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MosaLingua Premium (lifetime) - Learn languages quickly | AppSumo

Learn languages with the MosaLingua Premium, the all-in-one language learning platform & mobile app that helps you master foreign languages in no time. More than 11 million users worldwide use MosaLingua to learn and practice languages. REVIEWS. - More than 100,000 reviews in iTunes and Google Play

Fanhattan App Helps You Choose What To Watch On The iPad (Update) – TechCrunch

There are plenty of apps that let you watch TV and movies on your iPad: Hulu Plus, Netflix, Vudu and even trusty old iTunes. But how do you know what's available out there? Guess what! There's an app for that. Fanhattan just launched on the App Store, and it's all about discovery. When you load up the app, you have two options: Movies or TV. From there, Fanhattan groups content into genres like Hottest, Newest, Top Rated, Critic's Picks, and Oscar Award Winners or Emmy Nominated Shows. But that's pretty ba

Local Recommendations App Alfred Hits iPad, Plans To Add Deal Curation Soon – TechCrunch

Local recommendations mobile app Alfred has arrived in a new, iPad-optimized format (iTunes) which includes deeper integration with Facebook. The optional Facebook Connect sign-in feature enables Alfred to better learn about its users' preferences by mining Facebook data for likes and check-ins. Alfred, which comes from a startup called Clever Sense, is focused heavily on its use of algorithms to surface recommendations as a differentiating factor between it and other, similar applications.

Appsbar Launches Free, DIY App-Building Toolkit For Bands – TechCrunch

DIY mobile app creator appsbar is launching a new toolkit for garage bands and other budding artists today called "Discography." With this option, available in the "create new page” section of appsbar's free app builder, artists can enter in their Artist ID from iTunes or set up a separate payment service to be used for selling their songs. Included with the new toolkit are social sharing functions that allow artists to send out messages to the app's users when a new track is available for download. The

Logostream Groups Apps By Brands For Easier Discovery – TechCrunch

App discovery company AppsFire is debuting a new iOS application today called Logostream, which offers a curated view of the iTunes application store. The app provides users with an easy way to find new apps to try, through the use of high-level categories and app icons you can flip through with your finger as they stream by. It's a simplified alternative to what can sometimes be the overwhelming experience of browsing through the iTunes App Store itself.

Distimo’s Year-End Report Shows Why Developers Love iOS: iPhone 4x Android Revenue, iPad 2x – TechCrunch

There are now over a million mobile applications available across the top seven major app stores, according to mobile analytics firm Distimo in its year-end report for 2011. And, not surprisingly, the iTunes App Store is still the one to beat, especially if you're a developer looking to make a profit. The iPhone App Store generates about four times the revenue that is generated by the Google Android Market, the report finds, in terms of total revenue generated by the 200 highest grossing apps. Meanwhile, t

Eeve Creates Location-Based Photo Groups, Automatic For The People – TechCrunch

Eeve is an iPhone app [iTunes link] that allows people to create location-based photo albums that sort of clump together to document events. There are hits and misses in this space. Gowalla tried to get people to tell stories with check-ins and photos. Color, and largely failed, to group location with photos. The EyeEm app introduces a location-based element. Few apps have really captured the imagination, other than maybe Instagram, but that won't let you 'join' a location-based group. Eeve does.

Fingerprint’s Educational Apps For Kids Are Hot: 2M+ Minutes Played This Month – TechCrunch

San Francisco-based Fingerprint Digital, a startup building educational apps for kids, is blowing up. The company released its first apps into iTunes on December 1st, and already, it has seen over 270,000 game playing sessions for a combined total of over 2 million minutes played. And, according to CEO Nancy MacIntyre, its apps are about to reach download numbers in the six figures. In just two weeks, Fingerprint pushed two of its games into the top five in the educational apps' category: Big Kid Life Fire

Last-Minute Gift Guide 2011: iOS Apps – TechCrunch

Looking for a quick last-minute gift? Not feeling up to fighting the holiday traffic, crowds and checkout lines? Just too lazy busy to shop? Then you may want to consider giving the gift of an iOS app. You can gift any paid app from iTunes on your computer or from the app's description page on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Just scroll down past the screenshot and look for the "gift this app" button. All you'll need is the recipient's email address to complete the transaction.

