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Компания Brand Analytics запустила корпоративный Детектор сбоев | Startpack

Компания Brand Analytics выпустила новый продукт — корпоративный Детектор сбоев, позволяющий компаниям выбирать сервисы для отслеживания сбоев работоспособности.


Присвоение тегов при создании правил | Startpack

<i>В системе Brand Analytics появилась возможность присваивать теги при создании правил. Это значит, что теперь клиенты системы могут настроить автоматизацию тегирования: тег будет присваиваться сообщению по выбранному фильтру и в соответствии с поисковым запросом, созданного под это


Hatica | HackerNoon

Hatica is a work analytics platform that equips engineering teams with stand-up tools, work insights, & collab analytics


AWS gets data clean rooms for analytics data • TechCrunch

AWS today launched a new service that will help users inside an advertising or marketing organization share data with other employees inside their company or with outside partners, all without running the risk of inadvertently sharing personal data. This new service is part of Amazon’s new AWS for Advertising & Marketing initiative, which aims to […]


Despite ban, Twitter downloads surge in China amid COVID protests • TechCrunch

Twitter saw a surge in downloads in China as protests against the country’s stringent COVID restrictions erupted nationwide over the last few days. The social media app ranked 9th amongst free iOS apps in China on November 29, up from 150th a week ago, according to app analytics firm SensorTower. Discussion about the protests, a […]


О кампаниях Google – 1 Ответ

Я не очень понимаю, что вы говорите, вы можете использовать utm_term или utm_content, чтобы... Вопрос по теме: html, google-analytics, analytics, campaign-monitor.


Floordle: Track NFT collections, analytics, watchlists, | BetaList

Track NFT collections, analytics, watchlists, sync wallets & create alerts

Google Tag Manager: A GA4 Beginners Guide

Let's get you up and running with this easy-to-follow beginners guide for setting up Google Analytics 4 using Google Tag Manager.

Predictive Maintenance: Ensuring Business Continuity with AI

While there is no surefire way to predict mishaps, predictive maintenance and AI get you as close to it as possible. Here’s how:

Mad Curve: Business predictive analytics platform | BetaList

Business predictive analytics platform

Is Using Google Analytics A Search Ranking Factor?

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that helps us understand how people find our website and what they do once there. But can it influence search rankings? Read on and find out the answer.

An Introduction To Using R For SEO

Gain the ability to do predictive analysis and determine the relationship between historical data with this guide to using R for SEO.

Matt Semrad - KDnuggets

Take Soccer Analytics to the Next Level with Graph Theory: Here’s What to Know and How to Do It.

How to Use Graph Theory to Scout Soccer - KDnuggets

Take Soccer Analytics to the Next Level with Graph Theory: Here’s What to Know and How to Do It.

Growapp | AppSumo

First-class social media analytics app enhanced by planning, validation, and collaboration features

TruConversion - Track and optimize funnels | AppSumo

Easy funnel tracking and optimization with heatmaps, session recording, and form analytics

INSIA | AppSumo

Search-based business intelligence and analytics platform designed for non-technical users

Big Data Analysis for the Clueless and the Curious | HackerNoon

Big data analytics has been a hot topic for quite some time now. But what exactly is it? Find out here.

The New Movement: Bringing Analytics to the Data

The speed of business today calls for serious investment in advanced analytics. Many of the critical decisions that drive innovation must be made within shorter time windows than ever. That requires an architectural...

How Big Data Is Influencing Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is the latest method for finding investors for projects, and now big data and analytics are giving a boost to crowdfunding by bringing valuable data to those running the campaigns.

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of embedded analytics?

One of the major advantages of embedded analytics, as the name suggests, is that it's embedded into business applications. This means users don't have to switch between apps to get insights or track performance. Though the...