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Accacia tackles the real estate industry’s massive carbon emissions problem • TechCrunch

The real estate and infrastructure sectors contribute about 40% of global carbon emissions, and part of solving the climate crisis is fixing how those industries work. Accacia gives large property owners a way to track their carbon impact in real-time by integrating with ERPs and property management systems like Yardi. It’s already been deployed to over 20 million square feet of real estate in Asia and announced today $2.5 million in seed funding that will be used to expand across Southeast Asia, the Mid

Converting numbers on Linux among decimal, hexadecimal, octal, and binary | Network World

Linux provides commands for converting numbers from one base to another. Learn how to uses these commands and how to make the process easier with scripts and aliases.


Researchers develop intelligent segment routing scheme for network management

Traffic engineering has attracted much research attention, especially in recent years as networks grow in size and complexity. Network operators increasingly need better ways to manage the massive amounts of data flowing ...

Zoho Projects is a worthy contender for your project management needs

Jack Wallen explores the world of Zoho Projects and comes away impressed. Is this your next project management tool?

The Ultimate Google Ads Pacing Dashboard For 2023 (Free Looker Studio Template)

Grab your own Google Ads Pacing Dashboard template to make informed management decisions every month.


Лучший способ разделить классы, VS 2013 – 1 Ответ

Я думаю, что решение, которое вы ищете, в этом вопросе. .i1a { width: 336px; height: 280px;... Вопрос по теме: c++, visual-studio-2013, project-management.

Dynamic Hybrid Relation Network for Cross-Domain Context-Dependent Semantic Parsing | Papers With Code

#5 best model for Dialogue State Tracking on CoSQL (question match accuracy metric)

Josh Feast, Cogito, Author at VentureBeat

Josh Feast is the CEO and cofounder of Cogito. He is a serial entrepreneur and thought leader passionate about creating innovative technology that helps people live more productive lives. Josh has more than a decade of experience as a senior executive and holds a Bachelor of Technology from Massey University in New Zealand, and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management, where he was the Platinum-Triangle Fulbright Scholar in Entrepreneurship. This is a complete list of VentureBeat articles written by

Decluttering a React Application | HackerNoon

We started working on our React application a few years ago. We started with Flux, but shifted to Redux when it became available. Over time, requirements evolved and the application grew. We also moved to newer frameworks for forms, modals and charting to name just a few. In fact, a significant part of our code now uses GraphQL so state management with Redux is reduced. We were learning as we went along and the implementation of new features often took priority over cleaning up working code.

TechCrunch+ roundup: Cash management basics, proptech investor survey, visa interview prep • TechCrunch

A startup that lacks a cash management program is like a car with a blinking fuel light: how far can you travel with the fuel in your reserve tank?

GoStudent uses its warchest to acquire large network of traditional tutoring centres in Europe • TechCrunch

GoStudent uses its warchest to acquire large traditional tutoring marketplace in Germany

pxmo: Intuitive proposal management platform to supercharge | BetaList

Intuitive proposal management platform to supercharge your sales funnel

Galaxy Digital купила кастодиана GK8 у Celsius Network | ForkLog

Компания Galaxy Digital Майка Новограца выиграла аукцион на покупку кастодиальной платформы GK8 у обанкротившейся Celsius Network. Условия сделки не разглашаются. Сопрезидент Galaxy Крис Ферраро в комментарии CoinDesk сообщил, что актив обошелся фирме дешевле $115 млн, которые Celsius заплатила за него в

InvokeAI 2.2: UI Outpainting, Embedding Management and more / Habr

InvokeAI 2.2 is now available to everyone. This update brings in exciting features, like UI Outpainting, Embedding Management and more. See highlighted updates below, or the full release notes for...

Treasury management should be top of mind for startup founders • TechCrunch

Liquidity is your company’s lifeline. It gives you a fighting chance to achieve your vision, but when the money runs out, you're headed for ruin.

FCC: SpaceX Can Only Launch 25% of Second-Gen Starlink Network | PCMag

The FCC notes it isn't increasing the number of satellites SpaceX can launch for Starlink. That's because SpaceX plans to consolidate an earlier V-band constellation into the network.

India won't enforce market share cap on UPI until 2025 in a win for Google and Walmart • TechCrunch

India won’t enforce a cap on the market share for players operating on the homegrown payments network until December 31, 2024 in a surprising move that analysts say is a major a win for Google Pay and Walmart’s PhonePe. The National Payments Corporation of India, the payments body that oversees the Unified Payments Interface payments […]

Automating User Management in the Company | HackerNoon

Have you ever faced the challenge of automating users in your company?

Программа не выходит из-за удаления [] – 3 Ответа

for(int i = 0; i < digs; ++i) *new_data++ = 0; Этот код модифицирует где new_data... Вопрос по теме: c++, memory-management.

Целостность Green Hills Динамическое распределение памяти – 1 Ответ

Я вижу, что это старый пост, и вы, вероятно, уже нашли исправление, но я видел подобное поведение в... Вопрос по теме: c++, dynamic, rtos, memory-management, integrity.

Управление памятью Android для жизненного цикла – 2 Ответа

В большинстве случаев, когда пользователь переключается на другое приложение или отвечает на... Вопрос по теме: android, memory-management, lifecycle.