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The Best Touch-Screen Gloves for Your Frozen Fingers | PCMag

Warm up your digits while you keep a handle on your phone with a pair of touch-screen-friendly winter gloves. Check out the best pairs we've found for men, women, and kids.


Sensor-based Control in Cobots: Its Opportunities and Challenges | HackerNoon

Introduction of the very basic formulation of the major sensor-servo problem, and then presenting its most common approaches like touch-based,

Вот как могла бы выглядеть игра "Лучше звоните Солу" на Gameboy - Shazoo

Ютубер Lumpy Touch опубликовал свое новое творение — видение того, как могла бы выглядеть игра по сериалу "Лучше звоните Солу", если бы ее делали на GameBoy. Трехминутный тизер включает спойлеры...

Майбутній планшет iPad 10 вперше показали з усіх боків – Український телекомунікаційний портал

У Мережі опублікували перші рендери iPad 10, створені на основі креслень майбутнього планшета компанії Apple, що втекли в мережу. Якщо вірити зображенням, планшет iPad 10 збереже фізичну кнопку Home, в яку вбудовано дактилоскопічний датчик Touch ID.  Джерело стверджує, що iPad 10 має діагональ 10,5

This 'Invisible Finger' Can Take Over Your Touch Screen | PCMag

Controlling your phone or tablet with a touch screen seems very direct and intimate. Nobody could manipulate your display without touching it, right? Wrong.

Landing-limited aggregation and prime number detection - ScienceDirect

An aggregation model is introduced based on the principles that N freely diffusing monomers stick together to form a cluster when they touch, the moti…

Become An Artist With Mixel’s Remixable iPad Collage App – TechCrunch

Mixel is a new iPad app that just hit the App Store, but it's also a new art medium. Mixel allows users to assemble collages by manipulating images pulled from their device, Facebook photos, and Bing search. It's different from glue and paper cut-outs and existing collage apps, though, because every finished Mixel creation is publicly available for other users to pick apart, remix, and share. Forget the sanctity of something hung in a gallery, Mixel's tag line is "Please touch the art".

BBC’s Global iPlayer Heads To The iPhone, iPod touch – TechCrunch

While not everyone would agree, I'm firmly of the belief that news (and most everything) sounds much better delivered in a British accent. The BBC's new global iPlayer app, which has launched in more than 11 western European countries, offers up much more than just your daily news, but is chock-full of fun words like "arse," "blimey," and one of my personal favorites, "daft." If you're into that kinda thing (like myself), you likely want to know that the BBC will launch its iPlayer app here in the States o

Last-Minute Gift Guide 2011: iOS Apps – TechCrunch

Looking for a quick last-minute gift? Not feeling up to fighting the holiday traffic, crowds and checkout lines? Just too lazy busy to shop? Then you may want to consider giving the gift of an iOS app. You can gift any paid app from iTunes on your computer or from the app's description page on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Just scroll down past the screenshot and look for the "gift this app" button. All you'll need is the recipient's email address to complete the transaction.

Shelby.tv To Launch “Touch Play”: An AirPlay-Based Gesture Remote – TechCrunch

Video-sharing startup (and stars of Bloomberg’s TechStars reality show) Shelby.tv is about to launch a pretty nifty feature called "Touch Play." The new addition, a gesture-based remote control that works via Apple's AirPlay, will be shown off at next week's CES, with its launch planned for the week following.

Third Pivot’s The Charm? Events Site Ravn Becomes Flash Sales Site Touch Of Modern – TechCrunch

No one ever called a limit on the number pivots a company can do, right? So here's the latest at a company we've been watching for a while now. RAVN, an event planning and sharing app that itself was the product of a pivot from the developers behind "experiences marketplace" Skyara, has sent a letter out to its users telling them that the app is getting shut down at the end of this month. In RAVN's place, the founders are starting up yet another business -- their third -- also loosely based around events

Over A Year Later, Amazon Cloud Player Finally Arrives On iPhone – TechCrunch

It's been over a year since Amazon debuted its cloud-based music storage and streaming application, Amazon Cloud Player, and today the app is finally arriving on iOS. This morning, Amazon announced Cloud Player for iPhone and iPod Touch has gone live in the iTunes App Store, allowing users to store up to 5 GB of music for free, and then purchase additional storage, if need be. The service works much like Amazon Cloud Player for desktop and Android, but you're not able to purchase any music within the appli

Samsung Officially Brings Motion-Controlled Angry Birds To Select Smart TVs – TechCrunch

It was only a few weeks ago that we first heard about Angry Birds coming to Samsung's Smart TVs, and it would appear that one of the most popular games in the world has now become available on select models. You see, Angry Birds has been revamped to work with Samsung's Smart Interaction feature, meaning that the user will sling birds without a remote control or touch interface, as the game is entirely gesture-controlled. The Angry Birds game will work on Samsung's 2012 LED 7500 Smart TV and up, along with

Lua Goes From A Manhattan Basement To $2.5M In Seed Funding From IA Ventures – TechCrunch

