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UK Peer-To-Peer Lending Platform Funding Circle Raises $37M, Targets U.S. SMBs In Merger With Endurance Lending Network – TechCrunch

Small businesses have been called the lifeblood of our economy, and today a financial services startup has picked up a significant round of funding to help them circulate better. Funding Circle, a UK-based peer-to-peer lending platform that lets individuals and institutions loan money to small businesses, has picked up a $37 million round of funding. Along with this, it's announcing plans to take its business to the U.S., its second market, in a merger with San Francisco-based Endurance Lending Network. It

Terrain Picking using vertex shader on GPU - Graphics and GPU Programming - GameDev.net

Hi guys, I am trying to get a picked point under mouse cursor using vertex shader…my cpu implementation is just fine and working … this is my code for GPU picking in vertex shader … whcih is not giving me desired result …  float r = mul(0.5f, worldMatrix); //imaginary sphere around

GlobalSCAPE Acquires File Sharing Service TappIn For Up To $17 Million – TechCrunch

GlobalSCAPE, which specializes in information exchange solutions for enterprise customers, this morning announced that it has acquired TappIn, maker of an eponymous cloud-based file access and sharing solution. TappIn, formerly known as HomePipe Networks, was picked up for $9 million in cash, though shareholders stand to receive another $8 million if certain performance-based milestones are met over the next three years.

Evertale, A Social Network For The Less Proactive, Gets Seed Funding From Mangrove – TechCrunch

If you like the idea of charting your life in a diary, and possibly sharing that detail with others, but lack the motivation to do all that logging yourself, then this might just be the social network for you. Evertale, a service that automatically logs your activities through your mobile device, has picked up a round of seed funding from Mangrove Capital -- early backers of Skype, shopping sites Brands4Friends and KupiVIP, and a number of other European startups.

As Developers Seek More Interactivity, PubNub Raises $4.5M For Its In-App Messaging Solution – TechCrunch

With the world of apps no longer in its early days, we are starting to see the emergence of a lot more services that give developers more sophisticated ways of interacting with users, and monetizing what they create. One of the more popular has been the rise of real-time messaging within apps; and today, one player in that space, PubNub, has picked up $4.5 million in funding to expand that line of business even further. The Series A round was led by mobile-specialist VC Relay Ventures, itself just launched

Berlin-based Orderbird Gets $3.5M For Its iOS-Based Restaurant Ordering Solution – TechCrunch

As NFC continues to see growing adoption, we are still noticing more mobile payment solutions that don't use the technology picking up traction -- and funding: one of the latest comes from Germany, where a Berlin-based company called Orderbird has picked up a €2.7 million ($3.5 million) round for a service that lets restaurants use iOS devices to take customer food orders, send them to the kitchen and act as a "cash register" to process the payments at the end. The round was led by Alstin, a holding comp

Pair vs. Pair: Pair The App Is Getting Sued By Pair Networks, The Hosting Company – TechCrunch

It was less than a week ago that Tenthbit, the developers of the buzzy, new social-networking-app-for-couples (or other partners) Pair, picked up a $4.2 million seed round, money the founders said would be used to expand its mobile development and design teams. Now it looks like some of those funds might also need to go to legal bills. Tenthbit is getting sued by pair Networks, a hosting and domain registration company based in Pittsburgh, for trademark infringement. Tenthbit, meanwhile, has also sued pair

Educational App Maker Mindshapes Picks Up $4M Round Led By Index; Adds Big 5 Publishers To Magic Town – TechCrunch

Another funding announcement that underscores what big business kids' and educational apps can be. Mindshapes, a UK-based developer of interactive learning apps, has picked up a $4 million round of funding led by Index Ventures, with Richmond Park Partners and existing investors also participating. The news caps off an eventful couple of weeks for Mindshapes. Earlier in the month, it had launched a flagship app, Magic Town, which Mindshapes calls the first virtual world based on picture book characters. M

