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How AI can be a 'multivitamin supplement' for many industries | VentureBeat

AI won't replace humans, just as supplements don't replace a healthy diet. But AI will strengthen operations and fill in critical gaps.


Unveiling the power of self-attention for shipping cost prediction: The rate card transformer - Amazon Science

Amazon ships billions of packages to its customers annually within the United States. Shipping cost of these packages are used on the day of shipping (day 0) to estimate profitability of sales. Downstream systems utilize these days 0 profitability estimates to make financial decisions, such as…


Pick planning strategies for large-scale package manipulation - Amazon Science

Automating warehouse operations can reduce logistics overhead costs, ultimately driving down the final price for consumers, increasing the speed of delivery, and enhancing the resiliency to market fluctuations. This extended abstract showcases a large-scale package manipulation from unstructured…

Vise Intelligence wants to use AI to assist financial advisors | VentureBeat

Vise Intelligence is always standing by to act as a helpful assistant capable of pulling together information and suggesting...

Automated healthcare? Plenful emerges from stealth with $10M to streamline medical admin | VentureBeat

Plenful will use the funding to scale its team and market footprint, allowing healthcare organizations to automate tasks causing burnout.

As Meta brings AI to apps, Google Bard's fail offers cautionary tale | VentureBeat

Meta's AI announcements come as fast-paced AI product releases are raising concerns about security, privacy, and just plain-old tech hubris.

Exclusive: Microsoft opens AI Co-Innovation Lab in San Francisco to empower Bay Area startups | VentureBeat

Microsoft announced today in an exclusive VentureBeat report the opening of its fifth AI Co-Innovation Lab, located in downtown San Francisco.

What comes after AIOps? Atera says it’s AI powered IT (AIT) | VentureBeat

Generative AI can bring more capabilities to IT operations, according to IT management platform vendor Atera, which today is announcing its new AI-powered IT (AIT) platform.

Slope raises $30M for AI-powered B2B payments platform | VentureBeat

Slope further offers financing for its customers' customers, allowing those who can't pay upfront to be granted credit options.

Protecting customer trust with AI is the future of e-commerce | VentureBeat

E-commerce fraud can decimate a brand and alienate customers. It's on CIOs and CISOs to get e-commerce fraud detection and response right.

OpenAI gives ChatGPT access to the entire internet | VentureBeat

The company said the capability was now available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers and ChatGPT Enterprise users, and could be chosen...

Canada wants to be the first country to implement AI regulations | VentureBeat

Canada will be the first country with official regulations covering the emerging AI sector, said François-Philippe Champagne

Zerobroker eliminates freight broker fees with AI-powered logistics platform | VentureBeat

Zerobroker, the San Francisco-based startup, is making waves in the logistics sector with its AI-backed platform aiming to upend traditional brokerage models.

Revefi secures $10.5M in seed funding, launches AI-powered enterprise data platform | VentureBeat

Revefi, an AI startup aiming to be a "copilot" for enterprise data teams, announced $10.5 million in seed funding today.

How do you accommodate exponentially growing data? - insideBIGDATA

0 Version 0 Download 0.00 KB File Size 0 File Count September 27, 2023 Create Date September 27, 2023 Last Updated Download Now that many companies have switched from conventional storage to the cloud, modern data strategies can be implemented to further optimize data storage and processing needs.

Automating Model Monitoring in MLOps: Leveraging AI to Track Performance and Detect Anomalies - insideBIGDATA

In this contributed article, April Miller, senior IT and cybersecurity writer for ReHack Magazine, discusses how MLOps — with its emphasis on the end-to-end life cycle of ML models — needs to prioritize automated, AI-driven model monitoring. As the world increasingly relies on ML-driven decisions, ensuring these models operate without biases and remain trustworthy is paramount.

Hollywood writers' strike ends with first-ever protections against AI | VentureBeat

The prohibitions seem flexible enough to enable AI to be used when writing screenplays, but only under the control and volition of a human.

AI needs human insight to reach its full potential against cyberattacks | VentureBeat

Because social engineering attacks will only continue to grow, cybersecurity needs insight from both AI and human threat hunters.

Google Search caught indexing users' conversations with Bard AI | VentureBeat

Gagan Ghotra observed that Google Search had begun to index shared Bard conversational links into its search results pages, potentially...

Jensen Huang returns to Denny's where trillion-dollar company began | VentureBeat

Jensen Huang, CEO of one of the biggest tech companies in the world, celebrated Nvidia's founding today at a Denny's restaurant.

Confluent wants to deliver fresh, real-time data streams for AI | VentureBeat

Such realtime data is vital for use cases where speed is of the essence in business processes, such as fraud detection.

Microsoft harnesses power of AI to boost Windows 11 security, pushes for passwordless future | VentureBeat

Microsoft announced a series of new enterprise security features today that utilize artificial intelligence to help defend against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. The tech giant claims its new AI capabilities will reduce security incidents by 60% and firmware attacks by 300% for businesses using its latest software.

SAP launches its own enterprise AI assistant: meet Joule | VentureBeat

Joule's capabilities range from answering questions in multiple languages to suggesting solutions based on data from SAP's various services.

Data & AI: How financial institutions are powering true hyper-personalization at scale | VentureBeat

AI and analytics are powering innovative use cases for financial services with the potential for real ROI – if they’re executed right.

As AI-enabled fraudster bots wreak havoc, security teams turn to AI data defense strategies | VentureBeat

Bot networks today are run by professional, organized criminal organizations and machine learning and AI are the only way to defeat them.

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