Shazam Launches New App Focused On Lyric Play: Shazam Player (Update) – TechCrunch

iTunes is great and everything, but it's still just a standard music player. The most exciting feature of the whole program is Genius, at least in my opinion, and even that can be off from time to time. But Shazam wants you to ingest your music a bit differently from here on out, and has launched the Shazam Player app to give users a better chance to leverage its new feature, Lyric Play. Lyric Play is already available in the premium version of Shazam, Shazam Encore, and allows users to see lyrics playing

Record Exec Says Google Music Is Losing Users. But Is It Worth Saving? – TechCrunch

Users are tuning out of Google Music, the search engine's foray into music cloud storage, streaming and sales. A high-ranking digital music executive told The Music Void that Google Music is losing users week after week, despite its preferred access to over 200 million Android installs,. Seems its lack of marketing, the missing Warner deal, and competition from iTunes Match and Spotify are taking their toll. If Google needs music to win mobile, it should put its weight behind this product. Otherwise, it's

Crosswa.lk, The App Discovery Service Better Than iTunes Genius, Is Now An App – TechCrunch

Mobile application discovery service Crosswa.lk has just debuted its much anticipated native counterpart, in the form of a new iPhone application. The app soft-launched over the weekend, allowing users to see what apps their friends are using as well as those that are popular on the wider Crosswa.lk network. It also allows users to quickly rate apps and receive recommendations of apps they might like to try. As a self-described app addict, I've enjoyed using Crosswa.lk's online service since its November l

SmartSync Releases New Version Of The App That Turns You Into A God – TechCrunch

SmartSync, which has been doing good business on the iPhone app store [itunes link], has released an updated version that is a big improvement on the original app, which has become popular because it makes you sound like some sort of omnipresent god. No, I got that wrong. Let's try that again. It's like having a CRM for your friends. When someone calls you, SmartSync displays their latest Facebook statuses or photos against the call. Say they said they were tired. When they call you you say "Wow, sorry to

Apple Rejects Apps Integrating Micro-Payments Service Flattr, Company Claims “It’s Not the End” – TechCrunch

It may not be the end, but the prognosis doesn't look good. Social micro-payments platform Flattr is taking an unkind hit in terms of its future growth opportunities on mobile, the company details on its blog this morning. After being integrated into popular third-party podcast manager Instacast back in February, Apple decided at the beginning of May to reject the app from the iTunes App Store due to its Flattr integration. The result? The only way Instacast could get back into the app store was to chang

SlickFlick App Lets You Tell Stories With Your Photos, Signs Getty Deal – TechCrunch

It's been fascinating to watch the proliferation of photo apps before and since the rise of Instagram and its sale to Facebook. EyeEm has a beautiful app which makes tagging images to locations ridiculously simple (plus all that filter goodness). LoopCam makes hilarious photo loops you want to share with your friends. Now SlickFlick has appeared with an iOS app to help you create fun stories around your pictures. [download from iTunes here] The boot-strapped startup was founded by Maria Constantinescu who

Social Maps App CityMaps Arrives In Boston, Rolls Out Local Recommendations – TechCrunch

CityMaps, the social mapping company fresh off its $2.5 million Series A, is rolling out a big update today which not only brings the service to a fourth city (Boston), but also introduces a recommendations feature it calls "Featured Maps." This option allows users to quickly see recommended places to eat, drink, shop and play as a new layer on the map. The update is live now in the iTunes App Store, and while I don't have CityMaps available in my hometown just yet (it's currently in New York, San Francisc

