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Tesla постепенно теряет долю на рынке электромобилей США — её теснят более доступные модели

Tesla по-прежнему лидирует по продажам электромобилей в США, но её доминирование на рынке ослабевает под натиском конкурентов, которые предлагают всё больше моделей с более привлекательной ценой, сообщает ресурс CNBC со ссылкой на исследование S&P Global Mobility.

Sony и Honda планируют установить PlayStation 5 в свой будущий автономный электромобиль - ITC.ua

Руководители совместного предприятия Sony Honda Mobility обдумывают включить PlayStation 5 в свой будущий электромобиль, ориентированный на развлечения.

Sony и Honda намерены интегрировать консоль PlayStation 5 в «развлекательный» электромобиль совместной разработки

Компании Sony и Honda, создавшие совместное предприятие Sony Honda Mobility для выпуска передовых электромобилей, не исключают интеграцию игровой консоли PlayStation 5 в новые транспортные средства.

The Amazonification of Uber • TechCrunch

Uber's omnichannel approach to mobility creates a closed business loop with each product feeding customers back into other Uber channels.

Helbiz sees losses in mobility revenue, slight gains in streaming • TechCrunch

Helbiz's third quarter earnings show a company that's burning cash, not making revenue gains and losing riders year over year.

NVIDIA RTX 40 Mobility Series GPUs Detailed: 30% Performance Gain Over Last Generation, Launch Date And More

I have something very interesting for our readers today. We were one of the first publications to bring you details about NVIDIA's RTX 30 series mobility lineup and today we received information from the same source about NVIDIA's RTX 40 mobility series graphics cards. To avoid compromising our source through persistent digital watermarks or even […]

SEMICON Europa 2022 Opens Tomorrow with Focus on Accelerating Semiconductor Industry Innovation  - World Tech News

MUNICH, Germany ─ November 14, 2022 ─ Business specialists from throughout the electronics design and manufacturing provide chain will collect beginning tomorrow at SEMICON Europa 2022 for the most recent developments and developments throughout key semiconductor business development segments together with superior packaging, supplies innovation, medtech and mobility. Essential semiconductor business points akin to sustainability, inexperienced […]

BYOD: A Necessity for Modern Business

BYOD adoption is increasing at a rapid pace, which is why your organization needs to have a good mobility management strategy in place.

Adopting Wearables with Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions

An appropriate enterprise mobility management solution is a must for any business using wearables.

How can my business establish a successful BYOD policy?

Companies may want to start thinking about the benefits of improved employee mobility and employee satisfaction when implementing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy.The modern workplace is ever-changing. Not all employees...

What is Mobility Management? - Definition from Techopedia

This definition explains the meaning of Mobility Management and why it matters.

What are Mobility Managed Services (MMS)? - Definition from Techopedia

This definition explains the meaning of Mobility Managed Services and why it matters.

What is Enterprise Mobility? - Definition from Techopedia

This definition explains the meaning of Enterprise Mobility and why it matters.

What is Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)? - Definition from Techopedia

This definition explains the meaning of Enterprise Mobility Management and why it matters.

Italian EV startup takes on US, Chinese rivals with design

Elon Musk's Tesla paved the way nearly two decades ago. Now, the global transition to fully electric vehicles is littered with startups, inspired by a new era in mobility and drawn by the lower cost of building EVs compared ...

Honda outs new aggressive e:N2 EV platform design for a 'rebirth into an electric mobility brand' - NotebookCheck.net News

Honda's near electric car future will be based on the e:N2 platform concept that it just announced. The angular, aggressive styling aims to symbolize the mass production plans of the company which plans to release no less than 10 electric vehicles based on the e:N platforms by 2027.

Honda and Sony Join Forces to Create EVs to Take You to the Metaverse | PCMag

By 2026, Sony Honda Mobility will produce EVs that have at least some self-driving capability and will be packed with Sony content.

Honda Developed a Tiny Micro-Mobility Vehicle and Pet-Like Robot | PCMag

Both the vehicle and the robot navigate by creating their own real-time map and can hold human-like conversations.

Azowo raises €10 million to power the next generation of connected sustainable mobility | EU-Startups

Stuttgart-based Azowo has just raised €10 million in its mission to power the transition towards sustainable mobility. The startup aims to fix the broken

Внедрение надувных парусов на торговых судах поможет обеспечить экономию топлива в размере 1 триллиона долларов США

Морская компания Compagnie Maritime Nantaise установла на торговом судне первую автоматизированную, убирающуюся, надувную парусную систему Michelin Wing Sail Mobility (WISAMO).

Making easy, clean and affordable mobility the norm: Interview with Rachel Lesslar, Founder, Vostok Electric | EU-Startups

According to the World Bank, some 56% of today’s world population – 4.4 billion inhabitants – live in cities. This trend is expected to continue, with the

Хакеры начали использовать уязвимости 2-летней давности в ПО Cisco | Channel4IT.com

Ставшими проблемными баги в Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client известны уже два года, но только сейчас их начали эксплуатировать, причем достаточно активно, чтобы вынудить CISA обратить пристальное внимание на эту проблему.