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Eindhoven-based EIT InnoEnergy secures €140 million private placement to boost impact on European unicorns | EU-Startups

The European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) recently announced a €140 million private placement of one its Knowledge and Innovation

First look: Inside Modyfi’s push to build the future of graphic design | VentureBeat

Modyfi's graphic design innovations are in its AI-powered command field and its adaptive, context-aware pattern and placement tools.

This Unique CPU Waterblock Goes For A Stealthy Approach By Hiding Tubing Behind Motherboards

Der8auer has reviewed a CPU water block with unique tubing placement at the back of the motherboard, leading to an elegant look.

First Tesla V4 Supercharger station with mandated card payment terminals gets a preview - NotebookCheck.net News

Tesla just added another V4 Supercharger advantage to the longer charging cable and more ergonomic parking lot placement. After teasing a V4 pile with what looked like a pay screen cutout and card payment terminal, now those Superchargers are installed at a station in Austria.

Google Ads Update: Brand Controls For Search & Performance Max

Google Ads launches brand restrictions in Search campaigns and brand exclusions in Performance Max to give advertisers greater control over ad placement.

Images of Public Streetlights with Operational Monitoring using Computer Vision Techniques Dataset | Papers With Code

This dataset consists of ~350k JPEG images of streetlight columns installed on a public road infrastructure located in the city of Bristol, UK. Each streetlight is photographed by a Raspberry Pi Camera Module v1, installed on each lamppost, providing a unique camera placement, photographic angle, and distance from the streetlight. Several streetlights are partially obstructed by vegetation or are outside the Field of View (FoV) of the Raspberry Pi camera. Finally, the cameras facing the sky are susceptible

Harmonic Pole Placement | Papers With Code

No code available yet.

SpaceX Tourists Charting New Frontiers in Product Placement

The final frontier is, apparently, the new site of marketing as space tourism companies partner with brands.

Understanding Placement Groups

Well organized and easy to understand Web building tutorials with lots of examples of how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Python, Bootstrap, Java and XML.

Zero-shot virtual product placement in videos - Amazon Science

Virtual Product Placement (VPP) is an advertising technique that digitally places branded objects into movie or TV show scenes. Despite being a billion-dollar industry, current ad rendering techniques are time-consuming, costly, and executed manually with the help of visual effects (VFX) artists.…

End-to-End Data Center Equipment Supply and Support in Europe | HackerNoon

HOSTKEY has developed a range of services for the placement and maintenance of customer equipment in Dutch data centers.

RDMA: взгляд изнутри / Хабр

Рост популярности кластерных систем как среды для высоко-производительных вычислений или HPC (High Performance Computing) выводит на первый план задачу обеспечения эффективного взаимодействия...

Tesla Vision-only Park Assist without ultrasonic sensors rolls out to more cars but performance varies - NotebookCheck.net News

The current placement and low-light camera abilities on Tesla cars may be preventing its new Park Assist update from performing on par with the same feature on older Teslas with ultrasonic sensors. Tesla removed those to save costs, but the wider camera-only parking assistance update unearthed visibility challenges.

Powerful V4 Supercharger stations now active as Tesla balks at pay screen subsidy requirement - NotebookCheck.net News

The first Supercharger station with the new taller stalls with longer cable that facilitates charging of all electric vehicle makes and models is already operational. Despite being housed in V3 cabinets, the new stalls can deliver 615A current at 1000V DC as they offer more ergonomic parking bay placement.

Careful planning of EV charging station placement could lessen or eliminate need for new power plants, study shows

National and global plans to combat climate change include increasing the electrification of vehicles and the percentage of electricity generated from renewable sources. But some projections show that these trends might require ...

New Tesla Supercharger design offers much longer cables and easier charging bay parking - NotebookCheck.net News

The next generation of Tesla Superchargers will have design advantages before the current crop of V2 and V3 Superchargers. The first stalls will become operational this month and they reveal much longer cables and better parking bay placement or charging non-Tesla vehicles.

Pinterest is testing a new premium video ad format on its app's search tab | TechCrunch

Pinterest has begun alpha testing a new advertising product that allows brands to reach consumers from a more prominent position within the company’s mobile app. With the “Premiere Spotlight” ad, as the new format is currently being called, advertisers will gain access to a premium placement for 24 hours on the Pinterest app’s search page. […]

Meta improves its consumer-facing tool that explains why you're seeing that ad • TechCrunch

Meta today announced it’s making changes to increase transparency around ads. The company says it’s updating a nearly decade-old Facebook feature “Why am I seeing this ad?” to better explain to consumers how an AI technique called machine learning may have played a role in the ad’s placement, among other factors. Specifically, it will now […]