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Zeraki, a Kenyan edtech providing digital solutions for school admin, raises $1.8M • TechCrunch

Zeraki plans on introducing more administrative tools for schools, in addition to supporting parents with fee loans.


Google объединяет команды Maps и Waze для оптимизации процессов и сокращения расходов - ITC.ua

Объединение команд, уверенны в Google, поможет оптимизировать работу и сократить расходы. Уже с пятницы более 500 сотрудников Waze присоединятся к организации


1Password introduces new tools to secure development life cycle - World Tech News

1Password, the human-centric safety and privateness firm, right this moment introduced an answer supposed to assist corporations enhance the best way that they handle and safe infrastructure secrets and techniques all through the event lifecycle. In accordance with 1Password, the brand new options, together with the CI/CD integrations and 1Password Shell Plugins, supply builders the […]


Утилита Linux с открытым исходным кодом используется для взлома устройств | Startpack

Исследователи выявили, что некоторые хакеры не заинтересованы в установке отдельных вредоносных программ или вирусов на целевые конечные точки. Вместо этого они стараются перенести весь свой набор инструментов на устройство жертвы. Это помогает злоумышленнику выбрать лучший


How to Create an Ext4 File System with Mkfs

In this article, we have learned how we can create an EXT4 partition on Linux. Ext4 is the successor to ext3 in the Linux File system family.


Basic Character Driver in Linux

Tutorial on the basic character driver to implement the basic write and read operations and the sample makefile to compile the module along with the test app.


The Blender Foundation Releases Blender 3.4

The new version of the software brings path-guiding support to Cycles, new sculpt and paint masking tools, new UV editing tools, and more.

Apple adds hundreds of price points and new tools to the App Store

Apple is making some changes to the App Store, giving developers more options regarding price points and also new tools.

Legion Solar 7 DIY Home Power System with AI begins crowdfunding - NotebookCheck.net News

PLX Devices Inc. is currently crowdfunding for the Legion Solar 7 Home Power System via Indiegogo. The DIY kits include solar panels and a Solar Regulator with an AI computer, with various bundles on offer. You can control the system and view power consumption information in an accompanying smartphone app.

3 SEO tools to build for your clients in Looker Studio

Creating technical SEO auditing, keyword research, and link building tracking tools is easy with Google's Looker Studio. Learn how here.


How to Debug Like a Senior Developer | HackerNoon

My new online course is launching with the first video ready to view. Many more are coming in the coming months, also my book is ready for preorder!


Apple announces full iCloud encryption is coming alongside other new security tools | iMore

Big changes are coming in terms of security on Apple devices.

Xfce 4.18 Coming Soon and Offers Subtle Improve... » Linux Magazine

The Xfce team has announced the release date of the next iteration of the desktop, which includes a good number of features to polish the fan-favor...

4MLinux 41.0 Now Stable and Ready for Use » Linux Magazine

The developers behind 4MLinux have changed the status of 41.0 to STABLE, which means it's ready for prime time.

Linux Mint 21.1 Enters Beta Status » Linux Magazine

With a new version of the Cinnamon Desktop, Linux Mint 21.1 has plenty to offer.


As Apple's App Store expands price points options, RevenueCat rolls out A/B price testing tools • TechCrunch

Just a day after Apple announced a revamp of its App Store pricing policy to introduce 700 new price points, subscription platform RevenueCat is rolling out a new feature that will allow developers to A/B test different price points for their app subscriptions. The feature, called “Experiments,” aims to help developers determine the best price […]


Instagram's new transparency tools will tell you if your content is ineligible to be recommended • TechCrunch

Instagram announced today that it's introducing new transparency tools so you can see whether or not your photos and videos are recommended in the app.

Microsoft to take on Facebook and Discord with Teams communities | Windows Central

Microsoft just launched a new communities feature for Teams. It competes with Facebook, Discord, and other popular tools for organizing and managing groups.

Microsoft just opened the doors for independent game development | Windows Central

Microsoft just announced that ID@Azure members can now apply to be members of the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub. Both services provide tools for smaller developers, such as ways to make multipla

Microsoft is giving budding game developers more tools and rewards for using Azure

Developers who signed up for ID@Azure can benefit from a new partnership with Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub with free Azure credits and more.


Canva targets business users with generative AI-powered tools | VentureBeat

Canva is boosting its efforts to target enterprise business users with today’s release of Canva Docs and the AI-powered Magic Write.


The smallest robotic arm you can imagine is controlled by artificial intelligence

Researchers used deep reinforcement learning to steer atoms into a lattice shape, with a view to building new materials or nanodevices.


KDnuggets News, December 7: Top 10 Data Science Myths Busted • 4 Useful Intermediate SQL Queries for Data Science - KDnuggets

Top 10 Data Science Myths Busted • 4 Useful Intermediate SQL Queries for Data Science • Scikit-Learn Cheat Sheet for Machine Learning • How I got 4 Data Science Offers and Doubled my Income 2 Months after being Laid off • 8 Best Python Image Manipulation Tools


Выполнение Python из PHP - Выбор версии Python (Linux - CentOS) – 1 Ответ

В файле test.py есть ошибка. Выполнение файла в терминале показывает следующий вывод: bash:... Вопрос по теме: php, python, linux, python-2.7, centos.


make-файл для нескольких файлов не работает – 1 Ответ

Я не вижу определения LIBCOMPBKUP. Таким образом, all цели расширяются до: all: ... Вопрос по теме: c++, makefile, linux.

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