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Palo Alto Networks looks to shore up healthcare IoT security - World Tech News

Palo Alto Networks right this moment rolled out a brand new Medical IoT Safety providing, designed to offer improved visibility, automated monitoring and extra for hitherto susceptible healthcare IoT frameworks, due to machine studying and adherence to zero belief rules. Medical machine safety is a significant issue for many organizations in healthcare, with an extended […]


25-nm iPMA Hexa-MTJ technology for scalable eFlash type STT-MRAM

A research group has announced a new iPMA-type Hexa-technology in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions (MTJ) that unlocks the door to improving ultra-low power in IoT edge-devices, mobile, automotive, consumer electronics, and applications ...


Что такое Интернет вещей простыми словами - ProstoMob

На нашей планете насчитывается 12 млрд IoT-устройств. Аббревиатура IoT в буквальном переводе означает «Интернет вещей».В соответствии со сложившейся практикой под

Cross-industry IoT group pushes for gear that works together | Network World

Five IT and equipment companies have formed a group to drive standards for the so-called Internet of Things, a network that would feed data back and forth between computers and all kinds of industrial gear.

10 companies making the Internet of Things a reality | Network World

Cisco's recent Internet of Things World Forum in Barcelona made one thing clear: the IoT is quickly becoming a reality.

Connected stuff is catching on -- just don't call it IoT | Network World

Many organizations today are looking for things that talk to the Internet. Sensors, cameras, medical equipment and even snowplows are on that wish list.

8 Internet things that are not IoT | Network World

Cisco’s big market numbers may not include smartphones, tablets and PCs.

IoT in the enterprise up three-fold, study finds | Network World

IoT deployment in the enterprise has increased 333% since 2012, according to research from an Internet of Things company.

IoT Tech Expo Global 2022: Satellite and telco connectivity for businesses

From supply chains to environmental projects, the London event looked at new tech to provide connectivity for international IoT systems.

IoT Tech Expo Global 2022: The future of IoT and smart connectivity

Top industry leaders shared new technologies for the future of IoT, connectivity, AI innovation, sustainability and business trends.

Commit | HackerNoon

Commit is a leading global tech services company focused on custom software, cloud and IoT solutions.

AIOps: The Path to a Better IT Paradigm | Computerworld

There are no signs of IoT growth slowing. And the pressure will also continue to mount for IT infrastructure. Adopting AIOps practices will be essential for any enterprise looking to reduce complexity, enhance modernization initiatives, and positively impact future business outcomes.

Novel 3D printing method to fabricate complex metal–plastic composite structures

Three-dimensional (3D) metal–plastic composite structures have widespread potential applicability in smart electronics, micro/nanosensing, internet-of-things (IoT) devices, and even quantum computing. Devices constructed ...

Top 5 challenges of implementing industrial IoT | TechRepublic

IIoT can be a revelation when implemented successfully, but companies may run into obstacles. Here's the definition of IIoT and its barriers.

Schneider Electric, SAP tighten bonds to ease IIoT system integration | Network World

Two major companies, one specializing in high-tech industrial systems and the other in enterprise management software, are deepening their partnership, with the idea of making industrial IoT application deployment easier, and improving sustainability.

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Я просто заметил, что я не определял iot-launch которое, по-видимому, очень необходимо для... Вопрос по теме: javascript, ionic-framework, angularjs, angular-ui-router, ionic.

Міжнародний Форум BIT-2022 у місті старого Лева

10 листопада Львів зустрів головну подію вітчизняного ІКТ-ринку – Міжнародний Форум BIT-2022 у місті Старого Лева , (або Навколо ЦОД. Навколо Хмари. Навколо IoT. Навколо IP. Навколо Даних. Навколо Безпеки»). Форум пройшов в центрі міста у торговій галереї «Опера Пасаж» у «Леополіс Хол». З?

Top 6 security risks associated with industrial IoT

Industrial IoT is gaining adoption, but this comes with some security risks. Check out the dangers and how you can avoid them.

В России разработают контроллеры на RISC-V для электроники, систем автоматизации и IoT

НИИ электронной техники (АО «НИИЭТ») из Воронежа начал разработку микроконтроллеров на основе архитектуры RISC-V, которые смогут применяться в различных сферах — от систем автоматизации производства до устройств Интернета вещей и портативной электроники.

A Brief History of Industrial IoT | TechRepublic

The history of network connectivity, storage and processing power as sensors and actuators drive the industrial internet of things story.

IBM закрывает свою облачную платформу управления Watson IoT | Startpack

IBM поставила пользователям платформы Watson Internet of Things (IoT) ультиматум: перейти на другой сервис или быть отключенным.

Tech news you may have missed: Nov. 10 – 17 | TechRepublic

This week’s trending news features a primer on Industrial IoT, new and upcoming features for Windows and the latest cybersecurity threats.

Pitch Deck Teardown: Sateliot's $11.4M Series A deck • TechCrunch

Here's the pitch deck that enabled Sateliot to raise an $11.4 million round of funding to enable IoT devices to communicate with satellites.

Top 5 careers to explore in industrial IoT

As IIoT becomes more prominent in numerous industrial sectors, the demand for professionals continues to rise. Here are five IIoT careers.