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Email Protection PHP Script | Discover products. Stay weird. - AppSumo

Email Protection PHP Script protects the email addresses (displayed on a website) from detection and grabbing by web-crawlers. It allows to display email addresses according to custom preferences: control font, font size and font color. When using the Script there will be no email addresses in the s


Email Protection WordPress Plugin | Discover products. Stay weird. - AppSumo

Email Protection WordPress Plugin protects the email addresses (displayed on a website) from detection and grabbing by web-crawlers. It allows to display email addresses according to custom preferences: control font, font size and font color. When using the Plugin there will be no email addresses in

How Slack Does Notifications and Does It Well | HackerNoon

Slack is one app that Product Managers can learn a lot from because of its many integrations and malleable notification preferences.

Facebook's Popularity Plummets As YouTube Takes Top Spot With Teens

Fewer US teens are using Facebook, according to a new study that finds preferences are shifting toward YouTube and TikTok.

Windscribe | Discover products. Stay weird. - AppSumo

Every day, your online information is collected and used to build detailed profiles of your habits, preferences and desires, which are then bought and sold to the highest bidders. These profiles are then used to show you targeted ads and information, track your online movements, and restrict your ac

Local Recommendations App Alfred Hits iPad, Plans To Add Deal Curation Soon – TechCrunch

Local recommendations mobile app Alfred has arrived in a new, iPad-optimized format (iTunes) which includes deeper integration with Facebook. The optional Facebook Connect sign-in feature enables Alfred to better learn about its users' preferences by mining Facebook data for likes and check-ins. Alfred, which comes from a startup called Clever Sense, is focused heavily on its use of algorithms to surface recommendations as a differentiating factor between it and other, similar applications.

Rate Beautiful Images For Bursts Of Inspiration with DailyModi – TechCrunch

We crave inspiration. When energy is low or there's a pause in our day, we turn to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for stimulation. But there, exhilaration is buried within exhausting, endless streams of content. DailyModi is a brand new free iPhone app committed to structuring inspiration into bursts of discovery. With addictive finger swipes, you rate your way through 3 daily slideshows of paintings, shoes, typography, and more. Compare preferences with friends, and buy or learn about what you like. Leav

App Annie Now Tracks App User Demographics, Sentiment And More – TechCrunch

App Annie is again expanding its core line up of mobile app analytics services with today’s launch of a new Audience Intelligence product that helps app developers better understand their user’s demographics, preferences and, starting next year, sentiments – as indicated by user reviews. The company already offers a Store Intelligence service that tracks trends across […]

PayPal And Dunnhumby Put $1.2m Into Pulsate, A Location Marketing Startup – TechCrunch

Pulsate, a startup with a platform to deliver content for brands based on a user’s location and preferences, has raised $1.2 million in funding from PayPal and Dunnhumby (the customer science company). The money will be used to expand the platform and service customers. Menlo Park-based Pulsate is a so-called “end-to-end context marketing” platform. Brands […]

Facebook Empowers Us To Tell News Feed What We Want To See First – TechCrunch

“We know the algorithm isn’t perfect” News Feed Product Manager Greg Marra tells me. So to make sure Facebook stays entertaining and addictive, it’s giving users more direct control over what they see by revamping News Feed Preferences. Facebook is rolling out to the U.S. a way to choose friends and Pages they want to […]

New research puts your online privacy preferences to the test

When it comes to privacy, you've probably heard some say they "don't care about privacy if there's nothing to hide." Typically, someone who says this is not taking into account that you may have strong beliefs on the very ...

Rationalizing investors’ choices - ScienceDirect

Assuming that agents’ preferences satisfy first-order stochastic dominance, we show how the Expected Utility paradigm can rationalize all optimal inve…

Adjustable robustness for multi-attribute project portfolio selection - ScienceDirect

Robust Portfolio Modeling (RPM) supports multi-attribute project portfolio selection with uncertain project scores and decision maker preferences. By …

Matching with indifferences: A comparison of algorithms in the context of course allocation - ScienceDirect

We evaluate six one- and eight two-sided matching mechanisms with preferences based on a collection of 28 field data sets. Although important properti…

Popular ranking - ScienceDirect

In this paper we take a new approach to the very old problem of aggregating preferences of multiple agents. We define the notion of popular ranking: a…

Integrating public transportation in personalised electronic tourist guides - ScienceDirect

Personalised electronic tourist guides (PETs) are mobile hand-held devices able to create tourist routes matching tourists' preferences. Transportatio…

Efficient meta-heuristics for the Multi-Objective Time-Dependent Orienteering Problem - ScienceDirect

In this paper, the Multi-Objective Time-Dependent Orienteering Problem (MOTDOP) is investigated. Time-dependent travel time and multiple preferences a…

Multiobjective shortest path problems with lexicographic goal-based preferences - ScienceDirect

Multiobjective shortest path problems are computationally harder than single objective ones. In particular, execution time is an important limiting fa…

Reference-based preferences aggregation procedures in multi-criteria decision making - ScienceDirect

This paper aims at introducing and investigating a new family of merely qualitative models for multicriteria decision making. Such models do not requi…

The computational complexity of random serial dictatorship - ScienceDirect

In social choice settings with linear preferences, random dictatorship is known to be the only social decision scheme satisfying strategyproofness and…

A New Solution to the Random Assignment Problem - ScienceDirect

A random assignment is ordinally efficient if it is not stochastically dominated with respect to individual preferences over sure objects. Ordinal eff…

Popular mixed matchings - ScienceDirect

We study the problem of matching applicants to jobs under one-sided preferences; that is, each applicant ranks a non-empty subset of jobs under an ord…

Fairness and efficiency in strategy-proof object allocation mechanisms - ScienceDirect

I consider the problem of allocating N indivisible objects among N agents according to their preferences when transfers are absent and an outside opti…

Integrating preferences within multiobjective flexible job shop scheduling - ScienceDirect

When faced with a multiobjective optimization problem, it is necessary to consider the decision-maker preferences in order to propose the best comprom…

Good, bad, fair: New algorithms could help fairly distribute goods or chores

When organizations need to divvy up indivisible items among multiple parties with different needs and preferences—such as providing limited COVID-19 vaccines to medical facilities or distributing food bank donations to ...