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Schneider Electric, SAP tighten bonds to ease IIoT system integration | Network World

Two major companies, one specializing in high-tech industrial systems and the other in enterprise management software, are deepening their partnership, with the idea of making industrial IoT application deployment easier, and improving sustainability.

Cisco updates SD-WAN to simplify provisioning, management | Network World

Latest Cisco SD-WAN release will include new features to automate connectivity and expand support for regions, enabling greater redundancy and failover-centric network designs.

Cisco SD-WAN update aimed at simplifying provisioning, management | Network World

Latest Cisco SD-WAN release will include new features to automate connectivity and expand support for regions to deliver greater redundancy and failover.

How Western Digital expanded HDD tech to meet TCO demands

Ravi Pendekanti, SVP of Product Management & Marketing at Western Digital, shares how they expanded HDD technology to lower ownership costs.

Cisco to gauge user experience with its cloud-management service | Network World

AWS re:Invent: Cisco announces the addition of business transaction insights to its AppDynamics Cloud management platform .


AWS launches DataZone, a new ML-based data management service • TechCrunch

AWS today launched DataZone, a new ML-based tool that makes it easier for enterprises to build out data catalogs and govern this data.


Amplio helps companies find components when supply chain breaks down • TechCrunch

Amplio, a startup from a supply chain management veteran, helps companies find critical parts when the supply chain breaks down.

How to save a task as a template in ClickUp for a more efficient workflow

Jack Wallen shows how project management tools like ClickUp that make the job of creating efficient workflows easier.


GWT с системой управления контентом – 2 Ответа

Похоже, вы уже исключали внедрение модуля на разные сайты, но вы проверили GWT Exporter Проект... Вопрос по теме: java, content-management-system, gwt, seo, gwt-rpc.

How to Connect Trello to Notion to Simplify Your Workflow | TechRepublic

Read on to see how to easily connect your Trello cards to your Notion account for all your project management needs.

IBM buys Turbonomic for AIOps, hybrid-cloud management support | Network World

By acquiring Turbonomic, IBM gains tools that manage performance of everything from applications and containers to virtualization, cloud, and on-prem compute, storage, and network resources.

White Man | HackerNoon

Delving into the digital money management business and breaking down the Genesis/DCG/Greyscale soap opera.

10 most powerful network management companies | Network World

Innovative vendors have expanded beyond monitoring networks and are building full-stack, SaaS-based observability platforms.

How Bindle Makes It Easy to Store and Distribute Cloud Native Apps - The New Stack

Bindle was originally planned as a way to store and share WebAssembly applications and binaries although it’s proving useful for other forms of package management.

What project management features are needed by certain workers | TechRepublic

These are the right project management features for the right workers, from executives to IT staff.

How to Handle Sessions with Cookies and Tokens  - The New Stack

An application is usually an orchestration of several components, requiring more advanced session management than a single instance.

За первый квартал 2022 года в игровую индустрию было инвестировано $3.5 млрд - Shazoo

Агентство Digital Development Management отчиталось, что за первый квартал 2022 года в игровую индустрию было инвестировано $3.5 млрд. Эта сумма на 10.3% меньше, чем в предыдущем квартале. Инвестиции в блокчейн-игры...

MIT, BCG research digs into the value of enterprise artificial intelligence: What employees get out of AI | VentureBeat

New research from BCG Henderson Institute and MIT Sloan Management Review found that 85% of employees say they directly benefit from AI in the workplace.

Mastering Active Directory groups can streamline management, pave way for automation | Network World

Best practices for managing identities and permissions in Active Directory can help enterprises handle complexity as AD environments scale.