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Accounting Trends To Expect In 2023: Cloud Computing, Automation, And More

Keeping up with the most recent accounting trends, along with accounting and finance certifications can help one succeed in the sector well.

The OWASP Top 10 - How Akamai Helps | TechRepublic

OWASP publishes a list of the 10 most common vulnerabilities in web applications. This white paper details how Akamai can help mitigate these threat


The 5 Risks of Sharing your Password

A third of workers share passwords with their colleagues. Here are five major risks that causes, and how Passwork can help mitigate them:


AWS adds automated agent monitoring to Amazon Contact Center • TechCrunch

Amazon introduced multiple new features today to its Contact Center product, designed to help improve customer service agent performance.


Build a DAO in Minutes with Zora's New Nouns Builder???? | HackerNoon

Nouns Builder is a new Zora tool that can help you form a DAO in minutes and then sustain it over time through Nouns DAO-like auctions.


AWS gets data clean rooms for analytics data • TechCrunch

AWS today launched a new service that will help users inside an advertising or marketing organization share data with other employees inside their company or with outside partners, all without running the risk of inadvertently sharing personal data. This new service is part of Amazon’s new AWS for Advertising & Marketing initiative, which aims to […]


Amazon introduces AWS Supply Chain to help bring order to supply chain chaos • TechCrunch

At AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, Amazon introduced AWS Supply Chain, a tool designed to reduce inventory bottlenecks.


Optimize for Alignment, Not Control. Great Leaders Serve. And More Startup Mantras :-) | HackerNoon

Leadership is a craft, like medicine, writing, and bricklaying. Mantras can help you develop yours by signposting the way to deep truths.


Snap Employees Must Work in the Office 4 Days a Week, Starting in February | PCMag

CEO Evan Spiegel believes the time spent together will 'help us to achieve our full potential.'


App marketers are turning to machine learning to prevent high-value user churn | VentureBeat

Machine learning can help identify the likelihood that a user will churn, and the steps to take to avoid that.


Seedstars Capital launches to support new fund managers around the world • TechCrunch

The venture market is in the middle of a downturn, but there are still plenty of aspiring fund managers. Seedstars International Ventures, the investment firm that backs startups around the world, announced today it has launched a platform called Seedstars Capital with Swiss-based investment holding company xMultiplied to help fund managers around the world launch new funds and develop their investment firms.


AirPods help track down a stolen car | iMore

A pair of AirPods left in a car helped someone track down the stolen vehicle.


Building a Redux-like State Manager for React | HackerNoon

In recent years the scope of web applications has increased dramatically and as the requirements for our apps grow, so does the complexity. In order to make this added complexity easier to deal with, certain techniques and patterns are increasingly being used to make developer’s lives easier and to help us build more robust applications.


Cloud Lessons to Help Developers Improve ESG Impact - The New Stack

Developers can use baseline DORA metrics and shift off monolithic apps to take a more environmentally-friendly approach to coding.


Will New Hollywood Save Old Hollywood? | HackerNoon

Read this article for insight how New Hollywood streaming companies could help Old Hollywood by releasing films in theaters.

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