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strategy for collision detecting of a melee attack - General and Gameplay Programming - GameDev.net

Hi everyone,I am currently having a problem that occurs when I try to detect collisions of an attack animation. I am using unity and have a 3d model. I added an empty game object to the models hand and attached a collision collider with istrigger checked. In the animation I ve created two events: On

Particle effects on UI elements in Unity - Engines and Middleware - GameDev.net

Hi Everyone,I have an Idea for a mobile game where there are lots of UI widgets in play. I chose Unity for simplicity but I ve come across problems. I tried their forums but got no interaction, so here we go.I ve created Panels for each menu screen. There is main menu, when I click on a button, I sh

syncing hit detection with animation in UE4 - General and Gameplay Programming - GameDev.net

 Hello everyone,I am trying to figure out how diablo4 does the new animated hit detection in this video: As you can see the gree damage area gives a better feeling of “hit”. I really want to simulate this in unreal engine with c++. I have created a simple scenario: player clicks on attack,