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Брокер XP запустил криптотрейдинговую платформу XTAGE

Ведущий бразильский финансовый брокер XP запустил криптотрейдинговую платформу XTAGE, использующую технологии от Nasdaq. Об этом сообщает The Block. Мобильное приложение позволяет торговать биткоином и Ethereum. CEO Xtage Маркос Хори подчеркнул, что компания получила «тонны запросов» от клиент?


Sequoia India-backed Digit Insurance files for $440 million IPO – TechCrunch

Indian insurer Digit has filed for an initial public offering, looking to raise about $440 million even as many of its local peers have deferred plans to list publicly in the South Asia nation. The Indian startup, whose valuation jumped to $3.5 billion in a Sequoia India-led financing round last year, said in a filing […]

Обзор приложения MobileTrader от крупного финансового брокера RoboForex

Обзор приложения MobileTrader от крупного финансового брокера RoboForex

Robinhood грозит коллективный иск о манипулировании рынком

Инвесторы в акции GameStop, AMC Entertainment и семь других ценных бумаг могут подать против онлайн-брокера Robinhood иск о манипулировании рынком.

Robinhood выплатит $9,9 млн по делу о технических сбоях

Robinhood выплатит группе клиентов $9,9 млн, которые подали иск против онлайн-брокера за систематические сбои в работе его приложения.

Fresh On The Heels Of An IPO, Shutterstock Launches An iPhone App – TechCrunch

Shutterstock has just had an incredibly successful IPO, but that's no reason to rest on laurels, which is why the company has just launched an iPhone app in the Apple App Store. With much the same look and feel as the iPad app, which launched last year, the iPhone app is designed with image search and browsing as the main focus.

I’m Going To Interview Vine Co-Founder And GM Colin Kroll At Disrupt NY, And Then Vine It – TechCrunch

It's been just over a year since Vine launched into the world, catapulted by parent company Twitter to bring mobile video creation to the masses. A lot has happened in that year, including the launch of Instagram video, Twitter's IPO, and the explosion of mobile video apps. So what does Vine co-founder and GM Colin Kroll have to say about all this?

Line Starts Letting Users Make And Sell Their Own Stickers On Its Messaging Platform – TechCrunch

Mobile messaging platform Line, which is gunning for a billion registered users by 2015 and is also reportedly considering an IPO later this year, has added a new feature aimed at boosting engagement on its platform. The feature could also result in it pulling in more revenue via its secondary money-maker, sticker sales.

Alibaba Dominates Mobile Commerce In China, With 76% Of All Sales And 136M MAUs – TechCrunch

Mobile is mentioned a grand total of 254 times in Alibaba’s IPO filing out today — underscoring the influence that phones and tablets have on Alibaba’s business today and will have in the future. While companies like Amazon, eBay, Groupon and Square are all targeting the mobile commerce opportunity, for Alibaba is already a powerhouse through services like its […]

Ahead Of Its IPO, Alibaba Opens 11Main, Its First U.S. Online Marketplace – TechCrunch

China's e-commerce giant Alibaba is gearing up for what will likely be a record-breaking IPO on the NYSE later this year, and ahead of that it is making another kind of splash in the U.S. market that could see the company start to raise its profile more among ordinary consumers. It is launching 11Main, its first online storefront in the U.S. Designed with a slick, tile-style interface, 11Main -- as its Main Street, USA-inspired name implies -- will bring together merchants of many stripes -- covering an Am

UCloud, China’s Answer To AWS, Raises $50M As It Eyes Up An IPO In The U.S. – TechCrunch

UCloud, a China-based provider of cloud computing infrastructure and services for games companies, mobile startups and other enterprises has raised $50 million in a Series B round of financing. UCloud, which offers prices that compete against those of Amazon Web Services, says this is the largest-ever funding round for a Chinese provider of cloud-infrastructure-as-a-service. The round was led by Bertelsmann Asia Investments […]

CrunchWeek: Amazon’s Soul, Ashley Madison, And Uber’s IPO – TechCrunch

Welcome back friends, we are here to cap off the week, taking a look at the biggest stories in the process. This time ’round, our coterie was helmed by none other than TechCrunch’s own Sarah Lane. Megan Rose Dickey and myself rounded out the quorum. On the docket today is Amazon’s controversial corporate culture, the massive […]

Slack Preps For IPO, Even If It Doesn’t Want Or Need One Soon – TechCrunch

When Slack's IPO window opens, it wants to be able to quickly spring into the public markets. Otherwise it could see sour conditions or botched IPOs by other tech companies shut the window before it rings the opening bell. That's why Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield says it's already getting its ducks in a row so it's poised to IPO when the time comes.

