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Latest Windows 11 optional update adds Spotlight theme and changes to OneDrive storage

The latest Windows 11 cumulative update prepares for the upcoming changes to Microsoft cloud storage and adds a new theme option.


AMD FSR 2.1 Was Added to Saints Row with PC Specific Patch

Developer Volition released a small PC specific patch for Saints Row that adds AMD FSR 2.1 support, enhancing frame rates for everyone.

Social Media Content Strategy: From Start To Finish

For brands without a social media plan, here's your strategy to bookmark. Create social media posts, publish them, and track your results efficiently.


Self-driving lorries hit the road in Sweden

Barrelling down a motorway south of Stockholm in a 40-ton lorry and trailer, the driver keeps a careful eye on the road but, jarringly, no hands on the wheel.


Basketball study automates patterns of play to compare teams' performance

New analysis of elite women's basketball automatically pinpoints a team's chances of high or low scoring plays despite the ball's trajectory looking the same, in research developed by QUT data scientists.


Cracking the covert app that exposed Europe's drug gangs

From torture and murder in the Netherlands and Serbia to an unprecedented web of corruption in Belgium, the Sky ECC investigation has shone a light into some of Europe's darkest corners.


Huawei Watch Buds is a Smartwatch That Comes with TWS Earbuds Inside

Huawei has announced the Huawei Watch Buds; a smartwatch that has true-wireless earbuds housed inside the case.


iPhone Customer Gets Robbed Outside Apple Store, Damages Mounting to Almost $100,000

In an unfortunate incident, a man carrying nearly $100,000 of Apple products was outside of the company’s retail outlet

Surface Duo may be getting its own Insider Program for Android betas soon | Windows Central

References to a "Surface Insider Program "on Duo have been spotted.

Nesta Impact Investments ramps up support for game-changing startups with new €57.9 million strategy | EU-Startups

Nesta Impact Investments, the investment arm of UK social innovation agency Nesta, has unveiled a new €57.9 million (£50 million) investment strategy to


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla update 1.6.2 Has Been Released Early

Initially planned for a release on December 6th, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla update 1.6.2 has now been released.


Ремейк культовой градостроительной стратегии Pharaoh не выйдет в срок, но есть и хорошая новость

Издательство Dotemu и разработчики из французской студии Triskell Interactive рассказали о прогрессе производства градостроительной стратегии Pharaoh: A New Era и новых сроках выхода игры.

Pitch for The Right Five - The Startup Pitch

The Right Five is an online assessment/rules engine that determines if applicants are the type of salesperson proven to be successful as the first sales hire in a B2B tech startup.


Disney coughs up $900M to acquire MLB's remaining stake in BAMTech streaming company • TechCrunch

The latest transaction makes Disney a 100% owner of BAMTech, a firm whose technology powers Disney+ and other Disney consumer services.


Predictions for AI, video, chips and more in 2023 | Deloitte | VentureBeat

The new year will see AI tools for chip design, video streams with ad support, and a crowd of satellites in space, according to Deloitte.


Dylan Browne's Ocean System for Rendered Cinematics 2.0 Released

The update brings the ability to set up translucency via a single-layer water shading model.


eFounders morphs into Hexa, a portfolio company of startup studios • TechCrunch

Over the past 11 years, eFounders has refined the startup studio model in Europe. The company has contributed to the launch of more than 30 different startups, including three unicorns — Spendesk, Aircall and Front. While things seem to be doing well for the startup studio, eFounders is pivoting — sort of. As of today, eFounders […]


Telegram shares data of users accused of copyright violation following court order • TechCrunch

The compliance is a remarkable illustration of the data Telegram stores on its users and can be made to disclose by authorities.

Google: HTTP/3 Doesn’t Impact SEO

HTTP/3 doesn’t have a direct impact on SEO despite its faster performance, Google says.



A Solana service that let your customers use your DApp for free by setting your wallet as the fee payer of your customer's transactions.



A safe browser and search engine for curious kids.

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