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Dune: Part 2 tries to balance the book's canon with creative license (spoilers) | VentureBeat

When I watched the start of Denis Villaneuve's first Dune movie (2021) with my kid, it was a special moment that took me back decades.


Groq launches dev playground GroqCloud w/ Definitive Intelligence | VentureBeat

Today, it announced the acquisition of another startup, Definitive Intelligence, and a new product built atop it: GroqCloud.


Elon Musk sues OpenAI over founding principles | VentureBeat

Musk's lawsuit alleges OpenAI took a complete U-turn from its original mission when it started working with Microsoft.


Искусственный интеллект пишет новости — Google начала платить СМИ за публикации / NV

Google заключает соглашения с издателями, чтобы публиковать на их платформах статьи, написанные искусственным интеллектом.

Generative AI Report – 3/1/2024 - insideBIGDATA

Welcome to the Generative AI Report round-up feature here on insideBIGDATA with a special focus on all the new applications and integrations tied to generative AI technologies. We’ve been receiving so many cool news items relating to applications and deployments centered on large language models (LLMs), we thought it would be a timely service for readers to start a new channel along these lines. The combination of a LLM, fine tuned on proprietary data equals an AI application, and this is what these inno

Nvidia, Hugging Face and ServiceNow release new StarCoder2 LLMs for code generation | VentureBeat

While it remains to be seen how well StarCoder2 models perform in different coding scenarios, the companies did note that the performance of the smallest 3B model alone matched that of the original 15B StarCoder LLM.

SambaNova debuts 1 trillion parameter Composition of Experts model for enterprise gen AI | VentureBeat

Samba-1 is not a single model, like OpenAI's GPT-4, rather it is a combination of more than 50 high-quality AI models put together in an approach that SambaNova refers to as a Composition of Experts architecture.

NEW RESEARCH: Growing Database Complexity Will Fuel Significant Skills Gaps in 2024 - insideBIGDATA

Increasing complexity, the rapid adoption of emerging technologies and a growing skills gap are the biggest concerns facing IT leaders in 2024, according to The State of the Database Landscape,a major new survey from end-to-end Database DevOps provider Redgate. 

A year after AI 'code red,' Google is red-faced amid Gemini backlash. Was it inevitable? | The AI Beat | VentureBeat

Google has long-worried that its LLM releases could lead to user backlash, so criticism of its Gemini model was, perhaps, inevitable.

Video Highlights: How to Integrate Generative AI Into Your Business — with Piotr Grudzień - insideBIGDATA

In this video presentation, our good friend Jon Krohn, Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist at the machine learning company Nebula, is joined by Founder of Quickchat AI Piotr Grudzień who believes the key to any successful AI platform is to ensure it can be tailored to a company’s specific needs.

Mistral open source AI models will be available on Amazon Bedrock | VentureBeat

It makes total sense for AWS to offer a wide range of models, and the move follows its cloud competitor Microsoft adding Meta's open-source

Biden appoints AI Safety Institute leaders as NIST funding concerns linger | VentureBeat

Today the Biden administration named a top White House aide to lead the new US AI Safety Institute at NIST, but how it will be funded remains unclear.

OpenAI joins Meta in labeling AI generated images | VentureBeat

OpenAI earlier this year said it would introduce C2PA in an effort to combat disinformation ahead of the 2024 global elections taking place.

Meta will label AI-generated content on Facebook, Instagram and Threads | VentureBeat

In a new post, Meta announced it will label content generated by AI — though it is "not yet possible to identify all AI-generated content."

Eight emerging areas of opportunity for AI in security | VentureBeat

For AI to reach its full potential across enterprises, it requires an entirely new tech stack, one with security designed to start with software supply chains and model development.

Roblox breaks language barriers with AI-based real-time chat translation | VentureBeat

Roblox is breaking language barriers today as it launches AI-powered real-time chat translation in 16 languages.

Dell offers Indian users discounts to recycle their PCs | Network World

Dell said on Thursday that it will offer discount coupons to consumers who bring their old Dell PCs to the company for recycling.

Feds tone down security warning about Asterisk IP PBX software | Network World

The FBI is toning down its warning about security flaws in Asterisk IP PBX software and is acknowledging that the company that markets the software already found the problem and fixed it back in March.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday: Four patches fix mostly Office vulnerabilities | Network World

Microsoft Tuesday released four patches to fix six vulnerabilities, three of which were rated critical for Microsoft Word, Publisher and the Jet Database Engine 4.0. Experts say the fourth patch, rated important, could also be viewed as critical because it affects security software that could be shut down in an attack.

Tiny .biz domain names to be auctioned off to highest bidders | Network World

How much is x.biz or .ge.biz worth? That's the question NeuStar is asking the Internet e-commerce community as it adds one- and two-character names to the .biz domain and makes them available to the highest bidders.

FAQ: What’s going on with Nortel? | Network World

With Nokia Siemens bidding on Nortel's wireless business and Avaya rumored to be grabbing up its enterprise gear, it is all but inevitable that the rest of company will be broken up and sold off in pieces, which raises questions. Here are some of them and the answers.

Wireless and mobile companies worth watching | Network World

We took a look at wireless and mobile companies whose product innovation and ambition reflect the mobile industry ferment, which is being expressed in all kinds of products from IT management services to unique Apple iPhone applications. These companies are trying to enable better mobile e-commerce and empower business class mobile users.

Websense touts data-leak prevention endpoint control | Network World

Websense says it will release an endpoint security product for content protection in the first half of next year, along with an extended set of open Application Programming Interfaces for it, which third-party vendors can use to work with it.

SMC to expand Edgecore brand, higher-end gear | Network World

SMC Networks will rebrand most of its products and introduce some higher-end gear in North America, expanding the Edgecore brand it has already begun using in some other parts of the world.

Security vendors bring zombie fighters to life | Network World

Data leakage prevention might currently be the hottest IT security submarket, but vendors are also tuning up their product offerings to help customers ward off the presence of botnet-infected zombie computers.