could make it possible for engineers to build smart hinges that know when a door has been opened, or gears inside a motor that tell a mechanic how fast they are rotating. MIT ...

Technical recruitment platform Karat snaps up Triplebyte to add AI-based quizzes for engineers | TechCrunch

Consolidation is afoot in technical recruitment, where engineers remain in demand across industries despite the tech downturn.

Architects and engineers find a transformative solution in Nvidia Omniverse | VentureBeat

NVIDIA's Omiverse platform, incorporating USD, is opening up a far more streamlined, powerful way for teams to work and collaborate.

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