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Variety: кинотеатры мира готовятся к тихим месяцам без блокбастеров — они надеются на релизы Netflix и «внезапные хиты» — Кино и сериалы на DTF

И тут тоже будет перерыв.

Рецензия на сериал «Песочный человек» / The Sandman - ITC.ua

«Песочный человек» – это чуть ли не известнейший комикс издательства Vertigo и одна из самых примечательных работ писателя Нила Геймана. Он рассказывает о

"Серый человек" стал шестым самым просматриваемым фильмом на Netflix - Shazoo

Netflix представил данные о просмотрах фильмов и сериалов за первую неделю августа. Оказалось, что больше всего зрителей привлекла премьера "Песочного человека" — шоу стало самым просматриваемым среди премьер на английском...

Netflix покупает мобильную игровую студию Next Games за 65 миллионов евро - Shazoo

Netflix сообщил о приобретении мобильной игровой студии Next Games, известная мобильными тайтлами No Man's Land и Our World во вселенной "Ходячих мертвецов". Кроме этого, финский коллектив работал над Stranger Things:...

Менее 1% подписчиков Netflix играют в игры платформы - Shazoo

Netflix забрался в игровой рынок, но пока не очень успешно. Согласно анализу, проведенному Apptopia по заказу CNBC, игры стримингово гиганта в общей сложности скачали 23.3 миллиона раз, а среднее число...

How to access Netflix games on iPhone and iPad | iMore

Here's how to access Netflix games on iPhone and iPad, allowing you to make the most of your subscription.

Pokémon: The Arceus Chronicles Animated Special Coming to Netflix Next Month

The Pokémon Company announced Pokémon: The Arceus Chronicles, an animated special coming to Netflix on Friday, September 23rd.

Fanhattan App Helps You Choose What To Watch On The iPad (Update) – TechCrunch

There are plenty of apps that let you watch TV and movies on your iPad: Hulu Plus, Netflix, Vudu and even trusty old iTunes. But how do you know what's available out there? Guess what! There's an app for that. Fanhattan just launched on the App Store, and it's all about discovery. When you load up the app, you have two options: Movies or TV. From there, Fanhattan groups content into genres like Hottest, Newest, Top Rated, Critic's Picks, and Oscar Award Winners or Emmy Nominated Shows. But that's pretty ba

Netflix For Android Gets The New iOS Look, Too – TechCrunch

A week after Netflix debuted its new iPhone application, just in time for the iPhone 5 launch, the company is today announcing it has brought a similar updated experience to users of Android devices. The new application offers an interface that's closer to what the Netflix app looks like on tablets, and, like the iPhone update, it also includes a new browse screen which lets you scroll through more titles than before, plus tweaks to the homescreen layout, and a search function accessible anywhere in the ap

iStoryTime Debuts A “Netflix For Ebooks” For Kids – TechCrunch

If a startup called Oyster is the Netflix for e-books, then iStoryTime is the children's alternative. One of the oldest players in the kids' interactive e-books app market is zuuka (aka iStoryTime), a company founded in 2009 and backed by $2 million in Series A funding. The company has been steadily growing its collection of digital, interactive e-books and apps, now reaching some 200 different applications across all the major mobile app stores and digital book marketplaces. Recently, it made a move to

Meet The 13 Startups Wayra U.K. Is Accelerating In 2014 – TechCrunch

Wayra U.K. has named its third cohort of startups that will be hothoused through the circa nine-month mentoring programme centrally based in London. The 13 startups that made the cut for the 2014 intake include a 'Netflix for live concerts', a 'visual LinkedIn' for young people, and a startup doing indoor 3D mapping tech.

Crittercism Raises $30M More, Inks Mobile App Performance Deal With New Backer Accenture – TechCrunch

Some big news today from Crittercism, a startup that operates a platform for companies to monitor their mobile app performance with customers including the likes of Netflix, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Pinterest, Home Depot, AT&T and a number of other Fortune 500 names.

