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Nvidia, Hugging Face and ServiceNow release new StarCoder2 LLMs for code generation | VentureBeat

While it remains to be seen how well StarCoder2 models perform in different coding scenarios, the companies did note that the performance of the smallest 3B model alone matched that of the original 15B StarCoder LLM.

Zero-shot test-time adaptation via knowledge distillation for personalized speech denoising and dereverberation - Amazon Science

We propose a personalization framework to adapt compact models to test time environments and improve their speech enhancement performance in noisy and reverberant conditions. The use-cases are when the end-user device encounters only one or a few speakers and noise types that tend to reoccur in the…

Nvidia launches RTX 500 and 1000 Ada Generation laptop GPUs for AI on the go | VentureBeat

The Nvidia RTX 500 GPU delivers up to 14x the generative AI performance for models like Stable Diffusion.

Google Deepmind proposes ‘self-discover’ framework for LLMs, improves GPT-4 performance | VentureBeat

In 21 out of 25 tasks, the self-discover LLM framework was found to be outperforming chain-of-thought reasoning and other techniques with performance gains of up to 32%.

Apple's new AI research promises high performance without the high price tag | VentureBeat

Apple's latest breakthrough in AI research is revolutionizing the industry by offering high-performance language models that are both cost-effective and accessible for businesses of all sizes.

How to detect poisoned data in machine learning datasets | VentureBeat

A proactive, coordinated effort can reduce the chances that manipulations will impact model performance and protect algorithmic integrity.

Symantec says security software needs speed | Network World

Symantec released beta versions of its flagship Windows software Tuesday, citing significant improvements in performance.

Better, faster, stronger: 4G’s impact on app development | Network World

With 4G networks due to hit the mass market over the next two years, some application developers are looking at ways to exploit the new high-speed connections to improve their apps' performance and capabilities.

HPC meets cloud computing with Dell’s new server | Network World

With a new range of hardware announced Thursday, Dell's is targeting high-performance and cloud computing environments that share similar hyperscale characteristics.

AccelOps provides winning diagnostics for healthcare provider | Network World

With the license on his CA Spectrum eHealth performance management software reaching end of life at year-end 2010, Austin Radiological Association CIO Todd Thomas saw the perfect opportunity to shake things up a bit at this specialty healthcare provider serving central Texas.

Red Hat releases RHEL 6 | Network World

Red Hat releases version 6 of its enterpise Linux distribution, featuring improvements in performance and network management

Via bets future on upcoming Isaiah processor | Network World

Via Technologies offered the first detailed look at its upcoming Isaiah processor architecture Thursday, showcasing technological and performance improvements that will determine whether or not the company can make it as a mainstream processor vendor.

Microsoft turns Windows Azure into cloud-based supercomputer | Network World

Windows HPC Server customers will soon be able to run high-performance computing workloads on Windows Azure, Microsoft says.

Intel unveils new server chip with 32 cores | Network World

Intel announced a new 32-core server chip based on a new high-performance computing server architecture that mixes general x86 cores with specialized cores for faster processing of highly parallel scientific and commercial applications.

Tablets changing the way chip makers think | Network World

The emergence of tablets as an alternative to PCs has caught the attention of chip makers, which are preparing next-generation processors to boost application and graphics performance on the devices.

Juniper collapses the data center | Network World

Juniper Networks this week unveiled new switches, routers, software and services designed to help enterprise IT reduce the cost and complexity of data center networking while also improving application and business performance.

Microsoft woos developers with latest IE9 preview | Network World

Microsoft keeps promise to make available iterative releases of IE9, with the second release in two months featuring improved performance.

EMC chief Tucci nets 37% pay raise to $12.4 million | Network World

EMC's performance in 2010 was the 'best in company history,' says Joe Tucci, who saw his own compensation climb 37% during the same timeframe.

New Linux kernel goes faster | Network World

Linux kernel 2.6.28 has been released, bringing performance improvements

Cisco restructures, streamlines operations | Network World

Responding to criticism of its management structure after consecutive quarters of uninspiring performance, Cisco this week restructured operations in an effort to streamline sales and engineering in five key product areas.

SAP’s in-memory analytics boxes set for November release | Network World

SAP plans to release its High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA) in November, roughly six months after announcing the product.

NetApp to acquire Akorri Networks | Network World

Storage company NetApp has entered into an agreement to acquire privately held Akorri Networks, which specializes in optimizing server, storage and application performance, the company said on Wednesday.

Cisco expands data center networking gear | Network World

Cisco this week expanded its Unified Computing System networking portfolio in an effort to improve the scalability and performance of the data center consolidation system.

Microsoft to reveal details of tool, code-named Velocity, that speeds app performance | Network World

Next week, Microsoft will be revealing details of a new development tool, code-named Velocity, that speeds the performance of enterprise and Web applications. A session at the Professional Developer’s Conference, held in Los Angeles next week, will be dedicated to the new tool.

How a start-up tried – and failed – to take supercomputing world by storm | Network World

SiCortex built highly efficient high-performance computers, but couldn't survive the global recession.