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How South Korea uses technology to bring together local residents and World Heritage sites

The Baekje kingdom was one of the earliest states on the Korean Peninsula (18 BEC to 660 CE), and UNESCO's Baekje Historic Areas offer a unique testimony of its history, culture and legacy. Located in South Korea's Midwest, ...


CD Projekt Red Has Had Its Best Financial Quarter in History

The company's Q3 2022 financial success was largely driven by Cyberpunk 2077.

VinCheckFree OverView: Free VIN Check & Free VIN History Report – Phandroid

VinCheckFree is the most widely used VIN lookup tool. In this article you will learn how to use this platform and how it tells you all about a vehicle - from manufacturing to the last odometer reading.

Michael Scofield | HackerNoon

Hi, I read biographies 6 days a week. I love technology, history and blockchain.

Artemis 1: NASA Makes History, Again | HackerNoon

Nasa makes history again.

How Ethereum Staking is Creating a $10 Billion Ponzi Scheme | HackerNoon

One of the Ponzi scheme in the history, no one is sounding the alarm!

How to Create a Windows 8 Backup Using File History | PCMag

Windows 8 includes a terrific new features called File History, which lets you reclaim lost versions of your modified or deleted files.

A Brief History of Industrial IoT | TechRepublic

The history of network connectivity, storage and processing power as sensors and actuators drive the industrial internet of things story.

How Web Tech Got This Way and How It May Evolve in the Future - The New Stack

Steve Sanderson takes us on a tour of the history of web development, ending with some practical takeaways for the future of the web.

Bitcoin’s Role in the Biggest Pump-and-Dump in Human History | HackerNoon

FTX’s demise, potential collapse of USDT Tether, tightest monetary environment in a generation, looming global recession, and bitcoin plays a role.

How to use Keepa extension to snag the best deals on Black Friday 2022 | Windows Central

In this guide, we'll show you the steps to use the Keepa extension to check the price history of Amazon products to make informed purchases on Black Friday 2022.

The 10 Worst Video Game Consoles Of All Time | PCMag

For every Xbox or Switch, there's a console that failed hard. Let's take a look back at the biggest hardware flops in gaming history.