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НБУ работает над запуском открытого банкинга

Национальный банк Украины работает над открытым банкингом. Речь идет о структурированном и безопасном обмене данными между поставщиками платежных услуг через открытые API (application programming interface).

Nine Tools I Wish I Mastered Before My PhD in Machine Learning - KDnuggets

Whether you are building a start up or making scientific breakthroughs these tools will bring your ML pipeline to the next level.

Cold Snap! » Linux Magazine

Snap4Arduino brings the power of low-code programming to the Arduino hardware environment.

Art Question, for Artists - 2D and 3D Art - GameDev.net

What is your guys prefered program of choice for 2D Art? Is Illustrator, Photoshop, Gimp, Inkscape etc. I am about to start learning 2D art converting over from my programming background and becoming a "jack of all trades". Do most people when making an animation cycle just put the previous frame in