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How to Create an End-to-end Machine Learning Workflow | HackerNoon

How to develop ML models efficiently? Stick to a well-structured workflow and your project will breeze through the stages.

How to embed Taskade on your website | TechRepublic

Jack Wallen shares steps on how to embed a Taskade project into a website or blog to simplify your workflow.

Schneider Electric, SAP tighten bonds to ease IIoT system integration | Network World

Two major companies, one specializing in high-tech industrial systems and the other in enterprise management software, are deepening their partnership, with the idea of making industrial IoT application deployment easier, and improving sustainability.

Cisco updates SD-WAN to simplify provisioning, management | Network World

Latest Cisco SD-WAN release will include new features to automate connectivity and expand support for regions, enabling greater redundancy and failover-centric network designs.


First Lordstown Endurance EV Pickup Trucks Leave Factory Floor for Delivery | PCMag

The brand almost didn't make it last year, after the CEO and CFO abruptly resigned, but Taiwan-based Foxconn stepped in to fund Lordstown and see the project through.

Cisco SD-WAN update aimed at simplifying provisioning, management | Network World

Latest Cisco SD-WAN release will include new features to automate connectivity and expand support for regions to deliver greater redundancy and failover.

How Western Digital expanded HDD tech to meet TCO demands

Ravi Pendekanti, SVP of Product Management & Marketing at Western Digital, shares how they expanded HDD technology to lower ownership costs.

Cisco to gauge user experience with its cloud-management service | Network World

AWS re:Invent: Cisco announces the addition of business transaction insights to its AppDynamics Cloud management platform .


NASA Hires Company to 3D Print American Base on the Moon

3D printing firm ICON just landed a $57.2 million contract from NASA for Project Olympus, the company's mission to create 3D-printed Moon shelters.

MIUI 14: Xiaomi boasts OS update is ‘light as a swallow’ thanks to Project Razor cutbacks - NotebookCheck.net News

Xiaomi continues to tease MIUI 14 on social media, having recently confirmed the OS update’s inclusion in the forthcoming Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro. Arriving on December 1, Xiaomi claims it enacted ‘Project Razor’ last year to improve MIUI in three major areas.


AWS launches DataZone, a new ML-based data management service • TechCrunch

AWS today launched DataZone, a new ML-based tool that makes it easier for enterprises to build out data catalogs and govern this data.


Xiaomi поділилася цікавими деталями про нову MIUI 14 - ТехноФан

Xiaomi розкрила цікаві подробиці про MIUI 14, анонс якої очікується одночасно з флагманами серії Xiaomi 13. Наприклад, друга назва нової оболонки – Project Blade, яку розробники дали їй невипадково.

Microsoft Global Hackathon winners will make it easier to give tech support to your family | Windows Central

A group of developers and engineers worked on a project to ease the process of providing tech support for loved ones. The concept won Microsoft's recent Hackathon and will be presented to the company'


ben.kyle.arceneaux@gmail.com - GameDev.net

<p>I studied computer science with a concentration in game design and development in college and interactive media has always been a huge interest of mine. Unfortunately, during my senior year of college I was head hunted by a large military contractor who offered me a position writing code for a very interesting project that I legally can't even really talk about so I took the job.</p><p>This led my career in a certain direction, notable away from the interactive media and game fields and more into govern


ICON получила от NASA $57 млн, чтобы научиться строить на Луне из местных материалов

Американское аэрокосмическое агентство NASA выделило техасской компании ICON сумму в $57,2 млн на реализацию программы Project Olympus, в рамках которой предполагается разработка технологии строительства зданий и сооружений на Луне и Марсе с использованием местных материалов.


How to Easily Install Magento on Your Server | HackerNoon

Do you want to launch your online store project using the Magento CMS? Discover our complete tutorial on installing and configuring Magento on a server.