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SAP Builds a Low-Code Platform on K8s and Cloud Functions - The New Stack

The new SAP Build, a low-code service built on SAP Business Technology Platform, uses Kubernetes as its underlying architecture to scale out its multicloud service.


Face the Facts: There is no Kubectl Restart Pod Command. Here's What You Can Try Instead | HackerNoon

Many Kubernetes operators search for a command like “kubectl restart pod." Sadly, there is no such command in Kubernetes. But workarounds exist.

What is Serverless — Part 5: Reference Architectures for Common Types of Serverless Applications | HackerNoon

This is the last part of a 5-part blog series. See <a href="https://platform9.com/blog/what-is-serverless-and-what-it-means-for-you-part-1/" target="_blank">part 1</a>, <a href="https://platform9.com/blog/what-is-serverless-part-2-challenges-and-considerations-for-choosing-the-right-serverless-solution/" target="_blank">part 2</a>, <a href="https://platform9.com/blog/what-is-serverless-part-3-kubernetes-and-serverless/" target="_blank">Part 3</a>, and <a href="https://platform9.com/blog/what-is-serverless-

Solving the Kubernetes and Storage Challenge | HackerNoon

It seems that everyone is infatuated with Kubernetes. Every organization has an active project with Kubernetes or planning one. When adopting Kubernetes organizations are quickly realizing that many decisions need to be made and that Kubernetes is no simple thing. Some common questions are:

Kubernetes 101: Install Kubernetes on Rocky Linux - The New Stack

Kubernetes on Linux: This tutorial will walk you through the process of installing MicroK8s on Rocky Linux 9.

Introduction to Kubernetes Imperative Commands - The New Stack

While great for learning, imperative commands don't give you full access to the Kubernetes API. They're mostly used to create YAML manifests and objects on the go.

Livin’ Kubernetes on the (Immutable) Edge with Kairos Project - The New Stack

A new open source project is designed to tackle the need for immutability and atomic upgrades.

ML Can Prevent Getting Burned for Kubernetes Provisioning - The New Stack

In this episode of TNS Makers podcast, StormForge’s Yasmin Rajabi and Patrick Bergstrom look at how to properly provision Kubernetes resources and handle the associated challenges.

Implement Postgres on Kubernetes with Ondat and SUSE Rancher - The New Stack

A step-by-step guide to implementing a DBaaS with the Percona operator and deploying a Rancher Kubernetes Engine cluster on Digital Ocean.

Retrospective: Why Was Cloud Foundry at KubeCon? - The New Stack

At KubeCon, Cloud Foundry showcased two new projects: Korifi, a new Cloud Foundry abstraction for the Kubernetes API and Paketo Buildpacks, a collection of Cloud Native Buildpacks.

Confidential Compute on Azure with Kubernetes - The New Stack

Confidential virtual machine node pools for Azure Kubernetes Service are the next step to using the cloud without trusting cloud providers. “What we see today is our customers are looking to trust as little as possible,” a Microsoft exec notes.

MySQL: 8.0 занимает необычное время для инициализации в Docker – 1 Ответ

Похоже, это была проблема медленного хранения. После обновления моего диска до SSD время ожидания... Вопрос по теме: mysql, docker, kubernetes, minikube.

Mocking RESP API in 20 minutes via Yakbak / Habr

Imagine this: you are an ordinary frontend developer. When you open your mailbox you found a message — tomorrow DevOps team will make an optimization with Kubernetes. You are experienced developer...

The Flywheel Effect of Kubernetes APIs - The New Stack

A look at new areas where Kubernetes-like declarative APIs and complementary developer tools like Dapr are gaining popularity and becoming mainstream.

Kubernetes Security Software's Benefits And Drawbacks

According to research by ARMO, the majority of businesses use open source Kubernetes security software, making open source products

Kubernetes and Amazon Web Services - The New Stack

In this podcast recording, AWS Senior Engineer Jay Pipes discusses Amazon Web Services' use of Kubernetes, as well as the company's contribution to the Kubernetes code base. The interview was recorded at KubeCon North America last month. 

Enabling Collaborative K8s Troubleshooting with ChatOps - The New Stack

ChatOps lets you chat directly with your Kubernetes cluster to monitor, debug and optimize it.

Companies Paying For Commercial Kubernetes Security Use Open

According to research by ARMO, the majority of businesses use open source Kubernetes security software, making open source

OutSystems expands low-code platform with cloud-native development offering - World Tech News

OutSystems is increasing its low-code platform with capabilities for cloud-native growth within the new OutSystems Developer Cloud (ODC). ODC combines an structure based mostly on Kubernetes, Linux containers, microservices, and AWS native cloud providers with CI/CD, enterprise-grade safety, and the productiveness of low-code.  It makes use of AI-augmented growth by way of AI Code Mentor, […]

We Moved 250 Microservices to Kubernetes With No Downtime | HackerNoon

How to move spring boot microservices cluster to kubernetes

How do companies use Kubernetes?

Businesses and other stakeholders use Kubernetes to build a container environment for applications, and to manage and deploy container systems. This technology, which emerged in 2014, allows for managed containerization,...

What is Kubernetes? - Definition from Techopedia

This definition explains the meaning of Kubernetes and how it supports containers.

Mysql k8s Pod с томом монтирования на AWS не работает – 1 Ответ

Этот каталог всегда присутствует в корневом пути тома, поэтому вы не можете просто удалить его. У... Вопрос по теме: mysql, amazon-web-services, kubernetes.

Containers and Virtualization - DataScienceCentral.com

This topic focuses on containers and virtualization systems, including hypervisors, docker, kubernetes, and related technologies.

I Thought I Had Observability - My Short DNS Story | HackerNoon

DNS Kubernetes improvements, How to change ndots option default value of dns in Kubernetes. DNS k8s best practices.

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