Report: Payleven, A European Square From Rocket Internet, Gets Funding From NEA, Holzbrinck, Ru-Net – TechCrunch

With Square yet to enter Europe, there is an increasing amount of activity from would-be competitors looking to fill the same niche using dongles on smartphones to enable card payments. The latest comes from Payleven, which has picked up "tens of millions" of euros in funding from New Enterprise Associates, Holtzbrinck Ventures and the Russian VC ru-net, according to an unconfirmed report in Deutsche Startups. Payleven is part of Rocket Internet, the incubator/investment vehicle from the Samwer brothers

London-based Auddy picks up €2.95 million for its premium podcasting platform | EU-Startups

Providing end-to-end audio podcasting solutions to creators, advertisers and businesses, Auddy has just picked up €2.95 million. The London-based startup

‘European Square’ iZettle Now Works With Android; Visa Europe Dispute Drags On – TechCrunch

iZettle, the mobile payments startup that wants to be the Square of Europe, today passed an important milestone: the company says its dongle-based card processing system now works with Android devices. The service is being turned on first in iZettle's home market of Sweden and is then extending to more countries in early autumn, Jacob de Geer, CEO of iZettle, tells TechCrunch. This makes iZettle, which in June picked up a $31.4 million round of funding, the first company to commercially offer a plug-and-pl

Beep Beep! Car Service Aggregator Click A Taxi Raises $1.5M From Podio’s Tommy Ahlers, Expands In Europe – TechCrunch

Click A Taxi, one of the many apps in the increasingly congested car-service apps market, is today announcing a couple of key developments that it hopes will help it zoom past the competition in the months ahead. It's picked up $1.5 million round of angel funding from serial entrepreneur Tommy Ahlers; and it is expanding to Spain, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, taking the total number of markets it's covering to nine, including also the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, and its home market of Denmark. In all

Paymill, The Samwer Stripe Clone, Raises $13M From Serial Rocket Internet Backer Holtzbrinck Ventures And New Investor Sunstone – TechCrunch

Paymill, the Rocket-Internet incubated online payments company that works like developer-friendly Stripe by offering users an API to quickly integrate card transactions, is today announcing that it has picked up €10 million ($13.2 million) in funding. Rocket regular Holtzbrinck Ventures participated, along with new investor Sunstone Capital, a backer of companies like Prezi and Trunk. Rocket has […]

EyeEm Photo App Snaps At Instagram’s Heels In iTunes Free App Charts – TechCrunch

EyeEm, the Berlin based social photo and filters app, has been snapping at the heels of photo giant Instagram in the US iOS app charts this week. A week ago they were No. 242 in the photo and video charts, but at one point this week they were No2. behind YouTube. Yesterday they held the No. 20 spot in the free app chart overall, ahead of Instagram at No. 22. The movement was picked up by social photography blogger Dirk Singer after he checked Appannie.com. It will take a lot to challenge Instagram, but suc

Conference App Bloodhound’s Genius Growth Strategy Attracts $3M Series A Led By Thiel’s FF Angel – TechCrunch

If you're running a conference, would you rather pay for a flimsy one-off app, or get paid to use a data-driven one your attendees may already have? If you picked the latter, you udnerstand why Bloodhound is blowing up, and was able to raise around $3 million. Bloodhound's ambitious vision to fundamentally change how buyers meet sellers even convinced Peter Thiel's FF Angel to lead the Series A.

OpenSignal Launches WeatherSignal, Using Its Crowdsourcing Cell Phone Coverage Tech To Tackle Meteorology – TechCrunch

OpenSignal, the UK startup that has made a name for itself with its Android and iOS apps that crowdsource cell phone coverage based on data picked up from users' devices, is branching out into another area that consumers love to obsess about: the weather. Today, the company is launching a new app for Android devices, WeatherSignal, which takes data gathered from different sensors, such as light meters and barometers, which come as part of a smartphone's hardware, to create real-time, crowdsourced pictures

Actually, Snapchat Photos Are Just As Deleted As Any Other File You Trash – TechCrunch

