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Predictions for AI, video, chips and more in 2023 | Deloitte | VentureBeat

The new year will see AI tools for chip design, video streams with ad support, and a crowd of satellites in space, according to Deloitte.


This AI-Powered Houdini Tool Can Turn 3D Renders Into Init_Images

The tool was created by Mohsen Tabasi and is currently WIP.

Deepmind Researchers Introduce NEVIS’22, A New AI Benchmark Developed Using 30 Years of Computer Vision Research - MarkTechPost

Deepmind Researchers Introduce NEVIS’22, A New AI Benchmark Developed Using 30 Years of Computer Vision Research



Turn text into AI spokesperson video in minutes.

Cicero from meta may foreshadow hybrid AI future architectures - DataScienceCentral.com

Last week,meta announced a new game changing announcement called Cicero that points to a possible new future for AI. Cicero, from meta, is an AI that can play (at human comparable capabilities) the game of Diplomacy


Cerebras unveils new partnerships for LLM and generative AI tools | VentureBeat

Cerebras Systems announced a new partnership with Cirrascale Cloud Services on an LLM tool and a partnership with Jasper AI on a generative AI tool.


Google May Not Be Able to Crack Down on AI Generated Words | HackerNoon

Google will fail to crack down on AI Generated content, but not for the reasons you think. In this blog post, I explored why and how I arrived at my conclusion.


Взломавший FTX хакер перевел 255 BTC на биржу OKX | ForkLog

Атаковавший FTX хакер перевел по меньшей мере 255 BTC (~$4,2 млн по текущему курсу) на биржу OKX. 1/ Myself and @bax1337 spent this past weekend looking into the FTX attacker’s deposits to ChipMixer. It appears they’ve likely been transferring a portion of the stolen FTX funds to OKX after withdrawing from CMSo far we’ve accounted


The Anyscale Platform™, built on Ray, Introduces New Breakthroughs in AI Development, Experimentation and AI Scaling - insideBIGDATA

Anyscale, the company behind Ray open source, the unified compute framework for scaling any machine learning or Python workload, announced several new advancements on the Anyscale Platform™ at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, NV. The new capabilities extend beyond the advantages of Ray open source to make AI/ML and Python workload development, experimentation, and scaling even easier for developers.


How AI Is Transforming Mobile App Development Industry in 2023 | HackerNoon

Want to learn how Artificial Intelligence is making a huge impact on App Development Industry? Here's a detailed guide on AI Is Transforming Mobile Apps.

Meet 'Magic3D': An AI-Based Text-to-3D Content Creation Tool That Creates 3D Mesh Models With Unprecedented Quality - MarkTechPost

Meet 'Magic3D': An AI-Based Text-to-3D Content Creation Tool That Creates 3D Mesh Models With Unprecedented Quality


Anyscale unveils new tool for building and scaling AI and ML development | VentureBeat

Anyscale Workspaces, available today in early preview, provides users with a cloud-managed developer environment for building and scaling AI in a repeatable approach.


Amazon’s new Alexa feature uses AI to create animated kids’ stories on Echo Show • TechCrunch

Amazon announced today “Create with Alexa,” a new AI tool for kids that generates animated stories on Echo Show devices.


Andrew Ng's Netail offers AI for retailers to ease change from physical to digital | VentureBeat

Netail, which closed $5M in seed funding, enables retailers to identify competitors, track their inventory, and optimize prices.


Is AI moving too fast for ethics? | The AI Beat | VentureBeat

Check out the on-demand sessions from the Low-Code/No-Code Summit to learn how to successfully innovate and achieve efficiency by upskilling and scaling citizen developers. Watch now. Last weekend may have been a holiday in Silicon Valley, with AI researchers wolfing down turkey before preparing to fly to New Orleans for the start of NeurIPS (which […]


Learn How a Team of Three Created a Text-to-3D Model AI in 2 Weeks

The Physna team has published an in-depth breakdown explaining how they accomplished the feat.


Як псевдорекрутери обманюють кандидатів-стажерів, виманюючи у них гроші в обмін на роботу. Схема однієї IT-контори | dev.ua

UX/UI Designer Альона Фараонова розповіда в LinkedIn історію спроби працевлаштування в одну з українських компаній, яка після проходження тестового завдання пропонує спочатку сплатити кошти за додаткові курси, а вже потім пробувати свої сили в роботі. Розповідаємо деталі історії. Як 


ZeroEGGS: Ubisoft's Speech-to-Gesture Neural Network

The framework only requires a short example motion clip and a speech prompt to generate a believable animation.


Аналітик вважає, що курс біткоїну наближається до рівня "максимального болю" – CryptoMisto

Відомий аналітик Віллі Ву повідомив у своєму Твіттері, що вартість біткоїна приближається до рівня "максимального болю".


Where CISOs rely on AI and machine learning to strengthen cybersecurity | VentureBeat

AI and ML are core to zero trust, strengthening cybersecurity by scaling data analysis volume while increasing response speeds.

The Art of Forgery » Linux Magazine

Auction houses are selling AI-based artwork that looks like it came from the grand masters. The Internet is peppered with photos of people who don'...

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