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Kandji improves its Device Harmony Platform for Apple enterprise | Computerworld

Kandji has enhanced its existing MDM platform, so I reached out to Weldon Dodd, the company's senior vice president for product strategy, to learn more.

AWS brings Verified Access security to the Apple enterprise | Computerworld

Amazon is working with MDM providers such as Jamf to enable secure access to applications without the need for a VPN.

Six Key Components to Enhance Your MDM Program - insideBIGDATA

In this special guest feature, Robert Eichelman, Solutions Architect at Experis, shows that whether you are starting to build your Master Data Management (MDM) approach or are continuing to evolve your current program, there are key MDM fundamentals to keep in mind. This article outlines six steps to help businesses evaluate and sustain an extendable program to help ensure future success.

7 Tips For Selecting an Enterprise Mobile Device Management Solution

Enterprise mobile device management (MDM) is an administrative aspect that deals with deploying, monitoring, securing and managing smartphones, tablets and laptops used in the workplace. Its prime objective is to enhance...

MDM: How Your Small Business Can Thrive Without an IT Team

A Mobile Device Management (MDM) service means that even without a dedicated IT Team your small or medium business can thrive, even remotely. Here's how.

What is Virtual Master Data Management (Virtual MDM or VMDM)? - Definition from Techopedia

This definition explains the meaning of Virtual Master Data Management and why it matters.

What is Social Master Data Management (Social MDM)? - Definition from Techopedia

This definition explains the meaning of Social Master Data Management and why it matters.

What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)? - Definition from Techopedia

This definition explains the meaning of Mobile Device Management and why it matters.

What is Master Data Management Software (MDM Software)? - Definition from Techopedia

This definition explains the meaning of Master Data Management Software and why it matters.

What is Master Data Management (MDM)? - Definition from Techopedia

This definition explains the meaning of Master Data Management and why it matters.

Приложение для управления устройствами в Android 2.2 – 2 Ответа

Если вы ищете управление устройствами в корпоративном сценарии, вы можете взглянуть на Oracle... Вопрос по теме: android, mdm, device-policy-manager.

Открыта нейросеть для создания анимаций движения по текстовому описанию — Ссылки в интернете на DTF

Исследователи из Тель-Авивского университета открыли код и веса модели MDM (Motion Diffusion Model).

Informatica vs Data Ladder | TechRepublic

Informatica MDM and Data Ladder are both data quality solutions. Discover which tool best fits your organization by reading this comparison.

MDM: A New Text-to-Motion Generative Model

This novel model can generate human motion based on an input text prompt.

HumanAct12 Benchmark (Motion Synthesis) | Papers With Code

The current state-of-the-art on HumanAct12 is MDM. See a full comparison of 1 papers with code.

Pimcore Signs A Huge Deal For Open Source Data Expansion

Pimcore, an open source enterprise platform for PIM, MDM, DAM, DXP, and e-commerce, has closed a $12 million Series B fundraising

Why CRM and Data Warehouses Fail with Customer 360 - insideBIGDATA

This whitepaper from our friends over at Profisee explains why achieving a complete view of the customer is so difficult and how customer relationship management (CRM) systems and data warehouses, especially in the  insurance industry, do not manage customer-related data well. The core elements of this type  of data fall into a discipline called Master Data Management (MDM).

Be (More) Wrong Faster – Dumbing Down Artificial Intelligence with Bad Data - insideBIGDATA

In this white paper, our friends over at Profisee discuss how Master Data Management (MDM) will put your organization on the fast track to automating processes and decisions while minimizing resource requirements, while simultaneously eliminating the risks associated with feeding AI and ML data that is not fully trusted. In turn, your digital business transformation will be accelerated and your competitive edge will be rock solid.

How Apple is improving Mac device management in macOS 13 | Computerworld

Companies using MDM solutions to manage fleets of Macs can expect some real software update management improvements when macOS 13 ships this fall.

Создаём компанию мечты: мастер-данные и интеграция / Habr

Есть легенда, что когда Билл Гейтс с коллегами продумывали архитектуру будущей Windows 3.1, они рисовали её от руки на склеенных ватманах. Маленькие квадратики обозначали блоки и модули системы, а...

Apple MDM industry outlook: M&A on the way | Computerworld

At this stage in the evolution of the Apple device management industry, it appears we are on the edge of a mergers and acquisitions frenzy.

Top 6 MDM solutions worth checking out | TechRepublic

Mobile device management is necessary for a secure mobile business environment. Check out these five MDM options.

MDM: Part of the mobile security solution? | Network World

The good news for enterprises: Mobile devices are packed with power. A new iPhone is 100 times lighter, 100 times faster, and 10 times less expensive than the luggable notebooks of the early 1980s.

Mobile application management (MAM) has put MDM in its place | Network World

The debate about the best tool set for enterprise mobility continues to rage between the mobile application management (MAM) and mobile device management (MDM) camps.

Software AG acquires MDM vendor | Network World

Software AG announced Monday that it has purchased MDM (master data management) vendor Data Foundations, and has plans to link that technology to its portfolio of BPM (business process management) and other middleware technologies. Terms were not disclosed.