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Beelink SEi12 mini PC review: Outperforming the Intel NUC 11 - NotebookCheck.net Reviews

The SEi12 Core i5-1235U offers faster processor performance than the Intel NUC11 Core i7-1165G7 while costing hundreds of dollars less. For most HTPC setups, the new Beelink will have all the power and features needed for 4K streaming and then some.


Benks Infinity Pro Magnetic iPad Stand review: twist and shout | iMore

Rotating base makes up for a so-so hinge on the Benks Infinity Pro Magnetic iPad Stand.

The DJI Mini 3 is a sub-249g drone that starts at under $470

DJI has formally announced its latest drone, the Mini 3. It's light, coming in at under 249 grams, but the price is even better, starting at $469.


Представлен бюджетный дрон DJI Mini 3 — 38 минут в воздухе, 4К-видео и цена от $409

Компания DJI представила компактный дрон Mini 3 — более доступную версию анонсированного в мае DJI Mini 3 Pro, адресованную любителям и тем, кто только начинает знакомство с миром БПЛА.

How to create and edit screenshots on your iPhone or iPad

You can take screenshots on your iPhone or iPad using different methods and then edit them afterwards. Find out how.


Apple готовит ноутбук с 20.25-дюймовым складным экраном и замену iPad Mini с 10-дюймовым складным экраном

Согласно сообщению южнокорейского издания The Elec, Apple приступила к разработке 20-дюймового складного устройства.


Комп'ютер на долоні: Xiaomi показала крихітний Mi Mini - ITsider.com.ua

Xiaomi анонсувала вихід свого першого настільного комп’ютера. Новинка, що отримала назву Mi Mini, виконана у форматі Mac mini і легко вміщується в руці. Xiaomi розсекретила дизайн свого першого компактного комп’ютера, опублікувавши у соцмережах його перший тизер із зазначенням дати анонсу


DJI Mini 3 Review | PCMag

The DJI Mini 3 is a lightweight drone with nearly 40 minutes of battery life and a clever 4K30 video camera that shoots landscape and vertical video, making it an appealing option for dedicated creators and newbies alike.

Minisforum announces Mars MC560 teleconference mini PC with 2.5K HDR webcam - NotebookCheck.net News

With the new Mars lineup of mini PCs, Minisforum is looking to merge innovative features with the small form-factor. The MC560 model thus comes with a unique design that integrates business-like features, including a 2.5K HDR webcam plus dual speaker and dual microphone array for a complete teleconferencing experience.

DJI Mini 3: Retailer confirms specifications and European pricing with RC-N1 remote controller bundle - NotebookCheck.net News

An Austrian retailer has leaked the DJI Mini 3 ahead of the drone's official introduction. Confirming the device's price with a DJI RC-N1 remote controller, the retailer also outlined many Mini 3 specifications and device photos.

Early specs of the 20-inch foldable MacBook display tipped as Apple may be testing it for launch after the OLED iPad - NotebookCheck.net News

Apple may indeed be working with Korean OLED display suppliers on testing a foldable 20.25-inch screen panel to gauge the concept's viability for a future MacBook. When bent, the screen half that would serve as the display of a regular laptop, could form a 15.3-inch diagonal, but the release date is still far away.


Слухи: Apple разрабатывает гибрид MacBook и iPad с 20-дюймовым гибким экраном

Apple начала разработку компьютера с 20-дюймовым гибким дисплеем, сообщает южнокорейское издание The Elec со ссылкой на источники в индустрии.


Архивы Mi Mini - ТехноФан

ТехноФан – новини смартфонів и різніх гаджетів, мобільних пристроїв, гаджетів, аналітика IT ринку України і Світу.


Xiaomi показала новий комп'ютер Mi Mini - ТехноФан

Xiaomi опублікувала офіційний тизер свого першого настільного комп'ютера. Як видно, пристрій під назвою Mi Mini виявиться дуже компактним - буквально воно вміщається в руці.


Surprise! Vampire Survivors is now free on iPhone and iPad | iMore

Bullet-hell rouge-lite makes an unexpected debut on Apple’s devices.

sharex | XDA Developers

Founded in 2002, XDA is the world’s largest smartphone and electronics community. Looking for the latest tech news and reviews? Want to do more with your Android phone, Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, or MacBook? Look no further than XDA.


Logitech MX Keys Mini for Mac review: A compact Magic Keyboard alternative | iMore

Logitech’s MX Keys Mini for Mac offers comfortable typing in a small package without ruining the Apple aesthetic of your workspace.

Apple HomePod mini with 360° audio to launch in new countries in December - NotebookCheck.net News

The Apple HomePod mini will be available in Sweden, Norway and Finland from December 13. The gadget delivers a 360° audio experience, and multiple units can be linked to create a stereo system. Plus, you can use the device as a smart home hub with Siri voice commands to control linked products such as lights or an Apple TV.


Apple to Replace The iPad mini Lineup With a 10-Inch Foldable Device by 2025

Apple m reportedely planning to replace the iPad mini lineup with a foldable device with less than 10 inches od display.

OnePlus 11 | XDA Developers

Founded in 2002, XDA is the world’s largest smartphone and electronics community. Looking for the latest tech news and reviews? Want to do more with your Android phone, Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, or MacBook? Look no further than XDA.

There’s not much time left to buy a refurbished Apple iPad Air 2 for $190

The perfect device for remote work is this affordable, featherweight tablet powerful enough for you to work anywhere for up to 10 hours.

Apple Music Sing debuts with iOS 16.2 with limited iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV compatibility | iMore

Apple Music's new karaoke feature is coming with iOS 16.2 whose release is just around the corner.

Arduboy Mini: Tiny gaming handheld arrives on Kickstarter with over 300 games and an OLED Display - NotebookCheck.net News

The Arduboy Mini is a compact gaming handheld for hobbyists looking to get their teeth stuck into a new project. Offered with a small OLED display and several gamepad buttons, the Arduboy Mini can access over 300 games and is available to back on Kickstarter for US$29.