Over A Year Later, Amazon Cloud Player Finally Arrives On iPhone – TechCrunch

It's been over a year since Amazon debuted its cloud-based music storage and streaming application, Amazon Cloud Player, and today the app is finally arriving on iOS. This morning, Amazon announced Cloud Player for iPhone and iPod Touch has gone live in the iTunes App Store, allowing users to store up to 5 GB of music for free, and then purchase additional storage, if need be. The service works much like Amazon Cloud Player for desktop and Android, but you're not able to purchase any music within the appli

Glyph’s New iPhone App Tells You What Credit Cards To Use To Earn Better Rewards – TechCrunch

Glyph is a new mobile application, now live in the iTunes App Store, that will tell you the best credit card to use in order to earn the most valuable rewards, whether that's cash back, travel or hotel loyalty points, discounts, or any other type of credit card-activated reward. At launch, the company supports over 250 credit cards, including the top 18 credit issuers in the U.S., representing over 90% of today's credit cards transactions.

FrameBlast Has A Crack At The Instagram For Video Category With A Smart iOS App – TechCrunch

A number of startups have attempted to create what might be termed the "Instagram for video". Now, before you throw up in your mouth at such an idea, consider the players so far. Well known Smule entered the race with its Strum app. Viddy, the popular social video app, shot for this target. And let's not forget Magisto, Lumify - and even good old iMovie. But there's no reason to assume anyone has cracked it, and now there's a new kid on the block in the form of FrameBlast on iOS [iTunes link].

EyeEm Photo App Snaps At Instagram’s Heels In iTunes Free App Charts – TechCrunch

EyeEm, the Berlin based social photo and filters app, has been snapping at the heels of photo giant Instagram in the US iOS app charts this week. A week ago they were No. 242 in the photo and video charts, but at one point this week they were No2. behind YouTube. Yesterday they held the No. 20 spot in the free app chart overall, ahead of Instagram at No. 22. The movement was picked up by social photography blogger Dirk Singer after he checked Appannie.com. It will take a lot to challenge Instagram, but suc

Google Muscles Further Into Paid Discovery Of Apps With New Focus On Click-To-Download Mobile Ads – TechCrunch

The app stores are overrun, and there's little way to get noticed until you break into the charts. So Google has just announced a new AdWords unit called "Click-To-Download" mobile ads that lead directly to iTunes and Google Play. With a similar design to Facebook's app ads, Google is reaching out its hand for a cut of the paid discovery market emerging as every company in the world goes mobile.

Google Brings Its Local Discovery App “Field Trip” To The iPhone – TechCrunch

Google's location-based Field Trip application has just made its way to the iTunes App Store today, after previously having been Android-only. The app, which works a little bit like Google Now, runs in the background on your phone then automatically shows you information about nearby businesses, including places to shop, dine, and be entertained.

Eventful 2.0 Gives Its 20M Users A Personalized List Of Everything Going On Nearby – TechCrunch

It's not going to win any beauty pageants, but Eventful's 2.0 could make sure you never get bored. It's racked up 20 million registered users and shows of 4 million events at a time, but with today's big relaunch Eventful gets personalized thanks to your Facebook, iTunes, Spotify, and Last.fm data. That lets it show you concerts you'll love, along with movie times, conferences, festivals and more.

Google Updates Search iOS App With Minor Bug Fixes, Still No Sign Of Google Now – TechCrunch

Google has quietly rolled out an update to its Google Search app for iOS, and before you get your hopes up, I'll go ahead and tell you that there's no "Google Now" anywhere to be seen. The update does, however, bring with it some improvements to voice search. According to the official iTunes page, users will have "faster and significantly improved voice recognition with text streamed on the fly."

Crosswa.lk Debuts First Public-Facing Tool To Send iOS Apps From Web To Mobile, No Need To Launch iTunes – TechCrunch

Crosswa.lk, a mobile application discovery which just over a year ago arrived on the iPhone as an improved version of Apple’s “Genius,” has been quietly building a new product over the past several months, as tides have turned against apps which serve to recommend or promote other apps. The new Crosswa.lk, instead of being a […]