Snapchat embraces offline purchase ad targeting its CEO called “creepy” – TechCrunch

Snap Inc.’s quest to earn enough money to IPO sees it flip-flopping after pledging not to use “creepy” ad targeting. Snap will now allow advertisers to use Oracle’s Data Cloud (formerly Datalogix) third-party data about what users buy offline to target ads on Snapchat, according to The Wall Street Journal. Snap tells TechCrunch that this […]

eMarketer: Snapchat growth driven by older users, as usage among young adults declines – TechCrunch

Snapchat has a reputation for being an app that’s confusing to the “olds” – something the company tried to address with a redesign just ahead of filing for its IPO. In addition, the app has expanded beyond its original use case, which focused on communication, and now includes short, easily digestible content from a number of […]

Facebook Messenger’s PM director Martinazzi leaves after launching Day – TechCrunch

Completing almost 8 years at Facebook, Director of Product Management Peter Martinazzi has left the company. His last product, Messenger Day, shipped on Thursday. He worked with the growth team in some of Facebook's breakout years before the IPO, and ran all of Messenger product during its modernizing 3.0 redesign in 2013.

Cap table apps team up as Solium acquires Capshare – TechCrunch

Uber, SpaceX and Stripe rely on Solium to keep track of all their shareholders and stock plans; 10,000 smaller startups turn to Capshare for more streamlined equity software that's not clumsy like spreadsheets. Now Solium is buying out Capshare and letting it run independently, so together they can handle shareholder management from inception to IPO.

Wish wants to be the Amazon for the rest of us; will retail investors buy it? – TechCrunch

Most people know Wish as a site that sells throwaway doodads from China, but in anticipation of its impending IPO, the 10-year-old San Francisco-based company has begun portraying itself as a kind of Amazon for the rest of us. Judging by what we’ve read and heard from sources in recent months, Wish wants to paint […]

Zuck’s So Busy Buying Billion $ Companies, Facebook May Delay IPO. And That’s Good. – TechCrunch

Would you prefer a CEO who's in the trenches making their company worth more, or one who sings and dances for potential investors? In Facebook's case, having Mark Zuckerberg remain the visionary rather than become a celebrity salesman will be crucial to the company staying on top. Zuckerberg's steered Facebook around so many pitfalls. And his dedication to the product is so inspiring to his employees that the social network risks disruption and demoralization if the IPO attempts to sew a business suit on

FTC: It’s Up To Facebook To Decide Whether An Instagram Investigation Will Impact The IPO – TechCrunch

Some slightly conflicting stories zipping across the ether today involving Facebook, its $1 billion acquisition of Instagram and a rumored Federal Trade Commission investigation into the deal: The FT is reporting that this could delay the acquisition. Betabeat is reporting that this could actually delay Facebook's IPO. Could it be both? Either? Neither? We reached out to the FTC to get some info straight from the horse's mouth.

Facebook’s Instagram Acquisition Greenlit, Now Worth $747 Million Down From $1 Billion – TechCrunch

More than four months after the deal was announced, the Federal Trade Commission has closed its investigation of Facebook's acquisition of Instagram and the deal may proceed. Currently the deal is worth $747 million, with $300 million in cash plus $447 million in stock based on 22,999,412 shares of Facebook at today's $19.44 share price. That's a lot less than nearly $1 billion when the deal first was signed based on the $30 share price at the time, or the $1.14 billion expected from Facebook's $38 IPO pr

В Robinhood исключили поглощение онлайн-брокера биржей FTX

Robinhood находится в отличном положении как самостоятельная компания, поэтому не рассматривает возможность ее поглощения FTX или Charles Schwab.

Robinhood анонсировал сокращение штата на 23% | ForkLog

Онлайн-брокер Robinhood уменьшит численность штата примерно на 23% на фоне ухудшения макроэкономической среды и негативных явлений на криптовалютном рынке.

Getting acquired is a legitimate strategy for building your business – TechCrunch

While the IPO is characterized as the pinnacle for venture-backed startups, far more companies see successful exits via an M&A process than by going public.

Microsoft связала червя Raspberry Robin с группировкой EvilCorp — Хакер

Аналитики Microsoft заметили, что брокер доступов, которого компания отслеживает как DEV-0206, использует Windows-червя Raspberry Robin для развертывания загрузчика малвари в сетях, где также обнаруживаются следы вредоносной активности Evil Corp.

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