Fleex Lets You Learn English By Streaming Content With Popcorn Time – TechCrunch

The beauty of open source software strikes again. Fleex is a platform to learn English by watching movies, TV shows, TED talks and more. The French startup just forked Popcorn Time, the so-called Netflix for streaming content, to get “interesting” content. As a non-native English speaker, this issue is dear to me. When I first […]

Scribd Expands Its Subscription E-Book Service With 30K Audiobooks – TechCrunch

It was just over a year ago that Scribd officially unveiled a Netflix-style subscription e-book service. As of today, subscribers will have access to 30,000 audiobooks, too. Co-founder and CEO Trip Adler said that this isn't just about attracting audiobook fans to Scribd, but also introducing readers who aren't audiobook fans to the format. After all, he noted that the tradition audiobook experience of "a stack of CDs" isn't very enticing.

Стартовали съёмки четвёртого сезона "Полового воспитания" - Shazoo

Компания Netflix начала съёмки четвёртого сезона сериала "Половое воспитание". Об этом рассказал актёр Эйса Баттерфилд в своём Твиттере. Угадайте, кто вернулся? Подробности сюжета будущего сезона не сообщаются. Вероятно, герои сменят...

Oyster Expands Its “Netflix For Books” Service With A New E-Book Store – TechCrunch

Oyster launched a couple of years ago as a Netflix-style service for e-books, charging $9.95 a month for unlimited access to a library that has grown to more than 1 million titles. Today it's expanding that model by launching its own e-book store. To be sure, if you just want to buy e-books one-by-one, I hear there are a few places where you can already do that. However, co-founder and CEO Eric Stromberg suggested that the store will allow Oyster to offer a truly comprehensive selection of books to its

Torrent App Popcorn Time Comes To iOS, No Jailbreak Required – TechCrunch

Popcorn Time, the service sometimes referred to as the “Netflix for pirates” because of the way it makes it easy to stream pirated content to your PC or mobile device, is now getting a lot easier for iOS owners to use. According to new reports, the service is being made available by way of an iOS application […]

Blendle Signs German Media To Its Pay-Per-Article Journalism Marketplace – TechCrunch

Blendle, a Dutch startup that's applying a Netflix style marketplace to journalism, has signed up the mainstay of German publishers to its pay-per-article market. It said today that all major newspapers and magazines in the country have announced they will start selling individual stories via its website.

JustWatch Brings Its Search Engine For Cord Cutters To iOS And Android – TechCrunch

JustWatch, a startup that launched earlier this year offering a search engine that helps cord cutters figure out where to watch their favorite programs and movies, is now expanding to mobile. The company has released both iOS and Android applications that help you find where to watch movies and shows, as well as discover new and popular content across a variety of services, including Netflix, Amazon, HBO NOW, Showtime, Hulu, iTunes and many others.

Le Tote’s Clothing Rentals App Lets You Seek Out New Outfits From Your iPhone’s Search Screen – TechCrunch

Online shoppers looking to spice up their wardrobe on a more regular basis can now download a new app from Le Tote, a “Netflix-for-clothing” type of service backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures and others, which launched to the public this week. From the app, you’ll be able to access Le Tote’s online catalog of over […]

Слухи: каталог игр Netflix увеличится до конца года минимум вдвое, но пользователям сервиса он пока не слишком интересен

По данным аналитиков из Apptopia, Netflix собирается расширить своё присутствие на рынке игр, удвоив каталог предложений до конца 2022-го.

Слухи: каталог игр Netflix увеличится до конца года минимум вдвое, но пользователям сервиса он пока не слишком интересен

По данным аналитиков из Apptopia, Netflix собирается расширить своё присутствие на рынке игр, удвоив каталог предложений до конца 2022-го.

Less than 1% of Netflix’s subscribers want to play its mobile games – TechCrunch

As Netflix struggles to keep consumers subscribed to its streaming service, its mobile games venture is looking like a flop. CNBC reported that according to Apptopia, Netflix games have been downloaded 23.3 million times in total, and on average, there are 1.7 million daily users. This means that less than 1% of the streaming giant’s […]

Netflix выплатит долги сценаристам в размере 42 миллионов долларов - Shazoo

На днях Netflix проиграл арбитражный процесс против Гильдии сценаристов Америки. По ходу дела выяснилось, что стриминговый гигант долгое время недоплачивал своим авторам, высчитывая их гонорары по удобной для себя, но...

Netflix subscribers aren't interested in the company's mobile games

A new report reveals that under 1% of Netflix subscribers play the company's included premium mobile games on a daily basis.