It all started in a basement in Manhattan. The guys from Lua (which you may remember from the TechStars NYC Demo day a few months back) had the opportunity to meet with none other than Adam Weissman after a few friendly connections got them in touch. Weissman came to their basement "office," and sat down to give them about an hour's worth of feedback. It was then that Lua got the idea to apply for TechStars and take the leap. And it would seem that leap (with the help of Mr. Weissman) has paid off, as the

Heads Up! Game From Impending Shows How Branded Can Be Beautiful – TechCrunch

A new game today available for iOS devices called Heads Up! provides an entertaining experience you could only have with a smartphone, with a simple game mechanic and a video sharing feature that means the fun can last well beyond the initial play period. The game also features a big brand tie-in, as it was made by Clear app developer Impending for Ellen DeGeneres, and featured on her show. It's a content marketing play, but one that's extremely well-executed and features a light touch on the branding side

Nokia’s Smarterphone Buy Yields First Fruit: $99 Touchscreen Asha 501 Polishes S40 With Fastlane View For Recent Apps, Contacts – TechCrunch

Nokia has given its S40-based range of touchscreen Asha smartphones another push to try to keep up with the low end reach of Google's Android platform today. The mobile maker has announced a new addition to the range -- the Asha 501 -- which also ushers in a new version of the Asha touch UI that's designed to be quicker and slicker, and has a strong focus on swiping gestures.

Headcast, A Mobile Broadcast Platform For Celebrities’ & Brands’ Avatars To Talk To Fans, Launches On iOS, Backed By Stephen Fry – TechCrunch

There's no shortage of channels for brands and celebrities to stay in touch with their customers, followers and fans in these socially connected times. Today's addition to the mix is the launch of broadcasting and animation platform Headcast, which lets brands and celebrities record and push out short voice messages to their audience -- accompanied by an animated, virtual avatar.

Braintree Expands Venmo Touch, Partners With Online Banking Startup Simple For One-Touch Mobile Payments – TechCrunch

Braintree, the Chicago-based payments gateway that’s now processing over $10 billion in payments annually, including those for startups like  Uber, Fab, Hailo, Airbnb, Rovio and others, is today expanding on last summer’s acquisition of payments service Venmo through a new partnership with online banking platform Simple. The banking provider will integrate with Venmo Touch, a service that […]

Mobile Payments Platform For Apps Venmo Touch Expands To Android, iOS 7 – TechCrunch

Braintree-owned Venmo is expanding its one-touch mobile payments platform Venmo Touch today, with a private beta release of Venmo Touch for Android arriving now, alongside the launch of an iOS 7-compatible version of Venmo Touch and the Braintree iOS SDK. This marks the first time the service has been made available on non-iOS devices, since its launch earlier this year.

UniKey Founder Talks About The Future Of Access Control Ahead Of October Ship Date – TechCrunch

The UniKey Kevo has been a hot topic for the past year, its touch-triggered unlocking amazing the likes of investors, TV shows and retailers alike. The auto-lock system first appeared on an episode of "Shark Tank", and shortly thereafter received a round of funding which brings the company's total to $2.75 million. We caught up with UniKey founder Phil Dumas at the ff Venture Capital office (FFVC is one of UniKey's investors) to chat about the device being a pre-order and how to deal with competition.

Tipcast Brings The Human Touch Back To Sharing – TechCrunch

If you think social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram have taken the personal touch out of human interactions, you should check out Tipcast, because Stagename, Inc. CEO Josh Barkin wants to make sharing more personal again. Tipcast is a free iOS app that works in three steps.

Rent A Bike Near You At The Touch Of A Button – TechCrunch

If you’re like me and find Citi Bike to be a relatively expensive transportation option, Skyride may be right up your alley. The creators of Skylock, Velo Labs, announced details about their new service Skyride, a bike-sharing program that allows users to rent a bike on-demand. They’re looking to price it at $2 per transaction.

PayPal Rolls Out One-Touch Mobile Checkout For Apps – TechCrunch

Mobile commerce today is still challenging with complicated checkout flows that see users bouncing between screens, and having to tap out their personal information on tiny screens and keyboards. PayPal today is hoping to change that with the release of a new product called One Touch for merchants and app developers.

Led By Pixar Alums, ToyTalk Launches Its First Paid Kids App, Begins To License Tech – TechCrunch

ToyTalk, the makers of kids entertainment applications for iPad, has just released its first paid application with the launch of a character-driven touch and play app called SpeakaLegend. But the team may have even bigger news on the way in the form of licensing deals for its speech recognition tech with some of the best-known children’s […]

Dropbox Updated For iPhone 6 And 6 Plus, Gains Touch ID Support – TechCrunch

A week after popular file-sharing site Dropbox confirmed user accounts were compromised but denied claims of its own servers being breached, the company has rolled out an update to its iOS application which introduces support for Apple’s Touch ID. With this change, iOS 8 users will now have the option to unlock and access their Dropbox […]