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SerialPort.Open () занимает очень много времени для выполнения – 1 Ответ

Такие длительные задержки могут быть вызваны только драйвером устройства для порта. В настоящее... Вопрос по теме: c#, user-interface.


Закрыть этап в JavaFx из задачи – 1 Ответ

Метод hide() должен быть вызван в потоке приложения FX. (В Java 8 ваш код действительно... Вопрос по теме: java, javafx, user-interface, task, javafx-2.


php simple_html_dom проблема с соскабливанием [дубликаты] – 1 Ответ

Скорее всего, tbody это на самом деле не существует. HTML-браузеры добавят их в dom, когда они... Вопрос по теме: php, xpath, simple-html-dom.


Proof's by induction using Rust's type-system / Habr

Rust's type system is quite powerful as it allows to encode complex relationships between user-defined types using recursive rules that are automatically applied by the compiler. Idea behind this...


вход в систему и пользовательский сеанс – 4 Ответа

После много работы я решил проблему с проверкой входа. Я не использовал крючки. Я создаю... Вопрос по теме: php, codeigniter, session, login.


The latest Minecraft DLC lets you bend the elements as the Avatar - World Tech News

What you should know The Minecraft Market is filled with user-generated content material, official collaborations, and way more. The newest high-profile DLC for Minecraft: Bedrock Editions is Avatar Legends, made in partnership with Nickelodeon and Gamemode One. Avatar Legends lets gamers embark on an epic journey to develop into the Avatar and grasp all 4 […]


Apple advances user security with powerful new data protections - World Tech News

December 7, 2022 UPDATE Apple advances consumer safety with highly effective new information protections iMessage Contact Key Verification, Safety Keys for Apple ID, and Superior Knowledge Safety for iCloud present customers with vital new instruments to guard their most delicate information and communications Apple in the present day launched three superior security measures centered on […]


Kryptoskatt: A simple and reliable platform that calculates | BetaList

A simple and reliable platform that calculates your taxes in no time


Google brings machine learning to online spreadsheets with Simple ML for Sheets | VentureBeat

Today Google announced a beta release of Simple ML for Sheets, which allows users without ML experience to try ML out on their spreadsheets.

How to change your Zoho Projects portal domain for easier access

If the default portal domain in Zoho Projects is too challenging to remember, there's a simple way to change it.


A faster way to preserve privacy online

Searching the internet can reveal information a user would rather keep private. For instance, when someone looks up medical symptoms online, they could reveal their health conditions to Google, an online medical database ...


A speedy untethered soft robot based on hair-clip technology

A trio of researchers at Columbia University has developed a very simple, small, soft-bodied robot based on hair-clip technology. Zechen Xiong, Yufeng Su and Hod Lipson have written a paper available on arXiv describing the ...


Вход в Facebook не работает только в Firefox – 1 Ответ

Это особенность, уникальная для Firefox. Вы можете найти информацию о том, как отключить эту... Вопрос по теме: javascript, facebook-login.

value of qualitative research in a comparative user research study

Many UX designers consider several qualitive research design directions and research methods for their designs.


​​How Consistent ECommerce User-generated Images Help Product Managers Increase Revenue by up to 20% | HackerNoon

We’ll be going into the technical side of things, to see what exactly makes visual consistency effective and how it can help your eComm marketplace grow.

UK DCMS proposes One Login for Government digital identity initiative | Computerworld

Six months after closing its consultation, the UK government has outlined its proposals for bringing forward legislation around universal digital identities


The Process Equation (Cadence Is Everything, Part 2) - The New Stack

Shedding weight from your processes is simple, but like most simplifications, it can be very hard. But as with rockets, creative solutions are possible.


Apple Music Sing Lets You Sing Along to Millions of Songs

Apple Music Sing is an excellent feature for fans of traditional karaoke system but is also more refined and allows for a much better user experience.


Scaling Your Compute Resources on Salesforce | HackerNoon

How might Salesforce developers build apps that execute long-running commands which can scale with user growth while not impacting performance?


Flow & Cadence Best Practices, Patterns, and Anti-Patterns | HackerNoon

Learn tips that will help you create a better user experience and ensure a consistent level of security throughout the Flow ecosystem.

Robinhood banks on retirement to slow user attrition • TechCrunch

Layering retirement accounts into the mix will only increase the amount of orders flowing through Robinhood's platform.

Ecommerce SEO & UX: 4 simple tips to boost traffic and sales

Make the shopping experience better for users. Take a cue from brick-and-mortars with these ecommerce organization and merchandising tips.

How To Create A Social Media Content Plan

Create a social media content plan to increase user engagement, grow your following, and earn sales for your business.

Cubzh wants to build the next-generation Minecraft • TechCrunch

Cubzh is a new free-to-play video game that is all about user-generated content through a cube system, a bit like Minecraft.

NVDA Portable 2022.3.2 (screen reader) Released | PortableApps.com

A new version of NVDA Portable has been released. It's a fast and efficient screen reader. It's packaged in PortableApps.com Format so it can easily integrate with the PortableApps.com Platform. And it's open source and completely free. Update automatically or install from the portable app store in the PortableApps.com Platform. Features NVDA is a simple, fast, and efficient

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