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Exclusive: Amazon AWS aims to outshine Microsoft with Gen AI offerings at Re:Invent | VentureBeat

Swami Sivasubramanian, Amazon AWS’s vice president of Data and AI, gave VentureBeat a preview of what to expect from AWS' keynotes, including building Bedrock apps in less than a minute, more LLM choice, vector database expansion, and more.

How to Solve Post Retrieval Problems in LangChain?

To solve post-retriever problems in LangChain, install the required modules and then retrieve data stored in the database to reorder it based on the input.

Intel's Next-Gen Lunar Lake CPU Spotted: Early Sample With 8 Cores, 3.9 GHz Boost Clocks, 16 MB L3 Cache

A super-early Intel Lunar Lake CPU has been spotted within the SiSoftware database which packs 8 cores and up to 3.9 GHz boost clocks.

InsightBase | AppSumo

Chat with your database & build powerful analytics just by asking questions. Discover the best deal for InsightBase on AppSumo today.

How to install MySQL on Ubuntu

Plan on using MySQL to manage your database on Ubuntu? Here's how you can get started

iPad mini 7 could appear at Apple's event later today after new database filing | iMore

It’s been discovered that battery resubmissions took place last week for an iPad mini, fuelling reports it could appear at Apple’s “Scary Fast” event.

7 Best Cloud Database Platforms - KDnuggets

Cloud databases have made it easier and cheaper to develop enterprise-level applications, offering flexibility, convenience, and standard database functionality. See what KDnuggets recommends.

Why SQL is THE Language to Learn for Data Science - KDnuggets

SQL is the essential data science language due to its universal database accessibility, efficient data cleaning capabilities, seamless integration with other languages, and requirement for most data science jobs.

MongoDB Builds out Its Full Platform Play - The New Stack

At its New York and London events this year, MongoDB announced capabilities that build its full developer platform, and not just the core database.

Building an Open Source Private DBaaS - The New Stack

Percona Everest, now in alpha, is for organizations seeking to harness the benefits of a private database as a service without re-inventing the wheel.

An Honest Comparison of Open Source Vector Databases - KDnuggets

We will explore their use cases, key features, performance metrics, supported programming languages, and more to provide a comprehensive and unbiased overview of each database.

Getting Started with Graph Database Queries, with Cheat Sheet! - KDnuggets

Graph databases are quickly becoming a core part of the analytics toolset for enterprise IT organizations. If you know SQL, you can easily learn Cypher and open up a huge opportunity for data analysis.

Python's tuple Data Type: A Deep Dive With Examples – Real Python

In Python, a tuple is a built-in data type that allows you to create immutable sequences of values. The values or items in a tuple can be of any type. This makes tuples pretty useful in those situations where you need to store heterogeneous data, like that in a database record, for example.

HTB Jupiter. Выполняем произвольный код с помощью Jupyter и SatTrack — Хакер

В этой статье мы получим доступ к веб‑серверу через RCE-уязвимость и эксплуатацию SQL-инъекции в PostgreSQL. Затем воспользуемся фреймворком Jupyter для выполнения произвольного кода и повысим привилегии в SatTrack.

Intel Meteor Lake & Raptor Lake Refresh Laptop CPUs Leak: Core Ultra 9 185H, Ultra 7 155H, Core Ultra 5 135H

Several Intel Meteor Lake & Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs for the laptop segment have been leaked in the BAPCo database as spotted by Momomo_US.

Vulnerability In Fluent Forms Contact Form WordPress Plugin

SQL Injection Vulnerability in Fluent Forms Contact Form for WordPress affects up to 300,000+ sites. Allows database access to hackers

TypeScript database transactions with error handling

Explore how to create a TypeScript application that interacts with a database, performs transactions, and handles database-related errors with error propagation and rollback.

TypeScript Database Error Handling with custom class

Learn how to handle database errors in TypeScript by creating a custom error class,

Практический пример использования pgvector | Записки программиста

PGVector --- это открытое (лицензия MIT) расширение PostgreSQL, решающее задачу поиска схожих векторов. Что еще за вектора такие, и зачем кому-то искать среди н

SAP pushes generative AI front and center for devs, custom apps | VentureBeat

SAP has launched an AI-infused tool to accelerate developer productivity as well as vector database capabilities within HANA Cloud.

Top 50 HR Interview Questions | Most Common Interview Questions (2023) - javatpoint

HR Interview Questions | most frequently asked questions. A list of java questions, .net, php, database, hr, spring, SQL, asp.net, c#, python, c, c++ etc

Top 20 Spring Boot Interview Questions (2023) - javatpoint

Spring Boot Interview Questions for beginners and professionals with a list of top frequently asked CouchDB interview questions and answers with java, .net, php, database, hr, spring, hibernate, android, oracle, sql, asp.net, c#, python, c, c++ etc.

Scott Dykstra, Space and Time, Author at VentureBeat

Scott Dykstra is cofounder and CTO for Space and Time, as well as strategic advisor to a number of database and Web3 technology startups including Sotero. Scott has a tenured history of building and scaling large engineering teams around complex greenfield challenges and research-driven development. With a specialization in enterprise-scale analytics, Scott previously served as a VP of cloud solutions at Teradata, where he spent nearly eight years bringing Teradata from on-premise deployments to next-gen,

ScyllaDB raises $43M to boost next generation of NoSQL database scalability | VentureBeat

ScyllaDB announced today that it has raised $43 million in a Series C3 round of funding, bringing total funding to date for the open source database vendor up to $100 million.