Though Snapchat has been picked on, picked apart, and blown up in the media, the technical aspects of the service are still somewhat mysterious to the average user. A new research report from a company called Decipher Forensics is looking to shed a little light on how the service "deletes" photos you send through Snapchat. According to Decipher, Snapchat photos are renamed with a .jpgnomedia extension to hide that photo from your phone, under /data/data/com.snapchat.android. The computer forensics company

With A Media-Rich Platform To Stand Out From The Messaging Pack, MessageMe Hits 5M Users In 2.5 Months [Interview] – TechCrunch

Last week we reported that MessageMe, one of the latest messaging apps to hit the smartphone market, had picked up a $10 million Series A round of funding, and today, the company is officially confirming the news, along with some more details on how it's been doing in the 2.5 months since it launched. It now has 5 million users across both iOS and Android -- a five-fold increase on the 1 million that downloaded the app in its first 10 days.

WunWun, Because Everything Should Be Available On-Demand – TechCrunch

On-demand television? You got it! On-demand radio? Sure! How about news on-demand? Or books? It's all at your fingertips, dear readers. But what if I told you that you could have literally anything that you want on-demand through a few taps of an app? Let me know when you've picked up the pieces to your blown mind, and I'll introduce you to WunWun, an app that's been around for a while, but just made its on-demand delivery service entirely free.

Terrain Picking using vertex shader on GPU - Graphics and GPU Programming - GameDev.net

Hi guys, I am trying to get a picked point under mouse cursor using vertex shader…my cpu implementation is just fine and working … this is my code for GPU picking in vertex shader … whcih is not giving me desired result …  float r = mul(0.5f, worldMatrix); //imaginary sphere around

Moov Fitness Tracker Passes Its $40K Crowdfunding Goal In 90 Minutes – TechCrunch

Yesterday, ex-Apple engineer Nikola Hu and friends launched a crowdfunding campaign around Moov, the next generation in wearable fitness tracking. The device, which lets you accurately measure your form during different sporting activities like running, swimming, and cardio boxing, has already picked up some steam with backers. According to the team, Moov reached its $40k crowdfunding goal in 90 minutes.

In A Bid To Be The MS Word Of The Mobile Generation, Quip Adds Better Search, URL Links – TechCrunch

Quip, the mobile-friendly word processing app co-founded by the ex-CTO of Facebook Bret Taylor and ex-Googler Kevin Gibbs, has picked up some 5,000 companies as users since it launched last August, with the list of customers ranging from tech early adopters like Taylor’s alma mater Facebook (where there are “thousands” of users, Taylor tells me), New Relic and Taser through […]

OpenSignal Ports Its Crowdsourced WeatherSignal App To iOS, Courtesy Of iPhone 6 – TechCrunch

OpenSignal, the London startup that uses crowdsourced data picked up from sensors on its users’ devices, to power apps, such apps to suss out the best mobile networks or the real weather, is today rolling WeatherSignal, the latter of these two apps, for the iPhone — specifically the new iPhone 6 models. WeatherSignal has already seen a fair degree of popularity on […]

SkyGiraffe Raises $3M More To Help Companies Build Mobile Apps – TechCrunch

SkyGiraffe, a startup that helps companies quickly build and deploy apps, has raised a $3 million Series A round of capital, led by Trilogy Equity Partners. Prior investor 500 Startups participated in the capital event. Trilogy, unsurprisingly, picked a board seat as part of the round. The market that SkyGiraffe focused on, custom apps for businesses, is a hot space at the moment. Earlier today, K2, another firm that helps companies build apps, recently raised over $100 million in a single Series C round.

Uber Should Tell You Where To Get Picked Up – TechCrunch

One-way streets. Roads with nowhere to pull over. Forbidden U-turns. Sometimes your current location isn’t the most convenient place for Uber to pick you up. Walking 15 seconds around the corner or across the street to a better spot could cut five minutes off waiting to get picked up on or the journey. That’s why […]

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